Chapter 50:

The Hunted

How I (Accidently) Became a Demon Lord

Pelone didn't like the looks of this match up. Archers were a natural enemy to creatures of flight, and with a ceiling overhead she was at a huge disadvantage. Elixa had his bow pulled back, but no arrow, why? Pelone took to the air, she pulled free her spear, holding it in her feet. She had to hurry, was the rest of the group okay? Fenrin, was he okay?

She prepared to dive in at the archer, still no arrow, but instincts took over and instead she put more space between them. It was the right move as the archer released the string, and Pelone spotted his arrow. It was air. She only saw it from the way the light from the windows shined, but it was enough for her to dodge away from it.

This was bad, arrows she couldn't see, and she didn't see a casting bar? How was he doing this? The archer, Elixa, smiled at Pelone. He began to rush forward, drawing the bow back again. He took aim, and fired. Pelone let her body fall to avoid the arrow, hearing it dig into the stone behind her. This was no good, the air was her area to fight, but this archer was using it against her!

Pelone swallowed hard, she kept hearing the sound of something smashing. The others were fighting not far, that had to be it. Could she hold him off till they arrived? No, she wouldn't be a waste of space, she would fight this one off. This was her chance, there were only three guards, meaning if she could beat this one they would win no problem. They already had the numbers advantage, but if they could take out the three guards without much trouble it would mean they could support Rath against the king, or support the wounded when the fighting was over.

She had to win here. She had to!

She dived down at Elixa. It took him a moment to draw back, she had to attack when he was reloading. He began to pull back the string, the right time! She closed the distance, spear at the ready, then spotted the casting bar.

Pelone went flying back, hitting the stone wall near the corner between one wall and the stained glass. Elixa had cast some sort of Air magic that pushed her away. She felt blood on the back of her head, she hit the stone too hard. This was bad, she was stunned for a moment, and Elixa had drawn his bow.

Pelone rolled to the left, away from the stained glass. It was too late, an arrow of air dug deep into her right wing. Pain shot up, Pelone screamed out. She didn't have time, she used her talons and claws to crawl forward quickly, she had to keep moving to avoid the arrows. Her wing was bleeding, not much though. However, everytime she moved her right arm she felt the pain sear up inside her.

Her spear sat on the ground near Elixa, she had dropped it when he cast his spell. She had to retrieve it, she could still fly, but it would be poorly. She had wounds like this before, it wouldn't cause serious damage but it would make her fly awkwardly. Her vision was split, a result of her head injury. In less than a minute she had lost any advantage. Now she had to be on the defense, she had to stay mobile, if she sat still for even a second she was dead.

Another arrow, it scraped along her right shoulder, digging deep. Pelone screeched out painfully. She was moving to rhythmically, she had to zigzag, move in a way he couldn't predict. However, on the ground she struggled to walk normally, let alone move swiftly and in an unpredictable way.

Elixa drew back his arrow again, he looked bored. He expected more, but it was too easy for him. Pelone could read it on his face, and felt hers twist in disgust.

“Don't you dare look down on me!” Pelone yelled out. She dodged the arrow by throwing herself back the way she came, feeling her hair get cut from the arrow. “Don't you dare!” she felt enraged, how dare he! She was just off, she wasn't thinking clearly because of the head injury obviously, can he really be proud of winning against an enemy like this?

No more excuses. Pelone wouldn't be some wild animal hiding from danger, she is a warrior! She is the hunter! Changing her path, she rushed Elixa as he shot his next shot. Pelone closed the distance, Elixa was between her and her spear, but that was fine. She dropped to the ground, then planted the claws on her hands on the ground, throwing her legs up at Elixa. The man was caught by surprise as the talons slashed at his face.

Elixa stepped back in pain, the scratches missed his eyes, but the blood began to pour over one. Pelone didn't hesitate to take advantage of her attack. She pushed off her claws, and flung her talons at Elixa. The casting bar again. Pelone pressed her wings tightly against her body as she felt the wave of air burst out, launching her out. Spreading her wings, Pelone quickly began to beat, steading herself in the air. Her right wing burned with pain, but it held her in place.

Elixa didn't try to wipe the blood from his right eye, he had his left. No instead he drew his bow while Pelone was launched back. The arrow fired, this time it dug deep into her thigh. Another screech of pain, but Pelone didnt let it affect her for long. She swooped down at Elixa. The man grit his teeth, then rolled to the right to avoid Pelone.

