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Mythesia. It ­was a beautiful archipelago, in a normal mystical world, where skills and abilities were praised. A war among two tribes as saints and sinners battled to conquer each other's lands; finally comes to an end, thanks to a few young brave fighters called "The Aweners". A group of three men and two women.

The ferocious battle was called "The Grand War". After the war, four clans were born under those two tribes, each from sinners and saints, as Descendants & Yaeries from the Saints' tribe and Mesuiers & Haeicrols from the Sinners' tribe. After seven hundred years of peace among those four clans, shell shocking news spread among all the clans like wildfire. It is that the leader of the highest clan, "Yaery", has been in conflict with the other three clans for years and finally made her (Yes! Leader of the Yaeries clan is a Queen, named Yinsu) move, as declaring war against the Descendants, Mesuiers & Haeicrols.

There was a boy called Strike in the clan of Haeicrol. He was raised to the highest title of the Haeicrol warrior as same as his brother's; 'The alpha series', because of his unwavering battle techniques and skills. The people who knew Strike called him the "The Lightning Avenger". But only two people knew his chequered past. His brother and his father.

After he found out about queen Yinsu's plan to start a war, he made his mind up to, stop it by any means necessary and continue the seven hundred years of peace.

As facts to know, each clan has its own battle technique in name of mythical beasts. But people didn't have those beasts' actual power. Otherwise, this story will be a superhuman comic book;

Yaeries – Chimera

(A winged mythical beast with the body of a lion and heads of a lion and a goat with a living snake as its tail)

[representing: Death]

Descendants – Phoenix

(A bird dies in flames and is reborn from the ashes)

[representing: Life]

Mesuiers – Crocalisk

(A creature born from a basilisk egg incubated by a cockatrice. It has the power to wither anything from its breath, kill anyone by a glance, and have razor-sharp giant chicken legs.)

[representing: Fear]

Haeicrols – Winged dragon (yeah! the one you usually imagine)

[representing: Protection]

Although they got split up into saints and sinners, their techniques are really mismatching to their ancestral tribe.

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