Chapter 73:

LXXIII | Some Attention

Something's Not Right

Strange ideas
swim in my head

like they always do

when I wake up,

sticking to me like magnets
that refuse to repel.

on how to

apologise to Tammie.

I'd made it worse
doing that...

that...act of inducing jealousy

with Asher.

She's barely around now.

I'm painting her
more feverishly.

Don't forget.

Don't forget.

Don't forget.

She's leaving.
And it fills me with a familiar panic.

She's slipping away
and I can't handle it.

Her smile,

her eyes,

her body.

The things I hate about her,
the things that made me willing

to push her away,

they don't matter now.

I want her back.

I need her back.

My room
is filled with paintings of her.

I found bluetack

to stick them on the walls

so I'd be surrounded
by Tammie
every night.

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