Chapter 0:


OFW: Billionaire's Life Story

"Welcome my lady Danielle and Mr. Ferrer...Welcome!"

Danielle Gustilo and Roger Ferrer sat in their respective places saying nothing about my greeting. The waiter approached us to take our orders. I sensed their aloofness to me that I changed my strategy, for them to catch my bait. I kept my silence looking at them squarely. They noticed the situation that Roger started to talk about.

"Marco Fernando, we're glad to see you again!"

"Me too, but it seems that your wife's...," my words trailing deep inside my throat and my face turned red looking at Danielle.

"Forgive her Marco, she's happy too...but...," Roger stopped and looked at his wife.

"I hated you so much Marco....that I want this meeting very badly," Danielle Gustilo blurted out suddenly into my face.

"Ohhh I see....then it's the best time to talk to you, Danielle. Can I ask you why you hated me so much?" I acted the famous stance of “James Bond” while showing the dog smile that I could muster and teasing her.

"You knew it, bastard!"

"Me a bastard? It's you my Lady Danielle...looks at you now? It's the year of the Billionaire now...and you......a poor-struggling lady of the beautiful city of Dubai?" I shouted out.

Danielle stopped abruptly when she sensed my anger. She turned her head sideways to the left where she can view Mike Luna and three of my men sitting at another table.

"You know Danielle...Roger...I know all about the two of you....everything...that I want to talk to me? Am I right?"

"Yes Marco, that's right," Roger answered. "Sorry for my wife's behavior."

"Then...tell her to behave in front of need me more than I need the two of you!" I shouted at them, faking my way to get them, to intimidate them to the fullest.

"Sorry, Marco...I'm very sorry..." Roger Ferrer said while Danielle keeps her silence looking at me fiercely like a she-devil.

"Then, how can I help you?"

"We need a large sum of money now...have to pay for our debts."

"How much?"

"Five million pesos."

"Five million? How can you pay for that amount Roger?"

"I'll try my very best to pay you....," then Roger looked at his wife.

"What's my assurance for this agreement?"