Pelone smiled through the pain, she wanted him to dodge. Her swoop took her to the ground, where she grabbed the spear that Elixa had blocked. She began to swerve around for another attack while her feet pressed at the latch on the spear. It split in two and she stared Elixa in the eyes. He had drawn another arrow, one Pelone could not dodge, but her spears were raised. She would die if she didn't dodge, but could she? She was already struggling to keep up, how much longer could she fight?

“Thank me by not dying,” Fenrin had said.

“Damnit!” Pelone yelled out. Then let her wings stop flapping. The arrow flew overhead. When she got close to the ground she began to beat her wings again, launching near the ground towards Elixa. A casting bar appeared again, Peloine pulled her wings in tight, twisting her body. The air came out again, but she only felt slight pressure as she shot like an arrow. She wasn't pushed back, just halted for the moment. Once the spell let up she began to beat again.

She used her left talon to swing her spear at Elixa, the pain shooting up through her body. Elixa stepped forward, his head dodging her spear, and using his arm to stop her kick. Pelone planted her clawed hands into the ground again and twisted her body the other way, raising her right spear towards Elixa. He had to duck down to avoid the next swing, and used the opportunity to punch Pelones right arm at its joint.

Pelone felt her body collapse under the pain, but pushed it back. She used her left leg to move, planting it firmly between the stone. She spun onto her left, Elixa staying low and drawing back his bow. He had no side arm?

Using her right talon, Pelone dropped the tip of her spear between the string of the bow and the shaft. Elixa let go of the string sharply, no arrow firing, but the force of the string slammed into the spear half and rattled up Pelone’s leg. The spear fell free from the force and Pelone found herself falling forward. She would use this. Using her right arm she threw herself at Elixa, tackling him down.

She now sat on top of him, taking her claws towards his throat. Another casting bar. She forced her attack thru, missing Elixa but digging her two claws into the stone next to his throat. Elixa used the opportunity to kick Pelone in the stomach, she felt her morning meal coming back up. Instead of swallowing it down Pelone forced her meal back up, splattering all over Elixa. She fell forward, her head next to Elixa’s, their foreheads could touch. He smelled bad now.

Pelone recoiled from the stomach wound, though she felt no sickness from throwing up, as she could naturally empty her stomach at will. Elixa used his legs to fling himself up, spun around, and began to put distance between them. Pelone began to roll wildly, letting her feet pull her to her feet. The arrow dug in where her head once laid.

She had to clear that distance again, she only had her left spear now. Her right spear sat between the two, she couldn't afford to move in to get it. Rushing forward and attacking was her only option.

Pelone took a deep breath, then flapped her wings as Elixa drew back his bow. She took off and flew forward, but he didn't release. Pelone realized her mistake and forced herself to break the dive, but it was too late.

Elixa seemed to glide across the ground, now facing her side. He released his arrow and it dug into her right wing, another strike. Pain shot up in her as the momentum carried her towards the stained glass. She crashed into the glass, hearing cracks begin to form from her impact.

She screeched, it hurt, all her injuries hurt more and more. Her body couldn't do this much longer, she could barely move. Elixa puffed in and out of his chest, vomit and blood all over his face. He drew back his final shot. Pelone was spent, she tried. Pelone felt tears well up in her eyes. Then came the explosion.

Elixa and Pelone both shoot looks, it came from the wall behind where Pelone had appeared. The stone had exploded outward, throwing rubble all over. Standing in the dust was a hulking figure, with two large horns.

Pelone felt the tears fall then.

“No wall is strong enough to stand up to the mighty Fenrin!” Fenrin yelled out, his voice echoing through the hall and the room.

“You found me.” Pelone said, her body hurting even as she spoke.

“How could I not!” Fenrin yelled out. “With all that squawking of yours! Even the deaf could find you!”

“Thank you.” Pelone said, and meant it even as her voice shook.

“Don't thank me yet.” Fenrin yelled out, he had struck a pose. “Get back up, we are going to take him down!”

Pelone sniffled, then nodded and forced herself to her feet. She had dropped both halves of her spear, she needed those before she could take him down. Elixa began to back away, trying to keep both targets in sight.

“Now your done for.” Pelone said with a smile. “The great Fenrin, and the beautiful Pelone are going to take you down!” 

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