Chapter 1:


Household Deity

A long time ago a human was blessed by the gods. Bookmark here

She had been cursed all her life with nothing but calamity. Her life began on the streets. It wasn't taboo to feel cold and starving on a daily basis. Bookmark here

As the years went on, the human grew tired of being cursed and made a deal with a god.Bookmark here

"I'll give you a house, I'll give you food and water, I'll even give you eternal life! All you have to do is follow one. Simple. Rule." The god paused, leaning into the human's ear, it whispered, "Never. Ever. leave this house."Bookmark here

The human agreed and a contract was made. If the human followed the rules, they would receive eternal happiness but if the human broke the rules, their entire family tree would be cursed until the end of times.Bookmark here

Sadly, not all humans keep their promises.Bookmark here

Household Deity

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