Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: "Your Help"

Poor Little Kallie

(Warning! Slight gore at the end)

Samatha and the other orphans except for Sophie and Sidney were told to go to sleep, with Kallie being told to sleep in the lounge room. Kallie understood why she was sleeping away from the others. The others didn't completely trust her yet and, despite somewhat trusting Samatha, she does not trust her friends. In Samatha's room, Samatha was having a hard time sleeping. She was restless. Samatha isn't brave and the fear of almost dying tonight got to her and was keeping her awake. She was lucky that her room was rather isolated from the other rooms with no one living in the same hallway she lives in. If they were, they would hear her muttering and crying.

After two hours of failing to get any sleep, Samatha opened her eyes, feeling a tiny chill in the room. She sat up, rubbed her eyes, and got out of her sleeping bag. Her bed was destroyed by one orphan, Samatha couldn't remember who, so Brandy managed to find her a sleeping bag to use. The colors were red and purple which was not to Samatha's liking but it was cozy. She wobbly got to her feet and stretched. Afterward, she let out a yawn and turned around to look out the windows in her room which overviewed the courtyard. She normally does this when she couldn't sleep. Even though most of the view outside was blocked by a broken black metal fence and a tree.

However, her attention was instantly drawn to something other than her window. Mainly, the girl wearing a blue light jacket with pink hair staring at her and leaning on the wall.

"GAH!" Samatha yelped, falling down and crawling backwards until her back hit the wall. Kallie seemed amused at this as she let out a sleepy smile.

"About time you got up. You weren't getting a wink of sleep," Kallie told Samatha, her voice sounding gruff.

"S-Shouldn't you be the one getting some sleep? You have eyebags," Samatha pointed out. Though she could barely see them, Samatha could just make them out on Kallie's face.

"I've had eyebags since you first met me. They just got worse."

Kallie walked forward and sat down in front of Samatha, who was gradually calming down.

"Y-you're sitting criss-cross applesauce style?" Samatha asked, noticing how Kallie was sitting.

"Excuse me? What's that?" Kallie asked in a tone of voice that suggested she was insulted, though she still had a sleepy smile on her face.

"The sitting pose you are doing," Samatha told Kallie.

"Really? I wouldn't know. I saw a couple of kids sitting like this and copied them and eventually, just stuck with it."

"Wow. I'm an orphan who has barely been outside yet I know more than you."

Kallie let out a snort before chuckling.

"Yeah well, I've never been outside," Kallie admitted.

"W-wait, really!?" Samatha asked.

"Yep. I've been raised in the orphanage. Just don't tell anyone else that, okay?"

"...Alright, sure...but may I ask why?"

Kallie let out a sigh.

"I don't want anyone to know that I don't know as much as them," Kallie told Samatha with a sigh that turned into a yawn at the end.

"Ah...Got it," Samatha said, understanding where Kallie is getting at. She has been in a situation where she felt entirely clueless before and, because of it, always thought that others saw her as deadweight. Even now, Samatha still felt like deadweight. She can't run as fast as the most of the others, doesn't have as much stamina, isn't as smart, isn't as tough, and, hell, she even gets a bad cough every now and then, a reminder of her near-death experience she had early in life.

Compared to even little Ava, the youngest orphan here, Ava seemed to be the better survivor. Samatha's only two advantages would be her personality which the other orphans say they like and the fact that she can be used as a meatshield, though the other orphans don't know Samatha thought of herself this way.

Samatha's smile disappeared and her eyes darkened, thinking about just how useless she has been. The only good thing she has done so far, in fact, the only good thing she has done in her entire life was freeing Kallie.

Kallie's smile turned into a frown and her eyes narrowed slightly before she reached down and gently lifted Samatha's chin up so she could meet Samatha's eyes.

"Hey now, don't ya think like that. Every life is worth more than one thinks."

Samatha blinked before realizing what Kallie meant.

"I-I'm n-not-" Samatha started but Kallie cut her off by putting a finger on Samatha's lips.

"I know that look and I am well aware of what you're thinking. I didn't stay alive this long without being able to read others and even a beginner in reading people can see what that look means."

Kallie took her finger off Samatha and leaned back, a smile on her face. Samatha doesn't know why but whenever Kallie smiles when she's alone with Samatha reminds her of how a delinquent smiles.

