Chapter 47:

The Trickster’s Scheme

Red is the Color of You

     It was late in the night by the time Izumi came home. His mother had already gone to her room and went straight back to work. She had always been the type to listen to music via headphones in the process, and Wraith came to know this as well as there would be times he’d accidentally scare her since she couldn’t hear very well with them on. Wraith though was sitting on the couch waiting for Izumi to come home like a dog waiting for its owner. For whatever reason he chose to sit nearly in the dark, the only light coming from the moon which shone through the blinds.

Hiding his excitement, Wraith welcomed him with a smile. “Did you have fun?”

Izumi was wearing a cropped, sleeveless turtleneck and a long open skirt. With the long duration, the marks he once had faded so he could wear such revealing clothing. The one thing he gave to girls was that their clothing options had more variety and had more of a charm to them. By comparison Wraith didn’t have his usual teal dress shirt on, but he did have his robe-turned-blazer on being black instead of red, which was folded and clasped at his elbows.

“Yep! I got this wine for you, I’ll give it to you in a second I wanna use the bathroom first.”

As Wraith watched Izumi’s back while he went upstairs, he thought how the outfit was very much Lavina’s style and her influence on Izumi was in plain sight.

The bathroom trip took longer than Wraith would normally estimate but he didn’t really question it. Tapping downstairs, Izumi quickly set a plastic bag down beside the couch with a rustle and headed for the kitchen to get a glass. Temporarily he turned the kitchen light on so he could see what he was doing. Almost in a trained fashion he poured the wine into a glass before Wraith and offered it with a smile.

Wraith took a slight sip, then took a more extensive chug. “Oh it’s pretty good, where’d you get it?”

“There’s this place Lavina showed me that has a larger variety of drinks than grocery and convenience stores do. Was a little ways from town.” As he spoke, Izumi trailed off to the kitchen and washed the dishes so his mom didn’t have to later. Meanwhile, Wraith continued to drink, finishing a full glass quite quickly and pouring another.

“Is it that good? You usually drink a lot slower.”

“It’s good yea but I also drink faster if I can’t smoke and I don’t really wanna walk out with a wine glass.” Wraith scratched his ear. It began to burn and he cleared his throat. Something wasn’t right.

“Lavina acts really different when she’s excited. Let’s loose? Is the only way I can really explain it.”

“Mm-...mhm..?” The burn traveled to his face, then his throat. Inhaling through his nose and exhaling through his mouth, Wraith tried to calm down whatever was happening. “She…really only got excited with me when she had some…trick up her sleeve.” 

He blinked hard, vision getting blurry. This finally pushed him to stop drinking with a clatter of the nearly empty glass onto the coffee table. Elbows to his knees, Wraith held his head in his hands in what looked like agony.

After drying his hands, Izumi noticed Wraith’s turmoil and came over, reaching his hand out. “Are you alright–?”

Swiftly Wraith snatched ahold of his wrist and held tight, a sting of pain shooting up his arm. Slowly his head tilted up and through his long bangs he could see Wraith’s eyes. Foggy but sharp and glowing, like that of a feline or snake. There was a greater variation of blues and oranges swirling within them than usual.

His voice was low and clearly stuck to his throat as it came out. “Izu..mi…what’s…in this..?”

“Well…you’re either gonna like it or hate it.”


“Something Lavina gave me, the alcohol included.” With Wraith’s strength waning, Izumi was able to shake off his grasp and he rubbed his wrist. “An aphrodisiac made specifically for spirits and specters. She said since your healing abilities are above the norm to give you a stronger dose but I didn’t expect you to drink nearly two glasses of it. I hope you’ll be alright.”

“You–” Almost every emotion he could feel in this moment seemed to rush through him a hundredfold with the effects, resulting in his inability to properly convey anything but an increase in his respirations.

“I think you’ll be fine though. You said almost nothing could kill you and I doubt that the only thing that could was overdosing on a sex drug.”

“Can you….at…least help…?”

“Of course, but in my own way.”

