Chapter 1:

Lonely Valentine

Lonely Valentine

"This day just reminds everyone how lonely they actually are"

Being single is a thing that can either be beneficial or detrimental, improvements can be made or you can just end up getting depressed.

Why am I so alone, is it because I'm not good enough, life is just not fair.

Fuck this I hate being lonely, this feels so shit...


Love is that feeling that makes your heart melt, that feeling is so beautiful, once you find that someone you have the proper connection with.

But... It's so fucking hard to experience proper love, so hard to find your true love with a 1 in 8 billion chance.

Never mind that then, you will never find this love. Ending up just sitting alone at home being lonely for Valentines day.

No rose petals, surprises, candles, chocolates, red wine, gifts, and love.

Just loneliness, heartbroken, tears, ice cream, and depression.


Feeling absolutely worthless, you start to scroll through your phone.

Just to witness others Instagram stories and posts about their partners for valentines day.

Wishing that you were also in love like they are...

When will I find love, maybe tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.

Wondering when this time will come and it never does...

Lonely Valentine Cover

Lonely Valentine