"Anyway, want to help me with something?" Kallie asked, changing the conversation.

"With what?" Samatha asked. She didn't know what Kallie would need help with that couldn't wait till tomorrow. After all, if she wants to know more about the other orphans, the best way to do that is to talk to them herself tomorrow or if she is hungry, she will have to wait until tomorrow like the other orphans when breakfast is served.

"I need to know if there is a room four-o-two here. It should be in this section," Kallie explained. Samatha perked up, remembering the old slightly pink door that was locked.

"I know of the room but I don't have the key for it," Samatha told Kallie honestly. Despite what Samatha said, Kallie's eyes lit up and she got up excitedly, surprising Samatha.

"Good! Let's go," Kallie told Samatha, grabbing her hand and pulling Samatha up.

"W-wait! B-but the key," Samatha stuttered as Kallie put her free hand on the door handle.

"Don't worry about it. Now keep your voice down lest the two friends of yours that are keeping watch hear us," Kallie whispered to Samatha while looking through a small hole in the door that the rooms of the orphans have.

After making sure the coast was clear, which was Kallie staying absolutely still and quiet while Samatha stood behind her fidgeting nervously and feeling awkward for two minutes, Kallie slowly opened the door, putting her fingers in between the door and the door frame to reduce the noise it would make when it opened. Samatha's door isn't as loud as the other orphans' room doors but it still made a sound. Yet, despite the silence in the orphanage that would allow for one to hear a pin drop nearby, Samatha couldn't hear the door make any noise at all.

'Glad Bryce isn't with us as he definitely couldn't resist calling Kallie paranoid.'

Finally, Kallie opened the door wide enough for her to squeeze through. She did so and held the door open while keeping watch, waiting for Samatha to join her so she can close the door. Samatha tried to squeeze through the gap Kallie made but she wasn't as skinny as Kallie and ended up causing the door to make a small creaking sound. While small, to Kallie the sound might as well have been a gunshot as she stiffened and spun around, alarm in her eyes. Once she looked at Samatha who has yet to squeeze all the way through the door, Kallie looked surprised before she did a silent facepalm, slowly opening the door as to not make any noise and allow Samatha to squeeze through perfectly.

Once Samatha was through, Kallie slowly closed the door but not all the way, instead leaving it slightly open yet not open enough for anyone to notice something. Then, Kallie slid her butterfly knife under the door, the knife ending under the door with one of the handles prepped up against the wall at an angle so the wind won't blow the door open.

"Sorry," Kallie apologized to Samatha once she stood up, "I'm used to working alone."

"No, it's okay. I was just a little too big-" Samatha started saying but was cut off by Kallie poking Samatha in her breast, almost causing Samatha to let out a yelp in surprise.

"First off, are you calling me flat? Second off, it was my fault there, not your own. Don't take blame for other peoples' mistakes," Kallie told Samatha in a stern voice which reminded Samatha of one of the old staff that used to work here, though Kallie was whispering while the old staff seemed to always be yelling.

"Now come on, show me to the room and keep your head down less whoever the two are on watch down below see you," Kallie ordered Samatha.

"How do you know there are two on watch?" Samatha asked, knowing that this is Kallie's first night here.

"...Because I can hear them talking to each other," Kallie told Samatha like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Samatha strained her ears, or strained her ears in the only way humans can, but still heard nothing.

"...You're not gonna hear anything from there," Kallie pointed out.

Samatha opened her mouth before closing it.

"It's this way," Samatha said, turning to her right while crouching.

Kallie looked at her crouching with a raised eyebrow.

'At least she is crouching properly. If that way of crouching is actually stealthy well...'

Kallie just let out a sigh before she took a quick look down below where she spotted two girls, one of them Kallie recognized as Sidney, down below by the door. She watched them for a while until she grinned.

Kallie turned and crouched down before jumping through the air, twisting. She flew over Samatha's head and used one hand to cover Samatha's mouth while the other grabbed her shoulder. Kallie landed safely out of sight on the other side of the hallway and pulled Samatha in, though the process wasn't smooth as Kallie more of yanked Samatha in by her chin and shoulder while in the air.

Samatha landed on top of Kallie's legs with a muffled scream. However, she quickly stopped once Kallie pushed her hand on Samatha's mouth harder while tilting Samatha's chin up to meet her eyes.