     Although Wraith was fighting himself with every bone in his body, he could still tell the difference in Izumi’s behavior. Lavina had really done a job on him.

Rustling in the bag beside the bed, Izumi pulled Wraith’s arms behind his back, fastening them with some form of belt and chain; tying them tight enough to the point of hurting and speaking like a maniacal villain all the meanwhile. 

“The difference between you tying me and me tying you is that I couldn’t break out of them in a thousand years but I’m sure you could snap this chain without even trying so for some incentive,” After securing the belts, he cupped Wraith’s inflamed cheeks and stared into the depths of his melting eyes that were now akin to an animal in heat. “I’ll break up with you if they break. Ok?”

Wraith couldn’t even respond. His body felt like it suddenly weighed as much as a building and was simultaneously thrown to the sun’s surface–his chest rising and falling at a deep and orally rapid pace. Though in his eyes that didn’t really look like they could see anymore, Izumi could tell he understood. Finally he sat over Wraith, knees bent on the couch.

“Do you want a kiss?” Izumi purred, still coddling Wraith’s face, who responded with a broken nod. “I’ll think about it.” With one hand holding his scorched nape, Izumi’s other streamed lower. Down his chin, jaw, neck, chest, abdomen, but not his already predominant bulge. Not yet.

“It really annoyed me, you know? I’m not usually the type to be really sexually active but I was with you. Maybe it’s because I actually enjoyed it for once.”

While Wraith was physically here, his mind and spirit seemed to be already broken and elsewhere in Izumi’s light caress which liquified in his hands. The little pink imp smiled to himself. This is kinda fun actually…maybe this is why Wraith teases me all the time. He traced the curved zipper and faintly gripped; his smile became tainted, shifting to a pleasantly satisfied smirk with the contortions in Wraith’s expression.


“Are you going to explain yourself?”

Clearly Wraith was in no mindset to respond to that properly and Izumi knew this well. Since he didn’t want to give him too much just yet, he removed his hand from his crotch and gently lifted Wraith’s chin to get a better look at his eyes, which only seemed to grow more distant yet illuminated by the second. Then, did he finally kiss him. First with a slight exchange, progressing slowly into a trade of saturated gasps. The inside of the specter’s mouth was hot-his tongue feverish. 

A strange rapid thud against the couch parted Izumi’s eyes and he was a bit surprised to see the source. Behind Wraith was a dog’s tail, his ears transformed to the same animal and they twitched in excitement. Though, weirdly enough his black talons had formed as well and the color nearly stretched all the way to his jaw. Izumi didn’t even notice the sudden change and his deep kiss halted in curiosity. It seemed a little familiar and then he remembered–something similar happened after their date. Maybe the more aroused Wraith became, the harder it became to contain his natural appearance. One thing that Izumi did admit was that he actually found it attractive when Wraith’s claws emerged though he never expressed the sentiment. 

Another sly smirk resumed their passionate twine, shifting angles to further engulf the other. Wraith’s fangs became sharp enough to the point they were hard to avoid, so Izumi stopped trying. Drops of blood would leak from his tongue and add to the already metallic taste of Wraith’s mouth. With a sharp inhale, Izumi retracted, almost forgetting that he was supposed to be punishing him.

     The belt clattered open, unveiling Wraith’s length which stood at attention, veins thick and protruding. Fingers replacing his tongue, they slid into Wraith’s mouth and curled.

“You’re a lot harder than usual, I don’t even need to touch you to see that.” His breath was soft against Wraith’s cheek. Preferably Izumi would whisper in his ear but that was a little difficult with dog ears.

Not before long they were thoroughly coated and dripped with Wraith’s saliva but he still refrained from touching him. “If you ask nicely I’ll help you.”

It took everything Wraith had to push an audible form of language out of his throat. His face still bled red-his body still on fire. And it wouldn’t go away anytime soon. “P-ple-ase….t-touch m-e…”

“You’re gonna have to be more specific than that.”

This was revenge for the time–more than several–that Wraith had done the same to him, when their roles were reversed.

