Chapter 22:

Anger in Bloom

Second Chance At Life

Words cannot be expressed by the sheer amount of magick Tsubasa currently carries now.

By the help of a First Class Knight too.

I never knew he had this much magick in him.

But how?

Why was his magick blocked?

I can’t help but envy him.

The two fight vigorously, this time, Tsubasa gains the advantage.

His movement becomes more fluid and unpredictable.

Magick guides him like a smooth breeze of wind, and he elegantly deflects Zeke’s attack.

The First Class Knight barely has time to react.

Nor time to use magick at all.

However, Zeke’s battle experience outwits the peasant.

And the training ends.

The First Class Knight picks him up, and they smile together.

“You feel all that energy? You were giving me a hard time to fight back!”

Excitement fuels his ego, and he celebrates with Zeke.

“That was awesome! Let’s fight again!”

“Now, now, let’s not get too hasty about it. Too much excess of magick can lead to exhaustion, and even death if you exceed your limits. We need to take our time to fully polish your powers.”

He pets the peasant’s head like a dog.

“You learn pretty fast. So three days will be enough!”

“How did the training go?”

Balduin returns from his meeting alongside our squad captain.

Zeke waves at his teacher.

“He might be able to beat Mira in three days! Look at the amount of magick he’s carrying.”

A stoic Balduin remains unchanged, but a hint of smirk is displayed by Akimitsu.

“Captain Akimitsu, aren’t we supposed to be attending our first class?”

We can’t forget about that.

After all what happened today, it seems we forgot about that one important duty.

“About that, Eunice… I’m going to die in three days if your teammate doesn’t beat Mira, so how about we call it a day?”

My brows narrow.

“Captain Akimitsu…how can you be blindsided about us? Do you take me as a child? It’s your job to teach us your knowledge as the instructor, yet here you return with ripped clothes and a quarter of your magick has been used. You’ve been training with Kaito while I’m here with Tsubasa waiting for you to teach us something! What’s the point of you being our instructor if you’re picking favorites right from the get-go?!”

Normally, it is forbidden to talk back to your superiors.

But in this instance, Akimitsu is an individual you simply cannot like.

For a Royal Squad Captain, he’s the most irresponsible one.

An awkward silence emerges.

“I’ve had enough of this!”

Remaining with my captain and teammate will only fuel my frustration.

It’s futile trying to get an answer from someone like Akimitsu.

He’ll most likely redirect the topic into a light-hearted subject.

It’s not my feelings that are hurt.

It’s my progress too.

And Tsubasa’s.

Then again, Tsubasa always had talent in him.

He just needed it to be awakened.

So why am I the one who’s out of place?

Reincarnated souls, incoming execution and expulsion, and a neglecting captain, all of this information thrown down my brain drives me insane.

I curl into a ball, alone in the forest.

“A lot has been going through your mind, hasn’t it?”

That foolish peasant catches up with me.

He comfortably takes a seat on the dirt.

“Y’know, when Cassiopeia was talking about the whole reincarnation stuff, I was just as confused as you are too!”

I don’t say anything.

“They said I was one of their friends. His name was R… R-Rin! That’s what it was! So much for me to process the information, y’know?”

So he’s a part of their whole squad too.

“Except…I don’t exactly remember my past life like they do. I don’t know if they’re lying to me, or something didn’t go right with me!”

“Why are you telling me anyway?”

He chuckles and smiles.

“I don’t really know. Whether I’m Rin or Tsubasa, I’m still me! I can’t exactly control magick, but my hard work more than makes up for it!”

After all this time, I forget that Tsubasa has been working hard up to this moment.

Berating his birthright makes me no better than someone who is falling behind everyone else.

It’s not his secret talent that led him this far, it is mere hard work.

“You like to work hard so much. Why’s that?”

I grow curious about him, yearning to know why he is like this.

“Back in Zensenku Village, all of the villagers gave me horrible looks, said nasty stuff about me. They didn’t want me around. That’s why I hope one day to become something that matters.”

I can’t help but scoff.

“Let me guess, that’s why you want to be a hero?”

“The greatest to ever exist!”

His hard work and overwhelming magick he carries, combine them both, and he might achieve the dreams he’s yearning for.

It’s true he lacks control, but I can help him with that.

I stand up.

“If you want to be a hero, then you’ll need to know how to control your magick.”

Maybe I can learn a thing or two if I work hard much like how he did.