"You okay, Pulchra Lux Oculis Caeruleis?" Kallie asked.

Samatha nodded and Kallie took her head off of Samatha's mouth and stood up, gently bringing Samatha with her.

"What did you just say?" Samatha asked, recalling the strange thing Kallie called her.

"Don't worry about it. Now come on, we're out of sight," Kallie said, turning to look at the doors in front of her. The hallway branched into two paths, one left and one right.

Samatha walked in front of Kallie and froze for two seconds before turning and walking down the right path. Kallie followed behind her, her eyes slightly dazed-looking as she recalled some old memories. However, she stopped when she noticed Samatha stop by a door one door away from the end of the corridor with a window at the end. The door was pink with a gold-colored doorknob with a complex-looking gold and silver lock on it and a gold and silver number plate with the numbers four-zero-two on the plate.

"This is it," Samatha said and watched as Kallie stepped in front of the door and put a hand on the door.

Kallie went completely still, her eyes closed. She stayed like that for a bit longer before she opened her eyes, her eyes expressionless yet dark.

"I'm sorry if this room means something to you but as you can see the door is locked so-" Samatha started explaining to Kallie but stopped when Kallie took out a toothpick from her jacket pocket and stuck it in the keyhole. When nothing happened, she threw away the toothpick and then stuck her fingernail into the keyhole. After a bit of playing around Kallie's finger turned and the keyhole made a clicking sound and the door opened.

Samatha stared at Kallie, wanting to ask her how but the words never left her mouth. Kallie turned and saw Samatha's expression before chuckling, a smug expression on her face.

"What? You never knew fingernails could open locks? This lock is actually made just for fingernails, so you don't need the key to get it to work," Kallie explained to Samatha before opening the door all the way.

Inside was a light faded pink room just a tad bit lighter than the color of the door. Everything about this room seemed like a faded little girl's room. Only the wall facing the door had windows and there wasn't much furniture, though the bed looked like it belonged to a princess. Kallie went into the room and opened the white closet doors, dusting away some cobwebs as she did so. The moment Samatha went in she instantly coughed due to the amount of dust in the room. Kallie seemed unaffected by the amount of dust in the room and she started searching through the closet until, with a sigh of satisfaction, she pulled off a light black jacket from the closet. With a nod, she walked over to the bed and took off her light blue jacket, and put on the black jacket. It was a tad small on her but Samatha suddenly had a clear idea whose's room this is.

"Is this your room?" Samatha asked.

Kallie frowned and didn't answer. Instead, she walked over and looked out the windows.

"Was my room," Kallie admitted, her back still facing Samatha.

"Hey, it still can be," Samatha told Kallie, walking up to her and putting a hand on her shoulder.

"...No, I don't think it will," Kallie responded coldly, turning her head to look at Samatha.

"Now we should get going. I'll unlock this door tomorrow," Kallie told Samatha, walking back to the closet and hanging her black jacket back up.

"Oh, alright," Samatha managed to get back though, by the time she said that, Kallie had already walked out of the room.

'...I can't tell if I struck a nerve or not.' Samatha thought, not understanding the cold look Kallie gave her out of nowhere.


Samatha woke up surprisingly early despite the long night she just had. She sat up and rubbed her eyes before she got out of bed. The room she was in and this side of the dorms is angled so the sunlight bathed through the window in force. It was annoying to deal with originally but Samatha got used to it. To her, the sunlight looked like something out of a beautiful fantasy kid's book.

She walked to her door and let out a big yawn, opening the door. Outside was about four other orphans and Kallie who all turned to look at Samatha the moment she opened her door. Since she was still in the middle of her yawn, Samatha still had her mouth wide open and a hand over her mouth, causing Ava and Shira to giggle.

"We honestly didn't expect you to be awake," Sophie said, shrugging at an increasingly blushing Samatha.

"Well, it seems that the others except for the three who are still sleeping have warmed up to Kaylee here so later you can help her choose a room to sleep in," Sophie informed Samatha, pointing the blunt end of her pipe at Kallie.

Samatha met Kallie's eyes met and stayed there for a couple of seconds before Kallie gave her a cheery smile. Samatha realized that Kallie was currently in her cheery happy facade. She was slightly annoyed by that since she couldn't tell if the shine in her eyes hid the fact that Kallie was still cold towards her or if Kallie had gotten over what Samatha had said to her that ticked her off last night.