“Y-your hand…plea-se…touch my dick…”

“Not request, ask. In the form of a question.” He thought about teasing a caress to egg him on further, but Wraith was already disoriented.

“C-can you…–”

“I can but won’t if you don’t get the words right.”

“W-will y-ou…please touch…m-my dick…”

Rather than orally answering, Izumi gave a physical response as he delicately outlined the tip before encircling his hand around the base of his shaft. Like a band-aid had been ripped off, Wraith gasped and twitched in content.


Working his way up, Izumi made sure to cover every inch with a gleeful smile, the saliva adding extra moisture. He would’ve preferred to use his mouth, yet he needed to show some form of restraint if he wanted to drive the thought home.

“Do you like it?”

The furry tail slapped the couch harder and Izumi could hear the chain clink as Wraith attempted to contain himself.

“Mmnh-~-...mnhhmm.-...” First articulating an unclear reply, Wraith struggled to find his words. “Hh…y-ea…ahh-...”

Every stroke of his member sent an electric chill throughout his frame and Wraith already looked like a dam about to burst. Though, Izumi didn’t want Wraith to be fully satisfied with his hands. With all the times Wraith prevented him from doing so, it was finally his chance to finish orally.

Izumi sat on fours on the couch, his body to the side as he lowered his head and slid Wraith passed his lips.

Immediately, Wraith twitched and the metallic clang resounded. “Ahh~-..!”

A laugh almost came out from Izumi with Wraith’s amplified reaction. At this rate it wouldn’t take very long for him to climax. Aphrodisiac was a first for Izumi, and according to Lavina it would be for Wraith as well. The only reason she suggested it was to do exactly this: put Wraith into a situation where he couldn’t refuse. She knew that what Wraith was hiding would take forever for him to confess properly unless put under a situation where he had no choice, and the longer he took, the more his relationship with Izumi strained. 

It was already getting to the point where Izumi had started to act a little colder, rooted by his vexation with Wraith’s erratic behavior. He told himself he’d be patient with him, but Wraith’s actions made it incredibly difficult and especially with the prolonged duration. Now, Wraith was at his mercy and if Lavina was right, then he’d crack in time.

Tongue to tip, Izumi switched between using his hands and his mouth, sometimes a combination of both. Wraith’s hands were evidently desperate to hold something-anything-as the tether continued to chime and he continued to rustle on the sofa.

With the more frequent use of his vocal cords, his normal speech started to return. “Mmh-...hha~-...Izu..mi…fuck-I-...can-’t…-!”

Izumi slid his hair behind his ear and held his shaft firm as he bobbed up and down, licking Wraith all over in the meanwhile.

The fidgeting on Wraith’s end grew more unsettled until finally they ceased with a heaved exhale. “S-st-..fuck-sto-p-...I’m-...hhaah-..-!”

A bitter taste suddenly filled Izumi’s mouth, partially splattering on his face as well. He never experienced getting someone else’s ejaculation on himself in such a way, and it was a little weird, but he sort of liked it. To show Wraith and test his self-control, Izumi sat up once more and stuck out his tongue. 

If Wraith was breathing heavily before, it only worsened now. Something clawed and tore at his insides and he pleaded and pleaded for it to stop, having to repeatedly tell himself don’t break the chain, calm down. Don’t break it. Calm down. Don’t. It’s fine.

The intense mental gymnastics he performed within reflected in his turmoiled gaze and Izumi chuckled, cleaning up the mess with his fingers before licking those as well and swallowing, using his skirt to wipe away any leftover moisture. Wraith couldn’t even properly come to terms with what he was seeing before Izumi tempted him more.

“I would kiss you but I’m not as filthy as you are when it comes to that. I have standards you know.”

      He straddled Wraith once again after removing his own underwear, considering himself lucky that Wraith happened to be partially shirtless today. The no-shirt blazer look suited him well and was extremely arousing.

Everything about this situation was difficult for Wraith and Izumi’s repeated use of words didn’t help in the slightest. 

