Chapter 38:

Falling Into Temptation

Red is the Color of You

     It was almost Neio’s habit at this point to feed Izumi and this time was no different, as he provided Wraith with a picnic basket of food before he left for his date. There was some liquor for Wraith too but it was haphazardly thrown in, clearly as a last second addition. Izumi set his camera on top of the picnic basket, while Wraith was laying on his back beside it. It was still a bit too early in the morning for him to eat just yet.

“Did Lavina help you with the outfit by the way?”


“So yes?”

“I didn’t even say anything.”

“That was enough of a response for me, I know you, and I know her. You don’t own skirts, at least I don’t think you do, and Lavina loves stuff like that. I wouldn’t put it past her if she told you to keep her involvement out of it too.”

“Ahhh...nail on the head…”

“You know you don’t have to wear stuff like this for me.”

“I’m not just doing it for you, I-” Stopping, Izumi caught himself before he could admit to liking it.

“Yea?” Wraith smirked, knowing full well what he intended to say.

“I…..don’t mind! Yea!”

“Whatever you say, I-zu-mi.”

In a childish show of dominance, trying to gain whatever ground he could, Izumi seated himself on top of Wraith and pouted, although Wraith had his eyes closed in an attempt to nap.

“I swear!”

“Mhm?” He paid him no mind, still relaxing and basking in the sun that shone through the trees.

Izumi thought about how he could get his attention. Then, he remembered Wraith’s greatest weakness, only registering their position much later. Supporting himself with Wraith’s lower abdomen, he adjusted himself against Wraith’s crotch with a clear intent and forcing his notice.

“What are you doing?”

“We’re on a date and you’re falling asleep!”

“Because it’s all calm and peaceful, I should take advantage of it. You could sleep too you know.”

“I don’t wanna sleep I woke up barely an hour or two ago.”

“Then let me sleep at least!”

“No! Get up!”

Reluctantly, Wraith sat up and took off his jacket, setting it aside while groaning.

“Yes honey?”

The unexpected add-on flushed his cheeks and put him on the verge of punching his stomach. “You-!! Can’t just use pet names so soon!!”

“There’s some unspoken rule about relationships I don’t know about now?”

“Now there is!”

“Alright.” Going against his word, Wraith falls back into his flirtatious teases, intertwining his hold with Izumi’s. “Honey.” Already, Izumi’s will broke, letting Wraith win this round. “Do you remember anything when you were drunk?”

“Still no. Where’s this coming from?”

“How you’re sitting on me, I remembered that you took it in your mouth.”

“I what?!!!” He instantly shrieked. “You’re joking please tell me you’re joking.”

“I wish I was too honestly, I thought about stopping it but you were really taking the reins so I let you do your thing.”

“My thing is not doing that while I’m drunk!”

“Would you prefer to do it when you’re sober then?”

“N-no….mmmm….” ughhh he was so slick with it...I should’ve just let him sleep…

Trying to egg him on, Wraith gave a bit more motivation. “You actually got me to moan a bit you know?”

“Seriously? I don’t even remember that…”

Finally, Izumi sighed and decided to bite the bullet, repositioning himself between Wraith’s legs.

     It actually had been longer than Izumi can remember since he did something like this, hence his shock at having done so with Wraith before, especially since that would’ve been the first time he did such for him. Usually Izumi was the one on the receiving end and Wraith didn’t mind this in the slightest, some part of him even preferred it. With the more they occurred however, Wraith started to grow fond of his advances. 

A sliver of guilt was hidden within him, knowing it’s mostly his fault that Izumi started to descend further into salacity as he wasn’t like this in the slightest when they were first together, but he never pressured him to do anything, always doing it of his own volition, so he let him act on his growing desires.

In the middle of unfastening his belt, a benign proposal left Wraith.

“We should record it.”

“Huh?! You should consider yourself lucky I didn’t twist you just now for even suggesting that!”

“If you really don’t want to then alright, but you haven’t even tried it yet. Remember the mirror? There’s no way you knew you would’ve liked that before.”

