Chapter 0:


Level Ranker

Haru Turns the TV on.

TV: “Hey everyone this is Tokyo reporting that there will be a contest in Mafia tower, whoever reaches the top will become the Mafia boss, Tokyo police are restricting access to the 35 floor building but people are still entering the building through hidden entrances”.

Haru: “You hear that Akira?”

Akira: “Yeah, this is gonna be interesting. Let’s check it out.”
Haru: “I was thinking the same thing!, checking it out isn’t gonna cause a problem…right?”
Akira: “Yeah trust me, nothing is gonna happen unless we somehow enter the tower.”
Haru and Akira drive themselves and arrive to the Tower, many people are taking photos and police are making sure no one gets in. 
Akira: “Here we are, now let’s see how to get in”smirk
Akira: “We’re going in the Tower, imagine what we could get if we become the Mafia Boss, besides we’re both 23 so it wouldn’t be that hard to get to the top……right?”
Haru: “The Tower has 35 floors, there is no way we’re gonna make it to the top without being obliterated by other contestants, besides we don’t even know how to get in.”
Haru realizes that Akira isn’t next to him
Haru: “Where did Akira go.”
Haru sweats nervously and looks around to find Akira. 
Akira: “Hey Haru check this out, there’s an entrance!”
Haru walks nervously towards Akira 
Haru: “No way there’s actually a entrance!!, let’s go back home now haha”
Akira pushes Haru and himself into the entrance which was a small hole in the wall hidden behind some bushes, both of them are now inside the Mafia Tower. 
Haru: “Oh now you’ve done it Akira, we’re now in  the Mafia Tower.”
Akira: “Stop your whining and look in front of you, there’s a counter.”
Akira and Haru walk to the counter and ask what they need to do. 
A loud noise on a speaker says, “Welcome to the Mafia Tower Battle Royale!, Player 100 and player 101. 
Clerk: “Hello Player 100 and 101, I need to write your names in the contestant book.”
Haru: “No thanks, we’re leaving.”

Clerk: “You can’t leave once you enter, if you try, we’ll kill you.”
Haru: “O-ok fine I’ll play your game, my names Haru Hasegawa.”
Akira: “And my names Akira Aoki.”
Clerk: “Well, welcome to the competition, security in here is so high that no one from the outside can breach in. You guys are the last players so we will be closing that hidden door….or the thing you entered here from. Oh yeah and one more thing, there’s no rules and as I mentioned before, this is a Battle Royale…so here’s your equipment.”
Haru: “Equipment?”
Clerk: “You’ll be fighting 100 others to become the next Mafia boss, you’ll need weapons to defend yourself and reach the top, each floor is called ranks, so there are 35 ranks you need to reach. The elevator that leads to the first rank is on your left.”
Akira: “What are we waiting for!, let’s get to the first rank.”
Haru: “What are we gonna do when we get to the first rank!!, I’ve never used a firearm before.”
Akira: “Don’t worry I’ll save you, wuss.”
Haru: “Fine, let’s get to the first rank, I hope it’s not a nightmare.”
Clerk: “Ok, let the competition BEGAN!!”
To be continued 
Level Ranker

Level Ranker