Chapter 0:


Say Goodbye to Logic

Logic is a strange word. And despite its opposition of absurdity, it does not make logic any less abnormal by comparison. Bookmark here

Why is logic a strange word? Simple, it works.Bookmark here

So instead, how about a story that doesn’t work. A story that repels the regular and dismisses the ordinary. Bookmark here

Such is absurdity.Bookmark here

Such is insanityBookmark here

Say goodbye to logic. Say hello to madness.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

We open on a river, blue as sapphire. Logs rush down it, and they bump up and down as they use rocks as ramps to fly. Fly where? Over a waterfall. A tall waterfall with legs. The legs are trees of course. Sliding through the trees is the water. It gathers at a pool. An outdoor pool. Rubber floaties and ducks and beachballs and… if you cannot tell that was a metaphor. A metaphor for four fortresses in a forest of foreign thought. By that I mean a castle hidden in the trees. Four towers at each edge.Bookmark here

The flag hangs in the starry night sky. A white flag.Bookmark here

The king rushes out, holding up his hands as the police go to arrest him.Bookmark here

The king looks back at his son, a drop of rain flowing down his cheek. A wave is motioned at the son.Bookmark here

The king turns around. Bookmark here

The water from the waterfall rushes over, a tidal wave motioning towards the son, washing him out like a washing machine washes clothes.Bookmark here

Next, acid rain. It falls from the sky and burns everything, murdering everyone at the scene.Bookmark here

The end.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Now, the question you may be wondering is what was the point of that story? Good question.Bookmark here

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