Chapter 43:

XLIII | Someone Like Her

Something's Not Right

Tammie's still dancing

when I peek
into the studio.

Music's playing

from a few CD players
at once.

The melodies

of the songs
jumbled up

sounds vaguely familiar.

I don't go inside though,
I'm not welcome

during practices.

I stand outside, leaning against the wall,
listening to her breathe.

The lyrics
of multiple songs


like the orchestral version
of something epic.

Or just bad vaporwave.

Someone I loved

had once been obsessed
over vaporwave music.


hated it.

The familiar unfamiliarity—

I'm smiling.

Why am I smiling?

sighs in frustration

on the other side of the wall.

A deep breath.
The sound of flesh and metal.

My smile
grows bigger.

So does
my fear of losing her.

I can't help it.

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