Chapter 2:




"Everything is prepared we are ready to attack on your command Sire!"  the messenger panted. 

"Very good. Make sure he gets a warm meal and a place to rest."  he prioritized before turning to his counsel and the men who took part in his war meeting.

" Alright, men prepare yourselves! 
We are about to engage on our first in this foreign land..."
"Should we succeed then we will be able to secure the Pass from both sides and make a foothold for our people in this land." Emperor Sullivan spoke in a loud but calm manner so that every man who fought for him could hear what he had to say.

Emperor Sullivan Arcas was the leader of the Anurian Empire.
He was 18 years old at the time and had just recently taken the throne from his late father who had died to an unknown disease.
He was a tall young man with vivid black hair and dark green eyes.

With the death of the previous Emperor, the surrounding nations had seen it as an opportunity, to finally engage with the Empire in military fashion.

The Empire was that largest nation home to Gaia located at the center of the continent.
The late Emperor was known throughout the world for his military bravado.

But with him gone it was up to his son Sullivan to protect their home.
Young Emperor Sullivan was an incredible warrior but he did not have his fathers wits.
He knew this... but he also knew that he had to protect his people from the foes which for closing in on his home with every passing day.

With the advice of his council, he had set out to engage upon Beayholm a town just outside their borders.
It was located just on the other side of the Great Pass that tore its way through the mighty mountains that almost split the continent in half.

The Monarchy that was home to the other side was a country controlled by a tyrant who would use his people like pawns on his grand game of chess.
Having known of the Delusional Monarch, whos story even reached the far ends of Empire, the council and Sullivan sought out the moment of surprise to engage on an unaware foe and to claim the town of Baeyholm.

But Sullivan completely lost in his new role as Leader of his people knew nothing of warfare or diplomacy.
Frightened yet determined he and his army marched towards Baeyholm.

Invaders that came from a mountain pass deemed terrifying and cursed for grave dangers await those who enter foolishly.

Yet still, he knew he had to fight and so took his battle to the first target... Beayholm!