Chapter 49:

Love and Lust Go Hand In Hand

Red is the Color of You

     Originally the kiss was just a peck and with repetition it grew deeper until they eventually laid onto the bed again. The previous mood slowly rekindled and soon enough the couple was already incredibly close in proximity, Wraith being on top and his arm around Izumi’s back. It felt notably different to entwine oneself with another that they truly loved with all their heart to the point it made Wraith question if he really loved Lavina at some point or if he used the word loosely at the time. No, he did. Izumi just had a stronger place in his heart.

A sincere intimate endearment flowed into him in the form of Wraith’s touch. From his hair, to his cheek, neck, collarbone, chest, waist, hips. His hips against Wraith’s. Kanae would be sure to wonder what happened when she’d see him the following morning. Izumi shook his head. Now was a very inappropriate time to think about his mom and he had just started to forget what he did against her door.

Wraith’s ragged breathing was all he heard along with the small bed that strained to contain the pair and didn’t even try not to creak. The same was against Wraith’s ear with the lack of distance between them which slowly shrank until they were against each other. Skin to skin. Nails in his back. Arms around both. Hair brushed hair. Wraith smelled like roses that were oddly sweet.

Their faces now no more than an inch apart, Izumi felt Wraith’s bangs tickle his face as he spoke. “ you..mmhh-...Fuck..I love you so much..hhah..-..”

Normally Izumi would respond with something like don’t say that while you’re inside but he had a change of heart. It felt…nice. His eyes burned and he really wasn’t sure why. “Wra-ith-...mnhh-ha-~...I love…you too..”

The difference this time from the others was that now, they repeated the same phrase, over and over again as though making up for lost time.

     Sunlight replaced moonlight and neither really knew at what point they fell asleep, all they knew was that it was suddenly morning. Fumbling for his phone, Izumi saw that it was still early and he had time before work so there was no real need to rush. It would be better if I woke up instead of risking sleeping for too long, he thought to himself, remembering how much he rushed that one morning in the hotel. Wraith felt like he peeled off of him with how their bodies stuck. Was it really that hot? Rubbing his rear, he became increasingly uncomfortable as memories from the previous night oozed out.

Izumi jumped when he was suddenly pulled back down onto the bed with great force. “Where are you going?” He said sweetly, nuzzling against his neck as he subsequently kissed it.

“The shower because someone has no self control and I should honestly start making you pull out.” With a sigh, he pinched Wraith’s nose.

“Ow-at least let me help you to make up for it.”

“So you can do it again?”

“I won’t.”

That ended up being the greatest lie that Izumi fell for from the specter as before he knew it, his back was against the shower wall, legs around Wraith’s waist as he drove into him under the showerhead. He specifically avoided ever showering or bathing with Wraith for this exact reason but his foolish self believed that maybe today he had some self control, when it was in fact the opposite. To make matters worse, his mom was awake and downstairs making breakfast. The bathroom walls naturally caused an echo, so Izumi had to muffle himself again.


“Did I tell you I love you? Because I do.” Wraith whispered in a smirk that would’ve been lost in the shower’s reverb had he not been right beside him. An urge to punch him churned his gut but if anything it’d prolong his torture.

Warm water splattered onto the pair and Izumi could feel streaks sliding in with Wraith’s heat. Whether it made it feel better or worse he couldn’t tell, his thoughts were too mushy and clouded.

Planting a kiss across his lips, Wraith licked his fangs and smiled. “I love you.”

Izumi’s angry but impassioned eyes said it all. Momentarily, he removed his hand. “Shut up…nhmhh-...” The glare shifted away in a blush. “ you too.”

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