Chapter 0:

Prologue: Human/demons logs at the birth of the new age

Ghoulish x vampiric life

[Please standby for the rough summary gathered from both accounts of humans and demons regarding to the events that led to the era of magic and demons......]

Human logs:

On the dawn of a new came with the existence of magic, we didn't know that it was possible, only thought that both were to exist in the imagination, but to actually have access to magic was like a miracle that blessed everyone on earth, oddly enough only sapient beings could have access to magic, maybe you have to be intelligent to access it.

But reality soon came knocking on our doors to remind us that nothing good ever lasts and everything has a price to pay, we paid that in full and then some.

Just like the magic, the alien showed up, or more like the demons. They just suddenly appeared on the coast of Florida from the Bermuda triangle, like anomalous abominations that they are.

Once they appeared, we acted quickly to intercept them with the aims of using them to better our lands, a foolish attempt as the first soldiers and government officials to fly in and form communication with them were instantly killed without even a second thought. Tey gorged on their blood and flesh like the monster that they are.

After that war broke out between our two races, we fought long and hard and thanks to the magic that we were gifted we pushed them off our shores and were about to turn them to ash for all the humans lives they had consumed in the many years of battle.

In our many years of battle, we weren't able to cleanse the world of their filthy existence, but we were able to get them off the American shores.

We aren't sure how well they fared on the sea with no knowledge of how to survive on the ocean; the air was a no go for them, but they still somehow survived and evaded us.

During their absence we reinforced our defences and created technology and made life far better than ever before, but we were closed off from each other, more so than usual, some nations got gutsy with their power and wanted to make themselves more powerful while the US was mostly busy the demons, they all failed mostly, but because of this each nation treated themself like their own world cutting off information and access to their achievements to outside forces.

A few months after the victory of humanity, the greatest loss of all time struck us, the demons took Africa; they got past our defences and lay waste too many African nation turning the place to their home, and not just them either, they also got to Europe as well.

They also found some way to infect their putrid demonic power to humans turning them into ghouls or demonic vampires like them to replenish their pitiful race, so their numbers grew and as big as Africa was it was only a matter of time before they grew large in a short period.

To counter act their growth and power, we sent aid to Africa and Europe, but we still lost all of North Africa, West-south Europe too to the demons from another world.

During their rise to power the remaining worlds still pure with humans formed a world organisation where we shared some of the information that we had on our magic and new technology, we created the angels- an organisation of humans meant to wipe them off the face of the earth once and for all.

We're still hard at work making the planet ours again, with not much progress to cleanse them from this world.


Before all the nonsense with wars and fighting and killing of the aliens from earth we vampire (or demons as the humans like to call us) were simple creatures that used to live in our home world where we thrived and flourished, but our time there was short live. The world as dying and we hadn't figured out how to escape our galaxy that was coming closer and closer to collapsing and didn't the only saint thing; we left our dimension.

I took a long time and lots of hardship, but we left the place, barely on time for the galaxy to collapse on itself, we left all that would have not helped our people prosper in the new world, only carrying the military, diplomats, scholars, and engineers with us. Itwas hard to do so, but we only had so much time and couldn't save everyone.

We travelled in what we like to call limbo- a point in the in between of worlds where nothing exists; it took us a long as time, (those dumb fictions lied to us, travelling between worlds is not instant, it took us nearly an entire decades to get to the next world, but we made it through all in mostly one piece, thankfully the engineers and scholars found a way to gather resources we needed to survive on.

We eventually got to the new world coming of the crack in the fabric of space and time of the new world through what we now know as the Bermuda Triangle and landed in the middle of the ocean, we managed to meet the new people of this world known as humans after a few hours deciphering their language from the messages that they had given us.

Upon reaching us on the shores of Florida and being greeted by humanities military and diplomats, some of us went awol and killed them in scores, how were we supposed to know that they'd be filled with blood? We aren't filled with it, so we thought the same thing applied to them.

Afterwards, humanity declared us their mortal enemy and attempted genocide on us, and I don't even blame them, most of us treated them like food and livestock anyhow, so of course they'd have to resort to that. And our troubles didn't even stop there, cause of the discourse of how the humans deserved to be treated there was a division amongst us that most thought would not appear for many years, unfortunately that didn't take long.

The news that had different opinions on the matter of humanity's worth always was at odds, but never split or divided cause only death will wait for them if they dared try to face the humans alone.

After many years of continued fighting, though we were pushed off, the shores of America had forced into hiding along the atlantic ocean. We outsmarted the humans and not before long; we got to the other nations that we didn't even know existed.

We were lucky that America didn't have too great a relationship with or advanced in terms of technology or military power that much, so taking over Africa would've been a piece of cake if not for the other nations; we did, however, also took some of Europe, so that's good too, Asia is the next target of conquest before heading back to America.

We, however, couldn't get much land, but what we got was a lot, we had all of North Africa and the South-west of Europe, so good non the less, but we are still deep trouble with the humans.

We also fixed our numbers problem by turning the humans into ghouls and using their DNA to create vampires to increase our ranks, so good us, their numbers when added to our really boosted our military forces and improve the labour and servitude within our nations. Of course, this is not slavery either, they are getting paid for their services, but they are soul bound to their masters for life.

The human nations were separated before, but I think thanks to us they have united, somewhat, and have made organisations to end us, we have been pushing back, trying to just live basically, there's been great success from us, the humans have had little luck in stopping our advances since we got our numbers up again, but our influence is slow, cause of the co-operation.

We on the other hand, split, due to the conflicting loyalties and ideals, and comfortable living in the part of the world we split from each other, but still keep tabs on each other and relay important information for the betterment of the entire race.

[This concludes the gathered intel and a rough summary of both the humans and demons log of the events that led to the now new er of demons and magic. This should be all the necessary information needed to understand the world.

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