Samatha looked down on the ground which didn't go unnoticed by Sophie who cast a quick glance at Kallie. Kallie noticed this but didn't pay it any mind. She already knew she was on tough terms with Sophie after she caught a glimpse of her true personality when they first met. Instead, she was more focused on Gin, the quirky and gruff yellow haired twin bun girl who can't seem to decide if she likes her name or hates it since it is named after the alcoholic drink. They had been talking since this morning and she helped wake Kallie up. Kallie couldn't fall completely back to sleep after her talk with Samatha last night, feeling admittingly sorry for the look she gave her but saw much more value in not apologizing to Samatha than saying sorry to her. Gin helped her wake up and, even though Kallie has barely watched any TV in her life, she thinks that Gin is better than most comedians out there.

Though they just finished their conversation when Samatha opened her door so currently there was nothing for Kallie to pay attention to. The reason why her attention was more on Gin was that she interested Kallie. She was someone who was harder to read than the other orphans she has met so far...with the exception of Shira. Something wasn't quite right with her. After Shira would be Ava and Gin would be tied with Samatha in third. Samatha, to Kallie, is too nice and weird to understand. Why Gin was confusing to Kallie...was something Kallie was confused herself with.

"Well, since you are up, come on downstairs. Breakfast is waiting," Sophie informed Samatha. Kallie, who heard this, blinked in confusion. She thought she was up pretty early and while she did smell something that may have been food in the making, she doubted that the orphans here could make breakfast for all of them here within the hour she has been awake.

'Then again, maybe they can. I'm not an expert in cooking.'

Samatha nodded and stepped out of her room, closing the door behind her. Before she could start walking towards the stairs, Shira grabbed both her and Kallie's hands.

"Let's go!" Shira told the two before trying to drag the two bigger girls towards the stairs. Samatha let out a warm smile and even Kallie allowed herself to be dragged by the girl. Kallie saw no harm in it after all.

Kallie and the other orphans made their way downstairs and through the two doors at the bottom. After going through them, Kallie was surprised to see a rather cozy-looking yet definitely abandoned checkered hallway.

'This place definitely expanded since I last been here. This hallway design looks like it came from the old medical ward.' Kallie noted, recalling the already old and abandoned medical ward of the orphanage. She doesn't know if the place is still around since it had no use but, if it is, Kallie decided she might drop by for a visit.

When hallway ended with three doors on each wall, the one in front of the group being a double door. Kallie paused as they got close to the door. The smell of food and the sound of footsteps caused Kallie to frown which only deepened as she realized the sound of the footsteps were much heavier than a kid would have.

'The orphans here clearly know that this is an experiment so either the people working the kitchen don't know or...the orphans here are much more pacifists than I thought they were.' Kallie thought, looking at Sophie's modified pipe.

Shira, who was still "dragging" Kallie, felt her stop and turned back to see what the problem was.

"Is something wrong?" Shira asked, causing the other orphans to stop and turn around.

"Well, I am pretty sure I hear the footsteps of adults behind those doors, so I'm a little confused," Kallie explained,

"Ah. Yeah, I can see how you would be confused by that," Sophie said, feeling a little bit awkward for not telling Kallie about the staff in the kitchen beforehand.

"You see, a few of the staff in the kitchen didn't know this is an experiment. Of course, their boss and a few other staff do," Sophie explained.

Kallie nodded, thinking about the situation before asking,

"So, how come you haven't tried to ki-capture the staff who know this is an experiment?" Kallie asked, thankful that she managed to quickly and smoothly change almost saying kill to capture. The only orphan who noticed her slip up was Shira who was the closest to Kallie.

"Well, even if they know, their orders are to keep serving us food and, surprisingly enough, their food id good," Sophie explained to Kallie, whose eyes were closed and her small smile growing wider.

Kallie may seem like she is listening in earnest but, in reality, she was screaming in her head. She had to close her eyes less she glares a hole through Sophie. Wasn't she suppose to be the hot-headed leader?

'No...I get it now. Sophie isn't actually a hot-head who takes to violence. She's just as scared as everyone else and, just like everyone else here, she doesn't want to get her hands dirty.'

Kallie let out a sigh and calmed herself down before opening her eyes.

