Chapter 8:

Chapter 3: The Dreams of Children Part III

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1

Chapter 3: The Dreams of Children Part IIIBookmark here

On my way home, I noticed what looked to be one, five, ten, thirty… too many Narutos yelling, “Take this!” I... um… I didn’t know what to say, so I just went on my way. At least he finally learned the clone technique. Not even I could make that many clones, so I guessed he would become a ninja after all. Bookmark here

After seeing that, I decided traveling through the trees was probably making me see things, so I took to the typical village roads and yawned. Lead by example, he said. It’ll be fun, he said. Bookmark here

“Same time tomorrow?” I heard a girl’s voice say.Bookmark here

“Yeah, that’s fine. I don’t have anything planned.” Bookmark here

“Great! See you tomorrow, Kasai.” Bookmark here

“Night Tenten.” Bookmark here

I overheard their conversation, this Tenten and Kasai person. It was by accident, but what wasn’t an accident was the moment I heard the door close, I had to pull out my kunai. Our blades clashed. The sparks that flew showed me his fox mask. This kid was an ANBU! Bookmark here

“To think the kid who insulted my teammate is also an eavesdropper.” He jumped away and sheathed his kunai. I didn’t relax; he wasn’t hiding his bloodlust. I activated my Sharingan. “Oh, and you’re him...” Bookmark here

There was a pause where we stared at each other. His mask covered his face, but he was still wearing normal clothes. A white coat with buckles and long black pants. I looked for an insignia, anything to identify him with, but there weren’t any. Bookmark here

“Good.” He disappeared. Bookmark here

I lose control one time! I prepped my Fireball Jutsu even though I couldn’t see him move. He’s fast! I looked around, my eyes shifting in every possible direction. I felt a presence and turned around. Still nothing. Then there was a tap on my shoulder. I shot my head at him. Fireball— He was already gone. I heard a laugh, and he was some ways behind me, standing casually, hands in his pockets. Bookmark here

“You still need both hands to do a Fireball Jutsu. Sad.” He said with his back turned. “You know I heard stories about the genius Uchiha, Itachi. With how they speak of you, I thought, ‘well, maybe you’d be close enough.’ Turns out the Joke of the Uchiha is just that. A Joke.”Bookmark here

Fire Ball Jutsu! Bookmark here

“You talk too damn much.” I watched the fire engulf him. Its light was bright, but I controlled it well enough to not burn down the street. He should be fine—“Gah!” The air was knocked out of me. I felt his hand against my throat, holding me up against the fence. My life was being choked out of me.Bookmark here

“No hesitation. Even against a member of your own village. Maybe you are ANBU material.” I tried to open my eyes, but I hesitated. There was something cold against them. “Smart. You wouldn’t want to lose that precious Sharingan of yours.” Bookmark here

I dropped onto the ground, and I could breathe. I coughed and spat. All I could see were his shoes. Am I that outclassed?Bookmark here

“Oh, and Yuki before I go. If you ever insult my friend like that again. I don’t care what the orders are. I’ll kill you.”Bookmark here

“Ha… who knew Kai needed a babysitter.” I wanted to rile him up. The light from my fireball should be bringing someone to the scene. There I could find out who he was.Bookmark here

“You’re right. I do baby them too much.” He laughed. “I’ll see about working on that. Ciao.” I lifted my head, and he disappeared in a clear mist. I stood up, dusting off my clothes, only to face a girl in a pink qipao.Bookmark here

“Hey, are you ok?” She actually looked concerned, but there was some suspicion in her eyes. Bookmark here

“I’m fine.” I picked up my dropped kunai, ignoring the look she gave me. Just say I’m a dick and move on.Bookmark here

“Were you the one who scorched our street?” She pointed at the burn marks that stained the road. Bookmark here

“Honestly, I have no clue how that happened, but cool boyfriend you got there.” I watched her face turn red at that comment.Bookmark here

“B-boy-boyfriend?! I don’t have the slightest clue who you’re talking about… and he’s gone.” Tenten scratched her hair buns. “I hope Kasai didn’t get hurt…” She started to mutter about more things, but I went back to rooftop running. Bookmark here

2Bookmark here

Him getting hurt… Yeah right. That Kasai guy is stronger than you realize. I always knew I was under Danzō’s gaze thanks to Sui, who played both sides. I respected her for that, but I wished she had told me that Kai was one of them. Bookmark here

For some apparent reason, Danzō was obsessed with the Uchiha clan to the point he has Sui watching me, and Sasuke’s team leader would also be keeping an eye on him. Ninja politics always bothered me. It was why I started to believe that maybe Itachi wasn’t our bad guy. Though I would never tell Sasuke that. I needed more evidence than my girlfriend saying it was apparently called the Uchiha Coup de tat. I honestly didn’t think he would believe me even if I tried… Did I just call Sui my girlfriend? Bookmark here

I shook my head, but that was beside the point. What would he even do next? I heard his dreams today, and it was pretty much just killing Itachi. That was the only thing that gave him motivation… I mean, us motivation. Bookmark here

“Hey Sasuke, you up?” I said as I entered our home.Bookmark here

“Trying not to be.” Sasuke was already in bed, his face still had some of the grime from outside. Bookmark here

“What? No shower?” I said, changing into my sleep attire.Bookmark here

“How was it?” Sasuke’s eyes perked up when he saw the scratches on my clothing.Bookmark here

“Ah, changing the subject. It was fun. Me and Sui finally hit it off.” I smiled and laid down in the bed opposite of him. I didn’t want to bring up the fact that the party pretty much ended when he left. Not that he would care. “You know, we might start dating.”Bookmark here

“That’s not what I meant.”Bookmark here

“Geez, straight to the point. I met some kid or rather an ANBU. He’s either a year or two older than us, his name’s Kasai. Turns out he might also be friends with the Kai guy from earlier.”Bookmark here

“You mean the guy that knocked you out?” Bookmark here

“What? Is that what people think? Sui knocked me out. That kid would be dead if not for her.” Bookmark here

“Sure, whatever you say.” Sasuke said, turning on his pillow. Bookmark here

“What’s that supposed to mean?”Bookmark here

“You’re growing weak. Soft. You’ll never catch up to Itachi hanging around with weaklings.”Bookmark here

I let out a sigh. “Good night, Sasuke.” Bookmark here

He didn’t say anything back. We just went to sleep in that silence. I just needed the day to end. Imagine wanting to restore your clan when you can’t even try to keep the clansmen you have.Bookmark here

I rolled on my side, away from Sasuke. Under my pillow, I pulled out an orange shard that came from the Masked Man. I stared at it and remembered how my sister couldn’t even touch him. And after all her efforts, I could only get this shard of glass. Sasuke is right. I need to get stronger. Bookmark here

I placed the shard back under my pillow and cast a Substitution Jutsu on it. It became a small family photo of me, my sister, mom, and dad. That way, it wouldn’t be suspicious as to why it was there. I pulled out Sui’s eye patch from my pocket. I guess this too belongs there. I placed it under my pillow as a treasured keepsake as I went to sleep, replaying the night in my dreams. Bookmark here

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