Chapter 29:

A Quick Afterword

Mylo and the Summoned Hero

Hey, thanks for taking the time to read this novel. The first of many I'll write. I have lots more stories to tell, some of them anime-inspired like this one, others not. Before you ask, yes, a continuation of this story is definitely in the offing. I left enough subplots, and have enough ideas for how Mylo & Kasumi's journey continues and ends that I feel at least one sequel is not just warranted, but necessary.

For the immediate future, I'll be exploring a little. I will try to get some short stories published in more traditional magazines, and may write a different, more self contained novel before I continue this storyline. I'm not yet sure where I'll be publishing—like Mylo, I haven't figured out where I belong. If I decide on a platform soon, I'll say so down in the comments on this afterword.

This novel was made possible by an egg timer. Not even a physical one, but a digital equivalent. Somehow seeing a number tick down in the panel above my document cures my writer's block every time.

As for the original idea? Well, let's just say that didn't survive contact with page 1, and I had to write the first chapter several times to get that egg sufficiently scrambled. Chapter 10's fight with the lemming boss is the only shred of my plan which made the jump on to the page.

This has been a wonderful journey. Hard on occasion to soldier on, but usually I was happy to see what the characters and the story were becoming.

Until next time.

Ataga Corliss
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