Chapter 0:


Escaping Void

AyatoBookmark here

Long time ago, I made a promise to myself that I will never fall in love. To save myself from despair; I created a void. In this void, nobody can get in or out. There's only one thing allowed in there and one thing only. Bookmark here

Myself.Bookmark here

I always considered love as dangerous and fickle. I hate the anticipation, the waiting, but most importantly – I hate to be loved. One wrong move and that love can easily be turned into hate. That’s why being neutral is better. There’s nothing to anticipate or look forward to. I don’t have too feel anything about everything. It keeps me sane and in check. Or so I thought.Bookmark here

So it seems, life have another plan for me.Bookmark here

Just when I thought this is as good as it gets, he appears into my life out of thin air. Every minute, every hour, everyday... my head have been filled with the thoughts of him. My life somehow no longer feels so... empty. I have no idea on how to return to the way I was, so for now... I think I’ll go with the flow.Bookmark here

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