Chapter 1:

An Urban Legend


"So what do you think Yahiko" 
"I think it is all bullcrap Ayano, i mean come on an urban legend about a vengeful spirit that kills you if you see her 3 times" 
"Well there is a lot of lore about the urban legend dating back decades and the story seems to have a lot of legitimacy to it, with many disappearances and accident being attributed to her"
"Lore is not proof it is conjecture and misinterpreted information at best"
Yahiko let out a deep sigh. 
"Whats the matter Yahiko"
"I think i know a way we can get the proof we need Ayano" Yahiko said proudly 
"Im going to get into contact with Emmia and see for myself if she is real or not" 
A look of shock shot up on Ayano's face
"Are you insane Yahikio what if its all real and you see her" 
"So what i have to see her 3 times before i am in any real danger right?" 
"Y-yeah at least thats how the legend goes" 
"Then i should be fine, now how do we go about getting into contact with her" 
"According to the legend anyone who hears about her tale is said to be cursed by her as the legend goes most people hear about her story through E-mails or internet searches others get told by other people who already know the story" 
"Well i guess i have some research to do tonight then" 
Ayano stepped closer to Yahiko and wrapped her arms around his right arm that was resting on the desk. 
"Please be careful Yahiko" 
Yahiko let out a chuckle and patted Ayano's head
"Dont be so over dramatic Ayano i will be fine"

That night after he returned home from school he spent all night trying to find out about Emmia and her mysterious tale. 
"Damn it i have been looking for this urban legend for hours now and i have found absolutely nothing!" 
Yahiko placed his head on his desk and sighed, he slowly turned his head to see the clock, it read 2:30AM 
"Crap its that late i need to get to sleep i have school tomorrow" 
Yahiko quickly got changed brushed his teeth and jumped into bed forgetting completely that he had left his computer on. the clock in the room ticked endlessly, the room was deathly quiet with only Yahiko's soft breathing and the repeating ticking of the clock being heard. The clock read 3AM.

Suddenly the clocked stopped its ticking and froze on 3AM, suddenly the computer seemingly of its own accord lit up revealing an Email page...Yahiko's Email page, there was a message on there from an unkown user it was a file attachment and the title read "Emmia's tale" A message box popped up which said "send to all contacts" the mouse icon moved to click send...and then switched itself off 

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Ana Fowl
A.A. James


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