"I got it. Still, I wouldn't allow any of them, even the ones that claim they didn't know this was an experiment, out of the kitchen and into the area where you hang out," Kallie told Sophie, hoping that Sophie had the common sense to have thought of her suggestion.

"Oh yeah, we already do that," Sophie informed Kallie who mentally sighed in relief. Sophie had redeemed herself somewhat in Kallie's eyes. ....


"Enough talk, I'm starving," Gin groaned before opening the doors. On the other side was a kitchen and eating area. It looked like a school cafeteria except the kitchen was visible. of course, Kallie didn't know what a school cafeteria was.

Walking around cooking and putting dishes into the sink were people dressed as maids. They milled about, ordered around by a much older looking woman. Sitting down eating breakfast at white tables was Sidney and another orphan Kallie didn't recognized. She could tell that they were a male. He wore a dark blue hoodie and red shorts.

Sophie, upon seeing him, frowned.

'When did Bryce wake up? Well, I guess I should introduce him to Kaylee.' Sophie thought before leaning down to whisper something in Shira's ear. Despite Sophie whispering, Kallie heard what she said.

"Hey, can you bring Kallie and Samatha over to sit by Bryce and Sidney? I'll be over shortly."

Shira nodded and Sophie rubbed her head before walking back out the doors and into the hallway. Samatha watched her go before she felt Shira tug her wrist. She looked down and saw Shira pointing towards a table. Sitting at the table was Sidney and Bryce.

'Oh! Bryce is up. I guess Shira wants Kallie to meet Bryce.' Samatha thought. Why didn't she notice Bryce before or that Sophie whispered something to Shira? She was too busy staring at the food being made.

Gin walked over to an empty table in the corner of the room and sat down. Kallie looked at her before turning to look at the staff. There were eleven of them in total and Kallie noted that all of them had a symbol on them that showed that they belonged to the orphanage, but only six had more details to it.

Shira lead Samatha and Kallie to the table where Sidney and Bryce was sitting at and took a seat in front of Samatha and Kallie. Samatha looked around and let out a sigh. The table they were at had room for two more people, and there was five of them all in a row. There used to be twenty-five tables here. The orphans left only needed two tables and have room to spare for more. Samatha doesn't know the exact number of orphans were here when she arrived but, going just by the five tables, she could tell there was a lot more than the nine left.

'Ten technically. Kallie is with us now and she's an orphan too.' Samatha reminded herself, looking at Kallie who was leaning over and talking to Sidney. Samatha couldn't hear what they were saying but, when Sidney pointed at one of the staff and nodded, Samatha figured that it was about the staff.

It was around when Sidney and Kallie were talking about the staff that Bryce looked up from looking down at his lap. He looked around, annoyed that there was suddenly a lot more people at his table, before he did a hard double take upon noticing Kallie.

"Um...who are you?" Bryce asked, catching the other orphans attention.

Kallie met Bryce's question with a kind smile and an answer.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Kaylee," Kallie introduced herself, purposely not saying anything more about herself to hear how Sidney would introduce her.

Bryce waited for more and, when he realized that Kallie wasn't going to say anything else about her, he asked the most obvious question.

"Okay, where did you come from?" Bryce asked.

Kallie didn't answer but, instead, pretended to be in a conversation with Samatha, grabbing her arm and leaning in close and whispering her plan to Samatha, who nodded and played along, turning to start chatting to Kallie about the food here.

Sidney, realizing that the two were ignoring Bryce's question and, if she had to guess, was leaving it up to her, let out a sigh.

"Kaylee here was found by Samatha last night in a cage," Sidney started explaining but was cut off by Kallie.

"Prison. A cell is a temporary set back. A prison isn't," Kallie said, her smile still the same but a serious tone in her voice.

"Ah, yes...Well, Samatha freed her from prison...yeah that doesn't sound bad at all," Sidney whispered to herself before continuing, "and so Kaylee helped her by getting rid of the two guards chasing after Samatha."

Bryce was quiet for what felt like a couple of minutes before pointing at Kallie.

"She killed two trained and armored guards with guns?" Bryce asked before shaking his head, "And you guys let her in no questions asked?"

