Chapter 2:

Chapter 1: The Joke of the Uchiha Part I

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2

Chapter 1: The Joke of the Uchiha Part I 

By the time the sun was bright in the sky we were already getting finished with our showers. I looked in the mirror, the only thing out of place was the cut Sasuke had given me under my left eye. Maybe we should add a new rule. No aiming for the face. I had to style my hair to cover it a bit. It could still be seen between the parting of my hair, but it was either that or go with the full half face covered look and I was not that edgy.

I came out of the bathroom rubbing my fingers through the jutted strand of black hair that stood out. “Sasuke what do you think? I look cool or what?”

“… Why do you even bother with stuff like that?” Sasuke sat on the tatami mat eating breakfast. A simple bowl of rice and fish.

“You’re one to talk. Do you know hard it is to get your hair like that!”

All he did was shrug his shoulders and continue to eat. If it wasn’t for me, he’d just have his hair straight down and that was no good. The spiked hair was all the rage these days and I couldn’t have him looking like Itachi.

“So, come on just give me something. We’ll be graduating tomorrow so I wanted to try a new look. Not to mention you ruined my face for pictures.”

“We still have to pass the exam.” He said still picking at his food.

“Are you serious? The only idiot in class who can’t make a proper clone is Naruto. So, stop eating your food and look at me.”

He let out a sigh and stared at me. “The purple getup looks nice. There you happy.” He went back to eating.

“I always wear purple… You’re a bastard you know that right?” I sat down across from him. All he did was shrug his shoulders and pass me a bowl. “Thanks.”


By the time we left, class would start in thirty minutes or so. Sasuke and I walked the streets, passing the same wooden fence as we did every day. Then, there was a loud yell that we pretty much heard daily.

"NARUTO!!! Come back here and clean up this mess!" That became a common occurrence, except this time it was Iruka-sensei shouting. The Hokage rock faces had been painted to look basically like clowns. Naruto was really crying for help this time.

“Well, at least we wouldn’t be late thanks to him.” I said laughing.

“And whose fault would that be in the first place.” Sasuke shot me a look of pure malice.

All I could do was scratch my head. I had spent hours trying out different styles only to end up with the one I originally started with. However, I did add some long-sleeved fingerless gloves so, it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Staring up, I noticed some rustling from the tree above. Out of it came a girl with long blond hair and a dark purple blouse. Her eyes shone like light sapphires, she smelled of lavender, and if her smile was directed at me, I would have been intoxicated. But it wasn’t. That was for Sasuke.

“I was wondering what took you so long to get here Saaaasuke.” Ino Yamanaka had ignored every advance I had made on her. Instead, she fell for Sasuke, that lucky bastard.

“Yeah, my bad Ino. I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long.” I smiled, trying to feign innocence.

She held up one finger in my face. I looked at Sasuke for an answer, but all he did was shrug.

“I have no idea wha—”

“One hour. That’s how long I waited. One whole hour. When you said you’d be here thirty minutes ago!” Ino looked as if she was possessed by the devil with how a vein on her forehead popped.

“That was only because… Wait, how were you waiting for an hour? It should have only been thirty minutes.”

Her face began to redden. She must have come thirty minutes earlier in preparation for her grand entrance. “I–Well–No… You look sharper than usual Yuki. I like the new hairstyle. It looks cool.” Ino changed the subject appealing to my ego, and as much as I’d like to say I wasn’t fooled. I let her words convince me.

“See I told you it was worth it Sasuke… Sasuke?” I turned to see him with a shadow cast on his face. All he did was shake his head in disappointment.

“You are no brother of mine.” Was all he said. I stood there stone-faced even as another newcomer arrived.

“Sasuke-kun! It’s funny meeting you here.” A girl with long pink hair and a red blouse came for the only reason Ino came, for Sasuke. Ino’s rival for love: Sakura Haruno. Though I didn’t invite her, so that wasn’t my fault.

“Who invited Ms. Blinding Light?” Ino looked at me, and I wondered who she was talking about until I noticed I couldn’t see in front of me. Sakura’s forehead refracted the light from the sun. To where we had to cover our eyes.

“I hope that’s not Inopig talking? I heard your squeals all morning about how you were going to see Sasuke.” Sakura walked forward and stared down Ino. “All I had to do was follow you. Some ninja you’re going to turn out to be. Can’t even keep your oinks to yourself.”

“Uh how about we settle dow–” I was pushed to the side, and there was a spark of lighting that connected the two love rivals as they butted heads.

“Billboard Brow.”

“Ino Pig.”

I looked at Sasuke for help who only shook his head in disappointment.

“You are no brother of mine.” He repeated as he walked away, leaving me with the two she-devils.


They continued to bicker and insult one another until I pointed out the truth.

“Ladies… Sasuke’s already gone.”

That made them stop arguing immediately, and they both collapsed onto the ground. If you’re wondering why I even invited Ino when I knew she liked Sasuke, it was simple she had no chance with Sasuke. He just wasn’t into relationships, hell it was hard enough to figure out the guy’s type, which was short hair, and a girl that was strong and in control. Which were the exact opposite of the two ladies next to me. They had this strange idea that he liked girls with long hair, which was what I liked. They were probably listening in on our conversation and mistook the two. They truly are bad ninjas.

Anyway, they had no chance with Sasuke meaning I still had one with Ino. One day I will get a girlfriend, even if using Sasuke as a wingman is sort of shady. My father always said, “A ninja used whatever he had at his disposal.” I was just being a ninja.

“We better go before we’re late you two.” I held out my hands for both of them to grab. Which they reluctantly took as I pulled them up to their feet. From there, we began to walk to school.

“So Yuki, you’re an Uchiha, right?” Ino walked with her hands clasped behind her waist. She only ever did that when she wanted something. But who was I not to oblige.

“I would hope so...” I said, taking the blow to my ego. I mean, I have the red fan on my back for a reason.

“You don’t seem like one?” Sakura responded blowing up my ego even more.

“And what is an Uchiha supposed to be like?” I already knew the answer, but I wanted to hear it… the stupidity.

“Like Sasuke.” They both said in unison.

I let out a sigh. “And that right there is the problem. To answer your question, yes, I am an Uchiha even though I am not like Sasuke.”

“Ok. And you live with Sasuke, right?” Ino got closer to me, her shoulder rubbed against mine. Sakura seemed to not know what was going on, but I did.

“Yeah…? I do. We train, eat and sleep together.” I watched Ino’s eyes widen at my last statement. “I like girls, thank you very much. We have separate beds.”

They both let out a breath of pure relief.

“Then you should know…” Ino pushed her mouth against my ear. “What does Sasuke find attractive?” She whispered. It sent shivers down my spine. God damn it. Where did she learn that from?

Sakura seemed to have caught on at that moment and did the same. She wasn’t as seductive as Ino, but the feeling was still there. It made me heat up. God, two ladies on each of my shoulders, and they both want Sasuke. Am I a simp?

“Sorry ladies, but no can do.” I said, keeping my self-respect.

“What!” They both screamed in my ears.

“Ouch!” I covered my ears. Ignoring their pleas of “Why not?” and their attempts at bribery with what they could do for me. “Sorry, but even if I told you… You still wouldn’t have a chance with him.”

They stared at me, still clueless.

“It’s simple. You’re just not the person on Sasuke’s mind.” I placed my hands on the back of my head, staring up at the sky with Itachi on my mind.

“So, what you’re saying is he likes someone else.” Ino and Sakura both looked as if their dreams had been crushed.

“Geez, you two are hopeless.” I shook my head, not watching where I was going until I bumped into a wall… that was fluffy? Hearing a growl, I jumped back.

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