“.....fine. But you can’t keep the footage, and we’re turning it off if it bothers me.”

“I told you it’s always your choice if you want to go along with it, and it’s not like I could anyways, you’ve been to my room, you know I don’t have a computer or anything.”

“I know but I just wanna be clear.”

Being the only technological one of the two, Izumi had to be the one to set up the camera, which was propped above the picnic basket. Over and over again did he think to himself how stupid of an idea this is and he had no idea why he complied in the first place, but it didn’t stop him from doing so anyways. At the least, it wasn’t like anyone was actually watching. It was only meant to feign the feeling. This, he repeated to himself for reassurance, trying to forget the camera’s existence.

Izumi had a tinge for clothed intercourse, so when he removed his underwear, he kept his skirt on, not removing Wraith’s lower garments either. Unzipping Wraith’s slacks, he removed his limp private, only feeling additional pressure from not just Wraith watching him, but the lingering presence of the camera as well. The only thing that helped was the fact that Wraith’s bent leg partially covered it, so it was harder to see from where he was situated. It was better to use his hands to start with in this scenario, which he knew despite his lack of experience in providing such to others. 

Although they’ve been together several times, Izumi only now noticed that he never actually saw Wraith’s dick up close and it was a little intimidating for him, hardly believing that this had been inside him several times. He could barely wrap his grasp around the girth, let alone how it towered over him when it rose.

The most comfortable position he found was to arch himself, raising his rear and lowering his head, as promiscuous as he felt. Without any underwear on in addition to wearing a skirt, there was an uncomfortable yet tantalizing breeze that sent a shiver down his spine, but Izumi didn’t let it distract him from pleasing his newfound lover. Once Wraith swelled and pulsed in anticipation he knew it was time to muffle his anxiety and overcome the looming stench before him. It helped to avoid looking at Wraith during this time, even though he planned to do so eventually, particularly when Izumi inevitably encircled his mouth around him. 

There was a lot more effort required than he had anticipated, as he wished to meet the same standards that his drunken self had set for him, so he tried to measure Wraith’s enjoyment by his verbal and non-verbal reactions. Just the sight of Izumi’s mouth about him and ass in the air was enough to deepen his respirations, but he could tell that his methods weren’t doing the trick. Since he hadn’t given oral sex in a considerable amount of time, Izumi wasn’t too sure what to do, trying to improvise along the way. He tried to vertically oscillate, not really doing too much, until Wraith eventually caught onto inexperience.

“Use...your tongue more..”

Changing tactics, Izumi took his advice and slid his tongue against the length of his shaft, immediately forcing an elongated exhale. With the positive feedback, he knew to continue, doing the same to his tip.

“Mnnh….” Wraith suppressed himself with the back of his hand.

Now, Izumi assessed how he fared with sucking.

“-Fuck-ow--! Not-so hard..”

Easing his maneuvers, Izumi started to understand the method, only occasionally lightly sucking while he licked every part of the head, massaging the rest with his hands.


He could tell that Wraith was on the fence of losing control, and with this, Izumi decided to make eye contact with the broken man, pushing him over the edge. Wraith’s hand dropped down, desperately grasping Izumi’s soft hair instead as his face burned bright.


Quickly did Izumi’s goal extend itself, now desiring to elicit an orgasm from Wraith. Swapping his mouth and hands, Izumi pressed his tongue against the entirety once more, kneading Wraith’s tip and following something he recalled Wraith did to him once before, fondling between the crevice, all while still gazing directly at him.

“Mhha~-! Sto-p--”

Sounding quite genuine, Izumi listened and halted, albeit a bit confused, finally swallowing the mass of saliva he cultivated. “Did I..?”

Wraith’s panting caused him difficulty when trying to speak, “N-no it felt good...fuck like...amazing but..hah..if I cum on your face I might just marry you.”

“Then let me finish!” Izumi whined, who unbeknownst to Wraith would gladly marry him without hesitation.

“No way.”

“Did you let me before?”

“No, I stopped you then too and ate you out instead.”