Kallie, who wasn't the least bit insulted or angered by Bryce's questions turned to talk to Samatha, finding her explaining the different kind of food the staff makes more interesting. However, when she saw Samatha looking slightly hurt and frowning at Bryce, Kallie realized that she may have to resolve this problem. She looked back at Bryce who was glaring at her than at Sidney who looked to be in thought before shrugging and turning back to Samatha, deciding she'd rather not get involved.

"Hey, Samatha, can we continue?" Kallie asked Samatha, causing Samatha to meet her eyes. Hoping to encourage Samatha, Kallie showed her a bright smile.

"I'm fine. Really, I am," Kallie informed Samatha. Behind her, it seemed that Sidney and Bryce started talking again.

Samatha looked back at Bryce before meeting Kallie's gaze and nodding. Currently, she doesn't know if Kallie is actually saying the truth and just wants to go back to the conversation they were having on the spot or if she was actually hurt but didn't want to show it and worry anyone.

Before Samatha could open her mouth to comply to Kallie's request, one of the staff came over. She had light brown hair wrapped in a bun, a lightly freckled face, and light green eyes. She looked to be maybe in her early twenties and was a looker When Samatha saw her come over, a bright smile formed on her face.

"Hi Christine!" Samatha greeted the staff member, causing Sidney and Bryce to stop talking, or really arguing with each other. Shira jumped up and bounded over to Christine and wrapped her in a big hug...well, wrapped her waist in a hug. Shira was on the small side but that wasn't why she was hugging Christine's waist. Christine was quite tall.

"Hello Shira, Sidney, Bryce, Gin, and Samatha. How are you today?" Christine asked, waving at Gin all the way in the back.

"We're doing fine. We're just talking about or new friend here," Sidney told Christine, pointing at Kallie.

Christine had saw the pink-haired girl while walking over here but thought that they may be one of the orphans trying a new style. Now that she is closer to her, Christine can see that she is indeed a totally different person. Her eyes are an odd pink color that had a unknown intensity to them. Her smile is one that seems real but, Christine saw through it. The girl wasn't happy and was indifferent to everything that was going on, taking it in but not caring. Christine felt like she was being taken apart bit by bit by the girl, like she was being read like a book.

'She's dangerous.' Christine realized yet kept her cool.

Kallie recognized that Christine saw through her act and a flash of amusement and praise shone through her eyes before going back to being unreadable. She didn't expect the friendly motherly yet naive staff member to figure her out somewhat at first glance.

"So, what's your name?" Christine asked.

"Hi! My name is Kaylee. Samatha saved me from prison so I am helping her," Kallie said in a cute and bubbly voice. Inside, she had a dangerous smile on. She had spotted a new source of interest.

Christine's face went blank before she turned and looked away. Kallie, upon seeing the reaction that Christine had, blinked in surprise.

'Going off of what Sidney said, she is one of the staff who didn't know this was an experiment...and going off her reaction, it seems that she definitely hates what is going on. Since I haven't talked to the other staff members yet, I can't tell how much they hate what is going on.'

Kallie's eyes shifted to the oldest staff member who was stilling giving out orders.

'But I can tell that the rest of the staff clearly hates her.'

Kallie had noticed that fact the moment she set eyes upon the staff. All it takes is a little reading in their body posture to tell, even if their facial expression doesn't show it.

"Well, I hope we can get along!" Kallie said to Christine, offering her a hand. Christine looked down at Kallie's hand and met her face. Her face was still unreadable, only showing fake happiness, but there was no malice in it.

'It's better than nothing. At least it doesn't seem like she'll cause a problem that will get the other orphans in trouble.' Christine thought, accepting Kallie's hand. The two shook hands and Christine was surprised by how hard Kallie's hand was. It could be compared to smooth metal surface, both smooth yet tough and firm.

"Christine! Just what do you think you are do-"

The voice belonged to the eldest staff member. She broke off since, when she yelled at Christine, Christine jumped a little and moved to the side, still holding Kallie's hand. The old lady got a good look at Kallie and instantly realized that she was new.

With a twitch of her eye, she made her way over to Kallie. She decided that the new kid was probably a spy for Aunt Ravean but couldn't tell what she was here to do. Than, she suddenly had a great idea. Her paycheck has been lacking as of late so, she decided she would get some fun and oust this spy.

"Say, who are you?" She asked Kallie whose smile instantly went away. Her eyes were unreadable but there was an unmistakable coldness in them.

