Chapter 85:

LXXXV | Some Defence

Something's Not Right

It's clear
what Tammie thinks of me.

(She's tenderly

running her hand

over the pulse
on my throat right now.)

I don't dare
to ask her.

Knowing the truth will hurt more.

Maybe by ingratiating herself,
she won't get hurt

by me again.

Maybe that'll work,

but I already know
what I did wrong.

Even then,
I know she can't help it.

She thinks
I'm the one

killing the other patients.

But it's not me.

I'll have to prove myself
to her.

By finding
the truth.

Moonlight Sonata
moans tonight,

more whiny than usual.

Her touch
makes my skin tingle

and waylays my thoughts.

I ask her
to stop.

She gives me her apologetic smile,

pretends I haven't spoken.

It hurts
to be

the only one affected.

Why am I so aware of her?

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