“When I went to the bathroom earlier, I actually loosened myself for you. I’d let you feel it but you’re, well, tied. You’ll feel it here soon anyways.” Another fondle of his lower region whipped Wraith’s tail that had momentarily slowed. “I can’t believe you’re hard still after orgasming-either specters are really different or the stimulant did wonders, maybe both with how much you had.” A slight shrug accompanied Izumi’s genuine surprise.

And then, his eyebrows lifted, remembering something. Reaching into the plastic bag he pulled out two rings–the thing he was most hesitant about using. He could always stop if neither of them liked it but it was worth a try. Wraith seemed to know what they were and he wanted to get away but knew that backing out of this situation in any shape would break Izumi’s heart. After all, he seemed to be enjoying himself and their role reversal. Not to say Wraith wasn’t as well. 

He had only been upset about the deception for no more than a few moments before forgetting about it. Maybe the stimulant had clouded his judgment, he wasn’t really sure but he didn’t really care. All he wanted right now was Izumi and the more he complied the more he received.

Izumi slid the rings around both of their shafts then sank his hips, the slow heat inching through. Now came the hardest part: being quiet and self-control. The reason Izumi restrained his member as well was because he knew that despite all the barking he could do, he had no bite and would cave as soon as Wraith was inside. It happened basically every time without fail and if he came as well, he’d likely release Wraith’s restraints sooner. Riding could only go so far for him at the end of the day. 

To make matters worse his mother was upstairs-likely still awake-and he knew full well how unrestrained his voice could get. She rarely came down once holed up in her room working, and even less likely to hear with how loud she played music, but the last thing he wanted was for her to see her son mounting another man on her couch of all places. Never would he ever have imagined willingly doing this at any point in his life and never would he ever have believed that he could feel like such a tramp for liking the added risk factor.

Shaking his head to drown away his worries, Izumi began to shift propped by Wraith’s shoulder blade. Already feeling a tinge in his throat he immediately muffled it with his hand. His skin connected with Wraith’s with a saturated slap.

“Mmnfh–~!” Izumi pressed his palm hard against his voice.

On the other hand, Wraith’s voice wasn’t a problem. He wasn’t ever loud and would only heighten at climax, which still was nowhere near Izumi’s decibel level. “Hha-h…”

The tail’s thuds and the chain’s clanks started to pick up again in sync with Wraith’s pants. While Izumi dug his nails into his skin, Wraith dug his claws into his own palms to prevent himself from shattering his constraints.

Harshly exhaling, Izumi bit his lip and changed his approach. He reached behind Wraith and detached the chain, moving his arms to the front before clasping it shut again. Then he guided him on his back, his arms above his head. Had Izumi been the one afflicted with an aphrodisiac instead, the image alone would have almost been enough to bring him to a climax. The only light in the living room came from the glow of the night, which shone on Wraith’s feverish yet weak expression, the open blazer, Wraith’s bare chest underneath, the black static that blanketed his hands and arms, writhing towards his neck as though it tried to overcome him.

Feeling more motivated than ever, Izumi completely forgot to cover his mouth as he connected their hips continuously. “Nnhh..-ha-..!..A-h-...ha~!!”

With the change in position, Wraith’s tail was more restricted in movement as it was covered by Izumi’s skirt and it felt limiting but he didn’t pay much attention to it. “Mmhh..~..”

His movements were increasingly more aggressive when likened to previous instances of similar events, almost like the stimulant had started to affect him as well.

Obviously in comparison Wraith was feeling much worse with his hands so close but so far and he reached the point of begging. “ go…hha-..fuck I- wanna touch you so bad…”

The plea reached his glistening almost starry eyes and Izumi finally learned why Wraith couldn’t say no when he gave the same look to him. He paused. A tightness constricted his insides. Staring at the melancholic yet desperate yearn in his eyes ate Izumi entirely. Instead, he felt like the one who broke. And, with a near sigh, Izumi removed the restraints, the belt-like straps around his wrist and the rings about both included. In a heartbeat Wraith sat up and lifted him by his waist.