"Hi, my name is Kaylee. What's yours?" Kallie asked, her voice a tiny bit strained.

"My name is Yu, and I am the one Aunt Ravean goes to for information, not-"

Yu once again stopped speaking. This time it was because the moment she brought up Aunt Ravean a hate so clear and so intense broke through Kallie's eyes before going back to how they were before.

'Haha. So she definitely isn't a spy. I've never seen such hate before. I would even say she is close to that one girl named Ka-'

"Wait, what did you say your name was?" Yu asked, an alarm going off in her head.

Kallie didn't answer her question but asked Yu another question instead.

"Say, what did you say before? How can you report to Aunt Ravean if the others don't allow you outside the kitchen?" Kallie asked, a small smile on her face and fake smugness in her eyes. Of course, Yu doesn't know that the smugness in Kallie's eyes was fake.

Ignoring the red flag in her head, Yu crossed her arms.

"Oh, is that what you guys believe? That since I am locked in here that I can't get information?" Yu asked, eyeing each orphan in the room with a smug and disgusted look.

"I have secret cameras and all that spy-shit gazz everywhere! And only I have the key. You guys can't do anything about it either since, if you do, you'll all starve!"

The orphans and other staff faces' went dark. Kallie, however, went completely still before looking down at the table. Seeing this, Yu thought she won and got ready to press on with her victory, taking out her frustration on the new girl. However, before she could, Kallie started giggling, her giggles high and manic.

"Baka," Kallie said, looking up to meet Yu's eyes.

Yu flinched upon seeing Kallie's face. Kallie's eyes were wide and shone with a deadly yet manic glee, a small yet deranged smile on her face.

Kallie lunged forward and stabbed Yu through her bottom jaw with her fingernails, her movement a blur. Yu froze, not realizing what had just happened, before she started gagging, choking on her own blood and saliva.


...But Kallie wasn't done.

Kallie reached into her jacket pocket with her free hand and pulled out her butterfly knife which had the comb end facing out. She switched it over, revealing the blade. Yu's eyes went even wider.

Kallie once again moved in a blur and pinned Yu's left hand to the table with her butterfly knife, causing Yu to let out a garbled scream of pain and terror. Once she stopped, she looked at Kallie and opened her mouth, spitting out some blood on Kallie's wrist. Kallie didn't seem to mind.

"Y-you...K-Ka-" Yu managed to get out. However, she never got out any more.

Kallie's eyes narrowed and she ripped her butterfly knife free and her fingers free in one smooth fluid move, grabbed Yu and pulled her forward, and stabbed Yu in her neck with her butterfly knife and jerked it to the right, creating a large gash in Yu's throat. Kallie then jammed her fingers into the gash she created and felt around until she felt Yu's spinal cord and grabbed it. With two tugs, she crushed Yu's spinal cord and, with another tug, ripped it off, taking Yu's head with it.

Yu's body fell down on the table, blood pouring out of the bloody stump where her head was, Kallie's butterfly knife sticking out of it. Kallie examined the decapitated head in her hand, tossed it up once and then again, getting much more air the second time, before giggling again. She admired her work a bit longer before lazily tossing it aside, the head hitting the doors to the cafeteria with a thunk.

With a sigh, Kallie grabbed her butterfly knife and flicked it, getting most of the blood that was on it. Silence had already set in and the only sound that could be heard besides the hum of fans and the hissing of fire was a small little hum coming from Kallie. After almost a minute of this stunned silence, the doors to the cafeteria opened.

"Hey, I got the others-" Sophie began before her eyes settled on the bloody decapitated head on the floor in front of her.

She put her hand out, blocking Ava from walking in. Ava still saw the head though and she let out a scream before she covered her own mouth, stopping herself. Tears were in the corner of her eyes.

Sophie looked up and saw the headless body of Yu lying on the table and a bloodied butterfly knife in Kallie's hand and a deranged smile on her face, and came to a conclusion, which only strengthened when Sidney turned to Samatha and said,

"You said she killed two guards with a spoon, right?"

Sophie walked up to Kallie and pointed her pipe at her.

"Who are you!?" Sophie asked, trying her best to hide the fact that she was afraid of Kallie.

Kallie looked at Sophie without turning her head.

"I'm Your Help," She replied with a chuckle.

Poor Little Kallie Title 1

Poor Little Kallie