Chapter 16:


✨ Nopan Mahou Shoujo ✨


To everyone reaching this afterword after not dropping the story, and to everyone not ending up detesting it: Thank you so much! To everyone getting here from a different path: Please accept my humblest apologies for wasting your precious time!

This story was created completely off of the cover illustration, drawn by Kantoku from the 5-Nen me no Houkago Doujinshi circle. The rights of the used images of the cover and of the characters belong to their respective owners.

Another big reason for creating this came from Haga Yui's illustrations for DIGITAL LIFE 2010 Winter - especially the number one most energetic and adorable Nopan Mahou Shoujo, Cure Marine.

The whole story was created in under two weeks, I spent day and night writing on it and refining it. Suddenly a whole story with multiple characters and several different chapters was just there in the manuscript. I don't even know where all of it was coming from!

One more reason for this story being finished at all was the continuous support from R. S., who was willing to proofread the work-in-progress document and point out various things to change. Thank you so much! Without your help, I probably wouldn't have had enough incentive to even complete the story.

One thing that's left to be said is the following. Nopan girls are pretty damn awesome, even better when they are cute at the same time. But please be aware to act responsible in whatever you do.

Thank you again for reading. I would like to hear from you, so you can check out my profile Brati on MyAnimelist and maybe drop a message.

Brati, March 2021