The sentence threw him into disarray, forcing him to sit up. “You didn’t need to add that last part.”

“Well, now you know I did.”

     Wraith tugged Izumi’s arm, flipping him over so that his back was to his chest, turning to face the camera that Izumi had once forgotten about. He held Izumi’s legs open for the camera to see, allowing it to capture a full view of his semi erection and exposed rear. It was almost impossible to look away from the camera as it had an inherent ability to attract one’s gaze by its mere presence, so Izumi tried to cover his face instead.

“W-what are you doing-!”

“I should be asking you that. Why did you take off your underwear so soon? Do you like having your ass in the air, violated by the wind?”

Izumi didn’t even attempt to close his legs, letting Wraith manipulate him as he pleased as he began to outline his shamefully growing erection and twitching hole.

Wraith nestled himself beside Izumi’s inflamed ear, playing the role of a temptress. “It’s alright, I’m right here. No one can see you except me. Imagine the camera is just a mirror, but you can’t see yourself.”

The siren’s song didn’t need to play for very long, persuading him to unmask his flushed face and look forward, his lips pressed against each other while he struggled to hold Wraith as much as he could, despite the awkward position.

It’s just Wraith watching me...just Wraith...I don’t know if that makes it better or wor-


While Izumi was lost in his own mind, his fingers penetrated, fondling him from inside as well as out, simultaneously stroking him. The thought of Wraith watching him only aroused him more, descending him further into Wraith’s unyielding yet tender grasp. Izumi’s blood began to boil at the prospect, fidgeting in his arms, gasps turning into soft moans.


Gentle kisses planted themselves across, ranging from Izumi’s ear and cheek, to his shoulder.

“I love it when you say my name,” Wraith whispered, stirring his volant heart, “Izumi.”


“Do you like it there?”


They had switched places, as Izumi was now the one on the edge of losing himself, though he didn’t try to fight it, letting his feverish urge take over.

“Wrai-thmnhh...I..wa-nt you…”

“Then take me.” He purred.

With the release of Wraith’s embrace, Izumi promptly twisted around, straddling him and repositioning to keep them both in frame.

     Their unbearable yearn for the other reached its peak, coupling into a forceful mess of a kiss that resembled animals trying to devour each other. Both were sitting upright, hungrily disheveling the threads of their clothes and their once neat hair, tainting any purity the date once had. Izumi wished to be the one in control, rushing to lower himself onto Wraith’s cock before his grasp on his hips could do so, conveying this direct message to Wraith. The part of their lips echoed in the serene garden with a wet smack and satisfied sigh. He used Wraith’s broad shoulders as support, taking in as much of him as he could with each squat.

“Mmhh…” A firm hand on his thighs, Wraith struggled to match Izumi’s fixed leer, as he clearly sought to see who would crack first.

“It-’ turn t-o...ah-ah-sk if”

“Of course...I do...hh..ah…”

This would only be the second time that Izumi rode him, but he already knew how to manipulate Wraith. In an invitational tease Izumi lifted his blouse, though he didn’t remove it; the gesture effectively getting a rise out of Wraith judging by the twitch of his melted eyes. Normally Izumi wasn't much of an athletic person, so such repetition in straining movements would tire him quickly, but fueled by his desires, he was able to surpass his limit, although it would likely hit him later in the form of sore legs. 

The necklace about him thudded against his collarbone in chime with his bounces along with the rattle of Wraith’s belt buckle. A metallic clatter would scrape his skin, progressively causing a sting that Izumi completely ignored. He questioned how Wraith could maintain such long bangs without becoming irritated while having sex, as this would be the upteenth time he had to guide his hair back, wanting an open view of Wraith: from his euphoric expression to his bare abdomen. Though Izumi knew he could complete the act himself, it wouldn’t bring the extent of satisfaction that he began to crave.


