Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Loner Joins A Club.

My High School Life is not a Romantic Series, It's a Psychological Thriller!

“Kanegawa Hirotaka.”Bookmark here

I hear a female voice mention my name. Though I dismiss it as something that’s purely fabricated by my imagination. It’s dismissal time and the class is empty. I should be home by now, but I’m stuck here doing homework that I forgot to do today. Bookmark here

“Kanegawa Hirotaka.”Bookmark here

Well, it seems that my imagination is very persistent. Though I will not give in, I promised myself that I will finish this homework so that I could return to my warm bed as soon as possible, no matter what. Bookmark here

“Kanegawa Hirotaka!” Bookmark here

“Argh!” Bookmark here

I find myself screaming. My right-hand hurts, as if it had just been stabbed by a pen. My head feels woozy all of the sudden, and my vision isn’t doing any better. Upon lifting my head, I see a silhouette of a person standing next to me. Bookmark here

“Hmph. I called you multiple times, you know? I thought you were dead or something.” a female voice calls out. Evident from the object that she is holding in her hand, I was—in fact—stabbed by a pen. Bookmark here

“And your instinct was to stab me?”Bookmark here

“Consider it your consequence for not waking up.”Bookmark here

“Waking up? But I wasn’t…”Bookmark here

On my table, lay an open book that contains the maths problems that I was supposed to be doing. Though instead of seeing the answers to those maths problems, a pool of drool covers almost half of the page. Bookmark here

“...asleep.”Bookmark here

“You still have drool all over your mouth.”Bookmark here

I immediately wipe my mouth with my hand. It seems that I’m yet again fooled by my hyper-realistic dream. Somehow, it even managed to simulate the absolute boredom that comes from doing math. How my brain is capable of doing that but is incapable of memorizing simple math formulas is beyond me. Bookmark here

“How long was I…”Bookmark here

“Asleep? You were already drooling when I came here ten minutes ago.”Bookmark here

“Oh…”Bookmark here

“I’m assuming these are your glasses. You threw them at me when I was calling your name.”Bookmark here

“Ah… Uhm. Sorry.” Bookmark here

I have developed a habit of throwing objects at people who try to wake me up from my sleep. Bookmark here

Don’t ask me why. Bookmark here

Once I regained my sight, I could properly see the person standing right beside me. She has a pretty tall stature for a girl, though it’s apparent that I’m taller than her. While her cold expression stares deeply into my eyes with disgust, she is admittedly pretty cute. Though her eyes do radiate a hint, no, a ton of sadism. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine her stabbing someone with a pencil. In fact, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine her stabbing someone with a knife. Bookmark here

“Here. The student council sent this to you.”Bookmark here

I grab the envelope and open it. Inside, lay a folded piece of A4 paper. It seems to be a letter of some sort. After I finished reading it, I couldn't help but ask… Bookmark here

“A recommendation to join the deputies?”Bookmark here

“Yep.”Bookmark here

“Your yep implies that this is a normal situation.”Bookmark here

“Seeing how you were sleeping when you were supposed to be doing your homework, I’d assume that it is normal.”Bookmark here

“What are you implying?”Bookmark here

“I’m implying that you, Kanegawa Hirotaka, are worthless.”Bookmark here

“Thank you for the assessment. However, I am already self-aware enough to know that I won’t amount to anything in life.” Bookmark here

“I’m glad that you’re up to speed with the situation. I shall leave you to it then,” she says.Bookmark here

“Where are you going?”Bookmark here

“Somewhere that’s none of your business.” she says as she walks away. The wind sweeps her skirt as she turns. Bookmark here

“What? I still don’t understand what this letter means.”Bookmark here

“So?” She halts her steps. Bookmark here

“Explain it then!”Bookmark here

“Ah, perhaps I overestimated your intelligence. Could you read the letters printed on this paper right here?” Bookmark here

“Do you think I’m stupid or something?”Bookmark here

“Yes.”Bookmark here

I could feel the blood in my veins boiling. Bookmark here

“Listen here lady, I will not hesitate to smack anyone I find annoying, regardless of age or gender.”Bookmark here

I am truly a warrior of equality. Bookmark here

“Is that a threat I hear?” She says as she walks closer to me.Bookmark here

“Perhaps I should call…”Bookmark here

I’m sensing that she’s going to do something horrible. She puts her hands around her mouth and… Bookmark here

“Teacher! Someone is threatening to assault me!” shouted with all her might.Bookmark here

“Wha-? You ass-”Bookmark here

“Teacher! Oh please come here and save your delicate student!” she shouts, even louder this time. Bookmark here

“Shut up! You’re far from delicate!”Bookmark here

“Apologize.” she replies in her normal voice.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Please! Anyone! Call a teacher!” she continues to shout.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry! Satisfied?” Bookmark here

“That’s not sincere. I am going to continue screaming now. Hel-”Bookmark here

“Listen! I’m sorry, all right?”Bookmark here

“...”Bookmark here

“Help me! Please! Someone!” she continues.Bookmark here

“Hey! Look, I’m really sorry. Truly deeply sorry. I bow to you in humiliation for how sorry I am.”Bookmark here

She turns her sharp gaze towards me. Bookmark here

“Then bow.”Bookmark here

“I did!”Bookmark here

“Didn’t see it.”Bookmark here

“Just because you didn’t see it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.”Bookmark here

