Chapter 0:

Bloody Night

Malefic Slayer

It is a world filled with unknown.Bookmark here

Malefic is one of them. It is a life energy, generated from the body, that travels along with the blood.Bookmark here

About 50 years ago, a strange man called Malefic "Magic", and consider as a forbidden, a dangerous thing.Bookmark here

Later, that man became famous, because the people of the country, Florin think him as a crazy man. And disappeared without a trace.Bookmark here

Malefic became an integral part of people 's lives.Bookmark here

And there are those who used it for occupation, military force and others.Bookmark here

These people are referred to as 'Maleficer'.Bookmark here

I don't care about that stuff except one thing.Bookmark here

Malefic knight--Bookmark here

To put it simply, Malefic knight are those Maleficer who protect the country and its citizens, totally different from those scum adventures.Bookmark here

I admired them and one day.... I desire to become one of them. Bookmark here

It was my dream... Untill a certain night, that Bloody Night.Bookmark here

"Sorry..So-..... Sorry..." I cried while walking on aimlessly.Bookmark here

I was on a burnt field, some kind of large fire had occurred in this town.Bookmark here

I looked around, realised that, I was the only living thing around.Bookmark here

As I continue my meaningless walk, I saw corpses crushed by building and some burnt black human figure too.Bookmark here

It was so absolute hell, for a young kid like me.Bookmark here

Then I suddenly fell.Bookmark here

Perhaps there was no oxygen or maybe I had already lost the function so called 'breathing'.Bookmark here

As I fell, lean my back on the ground.Bookmark here

Gazing at the sky, which was beginning to cloud over.Bookmark here

Dark clouds covered the sky, telling me that rain will fall soon.Bookmark here

.... That would be good... Really good.Bookmark here

The fire would end if rain fell.Bookmark here

But it was too late.... There is no one beside me now.Bookmark here

At the end, with a deep breath. Bookmark here

I looked up at the rain cloud.Bookmark here

It was painful. Living was painful.Bookmark here

So much as that I even thought I might as well just disappear now and be at ease.Bookmark here

I unconsciously stretched out my hand at the sky.Bookmark here

I had no more strength left to raised that hand and suddenly--Bookmark here

No.Bookmark here

It should have fallen but the powerless hand was grasped by a strong hand.Bookmark here

A old man take my weak hand.Bookmark here

Maybe his face will be the last thing I will remember.Bookmark here

I opened my eyes slowly, found myself, lying in a shade of a big tree.Bookmark here

I was asleep, realised what happened a moment ago was just a mere dream.Bookmark here

No, not just a mere dream. It was a scene, a memory that haunted me till today...a nightmare that will haunt me forever.Bookmark here

"Sorry..." I murmured to myself.Bookmark here

"Hey, you awake?" said by a man, from the other side of the tree.Bookmark here

"Then, can we leave now?"Bookmark here

In a energetic tone, I said :Bookmark here

"Let's go. Master Boras."Bookmark here

When I was about to stood up, I took the skull face mask and put it on my face.Bookmark here

And left with my master, to the next town.Bookmark here

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