     Izumi’s room was incredibly close to his mother’s, being separated by only a few feet, though neither of them took notice in the heated moment. With a quiet slam Wraith shut the door and ripped off his partner’s clothes, the claws nearly making contact with his skin in the process. Naturally Izumi couldn’t have the same beast-like ferociousness that Wraith had since he lacked claws, but his removal of Wraith’s attire still measured to be quite near it in violence. 

They slammed into the desk with a rattle which knocked several items over, some even falling onto the floor. Now that they were bare, Izumi could see that the onyx dye in his skin covered his back as well, even reaching partially to his thighs and calves. With Izumi leaning against the desk, Wraith lifted his bent leg and reinserted himself with a forceful thrust. The aggression caused the back of Izumi’s head to hit the desk’s shelves on multiple instances though it only stimulated them more. At this point, they were doing the complete opposite of being quiet with the additional noise.

“W-raith~! Mmnh-hha~- aahh~~!!”

Like he had never been at Izumi’s whim, their typical roles were resumed and Wraith went back to his cocky self. “You’re being so loud and your mom’s room is right down the ha-ll..” Wraith combed his bangs back, which fell into his face again in the same instant. “Maybe you want her to hear? Just like all the people-...outside that hotel window.”

“N-nnh-mhh~ n-no-! I-hha-~..!”

“Really? Your voice and body are telling me something diff-erent. Why don’t I”

Detaching himself, Wraith dragged Izumi out of the room against his will. His heart sank, already being able to discern what Wraith was planning to do and Izumi tried as much as he could to push his feet in the opposite direction. Their gap in strength was plain to see as his hold didn’t budge in the slightest. Wraith only stopped when they had reached their destination: the door to his mother’s bedroom. To make matters worse he faced him against the entrance, back to Wraith, and pinned an arm behind, bending and lifting a leg once more. The only thing he could be grateful for–if anything–was that he only pinned one arm, so Izumi was free to use the other to muffle himself and he did so immediately.

“Mnffhh-! Ffhh-~!”

Wraith spared no expense in returning the favor of stimulating him against his will as the door rattled with each pound. Both knew well that Kanae was inherently deaf when she was working, and he only hoped that remained to be the case now. Another worry that plagued Izumi was the possibility of Lala attracting his mother’s attention to the door, and with how violent Wraith was being, that seemed to be a very likely outcome.

“A month really does a lot to you.” Wraith whispered, nibbling his ear.

Drops pattered onto the carpet with a deep tap. “Hhh-mff...nmhhm~~..!”

The clear stream that almost made contact with his mother’s door showcased his hidden arousal and simultaneous shame. A wet trail tingled his neck caused by Wraith’s rough tongue, the slight bump felt throughout. 

“Look how compliant you’ve become.”

Releasing Izumi’s arm, he held his member instead. “Hahh-shit…” I missed you he thought about saying, but the moment wasn’t really right. If he said so now, Izumi might just choke the life out of him. It was partially his fault that they were in this strange situation anyways. Avoiding this only made things worse for both of them.

“Mmnh-fh-nmhh~!!” Izumi bit into his palm nearly to the point of drawing blood in an attempt to suppress his oral orgasm, not even realizing he came in Wraith’s hand until he licked it up like he always did. He had almost collapsed onto the door as his knees and thighs felt weak, wobbling in a struggle to stand. Whipping his head back, he glared at Wraith with cold but affectionate eyes.

Wraith’s unnatural healing seemed to be kicking in as his breaths were more or less what they normally were during intercourse and his eyes went back to normal, his fever calming down. 

Realizing the extent of what he did because of Izumi’s glare, his canine ears drooped. “...S-sorry…I just kinda–”

Before he could finish, Izumi lugged him into a tight embrace. Wraith was more confused than ever and he hesitated to wrap his arms around him in turn, but soon enough he did.

Voice quivering in the slightest, Wraith could only hear Izumi in his ear. “Don’t you ever avoid me like that again…asshole…”

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