Chapter 1:


Avatar: The divided state

"What if I die whilst in avatar state?" A man's cracking voice that resides hiding inside a cave.Bookmark here

"If you die? You asked? Then this will be the end of the world!" A high pitched complying burst of cold wind.Bookmark here

The echoes inside the cave is his only conversation.Bookmark here

There is no one with him except the fire that gave him hope to live.Bookmark here

He started to uncover himself with the thin furr coat that made him survive for months against the fierce blizzard and stood up,Bookmark here

"What are we going to do?" Bookmark here

"You are the avatar now! Bookmark here

Do something! Bookmark here

Think of something!Bookmark here

You might as well knew the future will be heinous without balance!Bookmark here

You have to live!Bookmark here

WE have to live."Bookmark here

A burning spirit runs through his heart and the raging soul of persistence became weak and tranquil,Bookmark here

"This will be the last time.Bookmark here

I know you are in pain.Bookmark here

I know you are in sorrow.Bookmark here

If you treat this element as a part of your life , balance must resound the entirety.Bookmark here

Be free.Bookmark here

What is your will?"Bookmark here

The echoes stopped as the fire fades out from the chill of the wind.Bookmark here

"They're here! I know they will know my location!"Bookmark here

A panicking voice that follows a commotion.Bookmark here

The stone that covered the mouth of the cave was shattered and a soft blue Bookmark here

light from the moon became visible.Bookmark here

Shadows from the mouth of the cave appeared.Bookmark here

The words of this man made their heads turn.Bookmark here

"Are you looking for the avatar?"Bookmark here

A shocked face was seen before their eyes.Bookmark here

"How did he got behind us?"Bookmark here

"It must be some kind of trick!"Bookmark here

Arrows in flames rained unto him but he flew.Bookmark here

He was careful not to lay his feet on the ground.Bookmark here

Gusts aren't his weakness.Bookmark here

But he stopped as his eyes glows in intense light.Bookmark here

-The avatar state-Bookmark here

What have I done?Bookmark here

The future is in vain!Bookmark here

A.A. James
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