“Nmh-h~-...fhaa~-I-...can’t-...Wraithh I-...want it-ff-hh-...from behh-hind…”

Wraith, a bit stunned at the lewd request, followed Izumi’s lead as they swapped positions. The placement he presumed was the same as when he mouthed Wraith’s rod: head low to the ground and tail high in the air. Hips to ass, Wraith pierced his quivering barrier with a firm hold, pulling Izumi towards him while concurrently thrusting forward. As fun as it was to subjugate Wraith, it was something he only enjoyed from time to time as it didn’t provide the same amount of gratification as when Wraith was in control. With only a few drives, Izumi already felt his thighs and knees relenting, a mixture of heat in the form of passion and affection rippling within him.

“Ahh~~hhaa~! Not-mhnhh~...s-o ff-ast-!”

“Slow...and-ah….from behind...don’t go in- the same..sentence.”

Running his fingers through his hair, Wraith smirked at his regained superiority, slapping Izumi’s rear to grind the leverage further.

His body flinched almost invitingly, a loud, unrestrained moan straining his voice, “Fhha~!!”

“ do like it when I slap you.” To demonstrate and reaffirm his theory, Wraith struck him again, eliciting the same response.


“If you..really want me to, ask again.”


He scoffed, spanking Izumi again, unconsciously squeezing Wraith in pleasure.


“You such a slut sometimes.”

The notion of arguing with him didn’t even cross his mind in the slightest, as he was both too shaken and also didn’t necessarily disagree with the label, at least now he didn’t. He felt himself slip away bit by bit, falling for Wraith in more ways than one. Just as Wraith promised to do whatever Izumi asked, he too, would provide anything and whatever he could.

“Wra-ah-ith-! I’-m-..mhh-~!”


     Even though the sheets were white, the ejaculation was still plain to see, especially as it soiled the area, lightly deepening the color. A thread of semen still linked the two until eventually breaking under stress, trailing down Izumi’s thigh instead. Wraith sat on his knees, catching his breath, while Izumi turned to lay on his back, unarguably panting much harder. The prospect of sleeping under the warmth of the sunlight sounded incredibly comforting now, and he repeatedly told himself that he should’ve just let Wraith do the same to begin with. When he finally regained his control over his respirations, Izumi asked a question which loomed in the back of his mind.

“ did you know I-”

“Like it when I slap your ass?”

“You could’ve chosen less vulgar words but I’m too tired to fight with you right now..”

Wraith took a more relaxed stance, licking his canines and leaning against his arm and seating himself properly. “When you were drunk you asked me to.”

His past mistake still haunted him, and never did he ever regret drinking to the point of memory loss so much in his entire life. Groaning, Izumi tried to rub his humiliation away before sitting upright, glaring at Wraith.

“Wraith just tell me everything I don’t want you to surprise me again some other time with something like you lied and apparently specters can get guys pregnant only when they’re drunk and I’ve been carrying your child this whole time.”

“Pfft-hahaha!! That’s a tall tale! With how many times I left your ass looking like a tarnished vanilla cupcake I wouldn’t be surprised if something like that did happen!”

“Stop! Being you! And tell me!” He aggressively leaned in, scowling.

“Alright alright!” Wraith forced a cough to halt his laughter. “In order, and to put it very bluntly in the simplest way possible,” The warning helped Izumi prepare himself for the inevitable shame he was about to feel, “you gave me a handjob, sucked me off, then I ate you out while you did that, which ended up with just you sitting on my face. After you begged me to put it in and that’s where you also asked me to slap you- this was all on the couch by the way. We moved to the bed later in a sort of missionary. Then, I tied you up and blindfolded you, had some fun, then just did it normally after that, still tied and blindfolded though.”

“Is that it…?”

“Nope, flipped you over and did it again, rode me blindfolded but at that point I untied you, then actual missionary, and then that was it.”

Holding out his hand, Izumi tallied how many times they changed positions, based off of Wraith’s relay of the story. “Eleven?!!!”

“If that’s what you counted.”

“Do you know how miserable I felt that morning!!!!”

“I could imagine.”

“You couldn’t! You weren’t on the receiving end! I’m surprised you didn’t knock the liquor out of me! How did you even stop!!?”

