Chapter 0:

chapter 0

3 second

Character:Main joey bizinger / 27 years old, fortune tellerBookmark here

3 passersby:                                                                                                                                          Homeless: senukin / 23 years old, unemployed and homeless                                                 Grandmother: Hanh                                                                                                                                   A girl: HienBookmark here

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Hanoi Street 11/11/2019Bookmark here

"I don't know when I got this power myself, but I discovered it when I was four years old." - joey has a monologue while closing the doorBookmark here

“But I don't find it annoying, it's like a gift from God. It opened up many avenues for me and helped me out of unemployment. "                                                                                                               Joey just lit a cigarette and walked down the streets of HaNoi.[display board](Joey Bizinger, 27 years old, occupation: number 1 fortune teller in Vietnam)           

Yes, I can see the future until the person dies. The future is like a river, no matter how they try to change it, it is just a tributary that leads back to the main river. It's impossible
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My hobby is seeing the future of passersby, it only lasts for a second but I can see the rest of their lives.Let's see what's fun today.After he finished his monologue, joey looked into the eyes of a homeless guy on the street. Their eyes met, joey's eyes and steps stood still, the whole world seemed to stop.                          

The cigarette he was smoking, blinking and joey's footsteps slowed, the whole universe seemed to stop for Joey.
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(Vol.1 Senukin's Success)Bookmark here

3 second

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