“Perhaps shouting is more efficient. Hel-”Bookmark here

I immediately tilt my body to the front, forming a bowing motion. Bookmark here

“I apologize,” I say with the most sincere tone I could manage. Bookmark here

“There we are. We’re all educated, aren’t we? Why must we use brute force to resolve something?”Bookmark here

What a brilliant actress. I bet she’d make a killing in Hollywood. But she’s here instead, stabbing me with a pen. Bookmark here

“Damn you!” I say under my breath.Bookmark here

“What was that?”
“Nothing. Now, explain what the hell is this stupid club named the deputies and why I’m recommended to it!”
“I can’t answer two questions at once, for I only have one mouth.”Bookmark here

“Are you being annoying just for the sake of it?”Bookmark here

“Your fault for making me wait while looking at your drool-covered face,” she says coldly. Bookmark here

“Fine…first question, why am I recommended to the deputies?”Bookmark here

“Although no one at the top brass told me who recommended you or for what reason. If you have a decently sized brain the answer to it is obvious.”Bookmark here

Is she saying that I have a smaller brain than average?Bookmark here

She pauses. My anticipation and curiosity grow, eager to find out what her answer is. Bookmark here

“You are, basically, useless.” Bookmark here

So much for the anticipation. Bookmark here

“You told me that already!” Bookmark here

“Perhaps, but I think it will be news to you when I mention that this is a way for the school to make use of useless students like you. You, a slug of a person inhabiting a class that’s known for its horrible grades and behaviors, must have no after-school activity, am I correct?”Bookmark here

“Y-yes.” Bookmark here

Does she really need to mention that!?Bookmark here

“Therefore, you are considered to be a student with low participation. It’s only natural that the school decided that it’s time you’re put to good use. So, they decided to throw you into a random club somewhere. Though I am in fact doubtful that a person as hostile and lazy as you could be utilized to good use.”Bookmark here

While I am tempted to enforce my policy of equality, I hold back. Bookmark here

“So, what are the deputies, then?”Bookmark here

“Excellent question.”Bookmark here

“That’s the only question left!”Bookmark here

“I assure you. It’s an extracurricular activity fit for a person like you.” Bookmark here

“How so?” Bookmark here

“Well, it deals with all sorts of cases involving students' misdemeanors. Even though this school is a prestigious one, we unfortunately still have a lot of delinquents running around.”Bookmark here

She looks at me as if signaling that I am one of those delinquents she was referring to. Bookmark here

“Misdemeanors?”Bookmark here

“Cigarette smuggling, vandalism, dishonesty during examinations, or other illegal behaviors such as those.” Bookmark here

Her choice of words is painfully formal.Bookmark here

“Huh. Don’t we have teachers for that already?”Bookmark here

“What’s this? Are you implying that the teachers here are too incompetent to deal with delinquents that the school needs to form a club filled with one to assist them?” Bookmark here

“I never implied that!”Bookmark here

“How sickening of you, mocking our educators like that.”Bookmark here

She pauses. Perhaps waiting for my response. But I stay silent. I find it useless to form a defense. She seems like the type of person that would defy whatever her opponent has to say, even when the statement is simple facts like water is wet.Bookmark here

“It’d be easier if a delinquent captures other delinquents don’t you think?” she says, after an uncomfortable twenty-second long pause. Bookmark here

“After all, it’s a great way for worthless students such as you to redeem yourself. Speaking of which, you should be going to the club room now.”Bookmark here

“But what if I, for example, went home instead. And then, told you that you could stick this letter up your nose?” Bookmark here

“Hypothetically?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, completely hypothetical, just for the sake of argument.”Bookmark here

“Then, I would simply...” Bookmark here

Her hand moves as fast as lightning. I simply could not form any sort of defense. While it only came in contact with my left cheek for a second, the pain felt like it would last for an eternity. It feels like whatever dignity I have left is scraped away, not that I have many in the first place. Bookmark here

“And then, I’d tell you that you would risk your scores being deducted.” she continues. Bookmark here

“How sly.” I say in horror, still agonized by the pain inflicted upon my cheek. Bookmark here

“Afterall, you need to have a whip to make a donkey work.” she replies with a smirk. Bookmark here

メ メ メBookmark here

Defeated, I walk towards the hallway and into the designated club room. While I find it unpleasant to be compared to a donkey, what she was saying does have a certain truth to it. A donkey would never work unless his master had a whip. The same can be applied to your humble narrator. A no-good delinquent who slacks in class, that is what I’m most known for. Just ask around. Although I’m sure the majority of people would just scratch their heads in confusion as you mention my name, trying to recall whether or not a Kanegawa Hirotaka exists. Bookmark here

Suffice to say, I am a person with no aim or goals in life. I won’t go out of my way to actually put any effort into anything. Joining an after-school club is far from my intention, especially a stupid and senseless one named the “deputies.” But if the threat that my scores would be deducted is true, which most likely is because the school looks down upon inactive students, then I better play it safe. My scores are low enough as is and I’m barely even passing at this point. So if joining this stupid club is a way to prevent my scores from being lowered, I would gladly choose to attend it.Bookmark here

I think gladly isn’t the right word. But you get my point. Bookmark here

As my motto goes: let’s just get this shit over with. Bookmark here

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