“You passed out and I’ll be honest, I only left you like that because I knew exactly how you’d react in the morning, I’m just disappointed I didn’t get to see it live. At least I get to see the aftermath though.”

Wraith swiftly stole a kiss and he nearly received a brutal slap in the process if he didn’t catch Izumi’s hand.

“I’m gonna die young at this rate because of you.”

“That’s the negative nancy way to look at it, see, I’m just improving your stamina. What if you’re trying to eavesdrop for a scandalous article and you need to make a break for it? You’d get away all thanks to me.”

“Or thanks to you I collapse after two steps because my poor legs can’t take this abuse any longer.”

They gravitated into another peck, this time reciprocated rather than thieved.

     To try and maintain his lead, Wraith provoked his already tamed partner. With a sly smile stretched, he challenged, “Do you want to put on a show for the camera?” Izumi had nearly forgotten that it had been recording this entire time. There was slight hesitation, sensing the imminent trick. Be that as it may...he wanted to know what the statement entailed.

“As long as we don’t change positions eleven times again..”

Another smirk didn’t exactly invoke confidence, but it was too late to back out now. Wraith interlocked his lips with Izumi’s, his pierced tongue already charming its way down his throat. He eased Izumi onto the sheet, sliding a hand across his bare chest, tracing his nipple and lightly pinching.


Wanting to return the caress, Izumi stroked his lower region in an attempt to revitalize him.


They detached with a light exhale, though still continuing their fondling of each other.

“I don’t touch your chest often’re actually really sensitive here.” This reflected in the partial rise that had accumulated, shifting his hand there instead to speed the process.

“I’ll-nnh-never...forgive you if you get one of those milkers..”

Just the idea was hilarious to Wraith, who lightly laughed. “I won’t, I won’t. Maybe for a joke gift.”

“N-nnot even that..!”

“Whatever you say, Izumi.”

Exchanging a soft kiss, Wraith set Izumi on his side so that the front of his body faced the camera, pulling away. It wasn’t as bad as he thought, as with this he was able to discern the intent, yet it was still a bit embarrassing, unable to even attempt to forget the camera’s presence. Wraith lifted Izumi’s skirt to reveal more of his skin, resting one of his legs over his shoulder, making it easier to sink inside. T

he knowledge that this and everything preceding now had a permanent place, not just in their minds, but physically in the camera’s gallery as well only served to stimulate him further upon hearing the squelch of Wraith’s insertion. Due to the difficult stance, it was on him to do all the work, which he usually did so even now he didn’t mind.


“Mnhh...ha...Look at’d fit right into a porn like this.” Wraith playfully bit his calf, licking the blood that dripped from the wound.

If there was any chastity left in the garden, it was far from diminished at this point as Wraith sought to physically express his confession. It didn’t help that Izumi’s imagination began to run wild, creating an entire scenario influenced by the camera. Although he didn’t admit it before, he actually liked it when Wraith sexually demoralized and degraded him, so the insults repeated and repeated in this self-made fantasy. 

Despite Wraith being very evidently right there as it was impossible to forget him with his violent ravaging beneath, not that he tried to. Rather, it was more a fantasized addition that he didn’t wish to express, as it would only indirectly reveal how head-over-heels Izumi was for the specter. This extended beyond insults, his fantasy turning into slaps, spits, hair pulling, only getting worse. From his lewd day-dreaming he already couldn’t take anymore of his thrusts.

“Wwraith~!! Hhaa-ah~mnhf-Wr-aith~!!!”

Not even Wraith expected him to climax so quickly, but he brushed it off as him just enjoying the camera that much, so he finished himself without complaint.

While Izumi was in disarray, now laying on his back again, Wraith tried to wipe away the extensive mess they made the best he could with the napkins that Neio packed with his new lover’s lunch, even going to the extent of rearranging Izumi’s clothes along with his own, only joining him after the fact. Instantly, Izumi buried his face in his chest, trying to diminish his preceding fantasy with it.

How did I even get like this..?

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