Chapter 0:


Shinigami to Shoujo - The Grim Reaper and the Maiden

That day wasn’t supposed to have a thunderstorm, but that’s what happened when Elodie was walking through the beautiful labyrinth that was her house’s garden.

Her small and delicate hands were lightly touching the flowers as her hands ran through the red roses in one of the flower beds.

It was one of the few peaceful moments that she would have when her family wasn’t forcing her to work as a servant at her own home, and even her younger half-sister used to gossip ill things about her so the poor girl wouldn't get a fiancée.

At least, it was another factor other than the birthmark on her chest, a 'scar' her family always made her ashamed of.

Little did Elodie know that there was a pair of eyes watching over her at that moment.

She took a seat over a wooden chair after looking around to check if anyone would be watching, it was hard to have a quiet moment and she deeply cherished the few ones she had after the latest years.

The girl looked around the garden she loved so much and cried only by thinking about the moments she passed with her mother before the woman was killed by someone, they never found out who it was.

When she heard footsteps, she knew her peaceful minutes had ended, and the one coming closer to her spot was probably her stepmother’s daughter, the one that made her life turn into hell.

Kayley, her half-sister, walked into the center of the garden where Elodie was, but she took a few seconds to notice the presence of the elder sister.


Kayley ran into her, giving a slap on her face, making Elodie’s eyes tear in pain at the same time the poor girl’s hands started to convulsively tremble.

She kept her state, not moving while still in shock, wondering why the younger would treat her so badly.

Suddenly, the sky came from blue to grey, as the clouds started to thunder massively as Kayley tried to run back, only to slip on her shoes and fall right into the dirty mud ground, coaxing a little smile from her sister.


She demanded an answer once she noticed Elodie’s smile just as she tried to get up and slip again on the ground.

Elodie knew it would probably end badly for her, but she turned in the opposite direction and came back to her room.

She was supposed to be an obedient one, at least in her stepmother and sister’s eyes. Her father was always traveling to bring food home, so they barely saw him very often.

But as soon as she made her way into the corridor that led to her room, she got a summon to her father’s office, and she was quite sure that Kayley had lied about what happened in the garden.


Her father called as soon as she entered, there was a disappointed look on his face, and then she noticed her stepfamily in one of the corners of the room.

“Sometimes I try to be kind to you, but you keep on disappointing us…”

Her eyes get wide, she already knew what was coming.

“Because of this, I decided to anticipate your sister’s home moving in order for you to let her in peace.”

“Dad, but I…”

She tried to speak in defense, only to be interrupted by the girl.

“I tried to be nice to you, Ellie.”

Kayley says it in a crying voice, a tone she always used in front of her parents to make Elodie looks like the villain.

“You were always so mean to me, that I even had to suggest Dad to cancel your arrangement.”

Her heart broke in pieces. She was supposed to meet her future husband in a few days, a day she would never forget since it would make her pitiful life ends.

And now that was gone…

Suddenly, they hear a knock at the door as one of the maids enter to announce an unexpected visit to the entrance hall.

The family immediately rush there, only for Elodie’s eyes to meet the visitor’s one.

She didn’t know who this guy was.

None of them knew him.

There was something scary about him even though he was such a gorgeous man.

“What can we help you today, Sir?”

The father asked, reverencing that unknown person.

“I am here to take Lady Elodie as my fiancée.”

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