Chapter 10:

Castle Crashers

Magic and the Black Cloaks

"Having one of these makes things a lot easier!"

Once again, here we were, I was running through a castle that the Breidalians called their HQ for their Northerneastern-based war. Me and my squadmates were gunning down anyone we came across, they were prepared for us but still, we had the advantage of cutting off their exits and smothering a large part of their castle with smoke from fires.

I'll have to thank Akari when I see her, "Here!" I kicked down a door and aimed my gun and only pulled the trigger once, the bullet lodged itself in a soldier who turned to face me. Light burst from his wound like fragmentation and stabbed into anyone who was close, I pull the bolt back and move inside the room as my squad members start shooting.

Looks like we came across a defended position of officers and soldiers, who they were preparing for were obviously soldiers with swords and swords only. Guns weren't in their equation which made them easy picking even though they outnumbered us by way more, in only just a few bullets from each of us, they were all dead.

Some had Light Magic wounds, others had Dark Magic, and some had Moon Magic. There were still a few who were spazing out on the ground thanks to the shocking explosions of Sakura's bullets but eventually, they stopped moving forever.

"I wonder how you keep finding these holdouts?" Sakura asked me as we all loaded our guns again.

"I have two drones of my own."

Of course, I had both reflecting light so they weren't seeable, they were small so even if they moved, they were almost impossible to see. Drones were usually the Receptionist's job but nothing ever said ground troops weren't allowed to have them, right?

"That makes more sense..." Sakura said as we followed our leader Chisai out of the room.

She immediately told us to get into firing position and we did so as enemy soldiers came from in front of us, they were coughing which meant the fire was creeping closer to our position.

I hate this, I don't know why we have to burn everything down, especially with us in or around the places we're burning. Sure, we were trained for this stuff but that doesn't mean someone won't make a mistake...

"I just hope it won't be me..." We fired on the targets, or shall I say, I fired on the targets and, homing blades of light stabbed into the four others as my bullet took out the main target I was aiming for.

Of course, my team was amazed I had come up with another spell on the fly. I really am amazing, aren't I?!

"Private Amiya, you sure do have some skill with that Wildcard." It was praise from Commander Chisai, I have to keep up this good streak, maybe I can even get a few good words from Major Flynt or First Lieutenant Kazami?

Chisai quickly picked up her gun as our magic sense went off, I swiftly turned around as she fired but it looked like even she was still experimenting with firing types as I saw a bullet pierce the target then their shadow form into a black whirlwind or something and start to tear apart the others.

She smirked at not falling behind us in terms of bullet spells as pretty much anytime we fire, we use a different spell. I have my own personal favorites and was hoping I could keep coming up with more but I soon had to break my thought chain as Chisai started jogging off.

That just meant it was time to end more lives, I pop up my Magitech screens in search of more targets but I didn't have much time for searching as Erwin's voice came through the voice line.

"You guys need to get out now, it looks like the Breidalians are trying to copy us, people in White Cloaks are combating Major Flynt and Lieutenant Kazami in the throne room."

"Tell the Major we're coming to help, give us directions!"

"That's the thing, there's a lot of them, they don't need help, you guys might. There seems to be a group of them waiting for you around the area. Do be careful."

Oh no, we have actual competition now? So far we've faced nothing but a few guys with guns and average soldiers, they've been light work compared to even the missions we trained for.

But who were the mysterious new enemies that were even giving our commanders trouble? I started to sweat knowing that sooner or later, I was going to be running into them.

We made our way towards the front of the castle but, right at the main entrance, it was being blocked by said soldiers, they completely jacked our style!!

White cloaks were the main armor piece and there looked to be about six of them. We were on the balcony above, they hadn't even noticed us yet.

"Pick a target," Chisai whispered to us as we all lined up shots and pulled the trigger at the same time.

Surprisingly, two of our shots missed with me and Chisai missing out shots. Lightning burst out of one of these White Cloaks while the other lay motionless on the ground with milky white spikes shooting out of his body.

Sure, that thinned down their numbers a little as they went from six to four, this was now an even fight.

We kept shooting at them as they started to scale the steps and come towards us but they either used spells to block the bullets or straight up dodged out of the way, we were also running low on ammo. This was going to turn into a swordfight real soon but I'm not all too confident in my ability against these guys.

Call me a pessimist but these guys were scary...

Is this what the enemy feels when they see us?

I swiftly aimed my gun forward as one of the White Cloaks got close enough to actually jump at us but before I could pull the trigger, I felt my cloak get grabbed. I activated my magic enhancement as I looked to my left to see one of these bastards grabbing me, he was far stronger than what I was prepared for as he pulled me over the railing and sent me plummeting towards the ground.

I landed perfectly on my feet knowing what I was up against in terms of strength helped out my mental somewhat, I shakily took aim with my rifle and had no time to activate a spell as I fired a bullet into the back of the bitch who pulled me down here.

Of course, the cloaks they were wearing protected them somewhat but they felt that all right, they let go of the ledge and fell to the ground but also landed perfectly on their feet.

I call my drones to me as they uncloak, a little invention of my own, they charge forward firing small light ammunition out themselves but the person was fast and swiftly started evading all while keeping their eyes on me.

They saw me aiming at them, I locked in a spell but as long as they were moving, they would be able to dodge my bullet spell and my floating homing projectiles.

I made sure my drones kept them at a distance, I was probably no match for them in close combat, or at least that's what I think. I don't want to test it, as long as I have bullets, I'll keep them at a range.

Speaking of bullets, I only had four in my gun and no more in reserve, I could try and create magic bullets but then I'd probably blow up my gun. What a predicament I was forced into by these people...

I swiftly shot at the ground in front of my target forcing my homing projectiles to shoot forward, my bullet struck the ground and created a super bright flash of light.

My drones were destroyed by a wild swing of their sword spitting ropes of lightning in their direction and now I really didn't want them anywhere near me...

I cycled my rifle as fast as I could and blasted another round at the enemy only for them to dodge out of the way while not being able to see. The pillar the bullet struck was completely annihilated in a bright explosion of light, so, these bastards could probably use magic sense.

What a pain in the ass, really.

I put my hand on the ground and then cycled my gun again. I jumped back and high into the air while firing my gun again, of course, they dodged and started running forward but passed right over my trap.

A beam of light shot right out of the ground and completely covered them and after just a second or two, they fell to the ground, singed, once I landed, I shot a round and struck them right in the exposed face painting the already blood-covered floor with even more filth.

Another White Cloak was flung over the edge or should I say, they jumped from the edge while aiming what looked to be a bow, too bad I was aiming right for them.

My bullet struck them and they exploded into a pretty display of lights leaving the enemy with two remaining.

I worried as I heard no more sounds of fighting and quickly jumped as high as I could and barely landed on the edge of the railing, I took aim at the White Cloak standing over Chisai who had been defeated, Sakura and Selen had run out of ammo and resorted to using spells at a distance against the other White Cloak.

I never thought I would see Chisai laying on the ground like that, she was conscious but bleeding from her leg and the stomach area, if I didn't heal her quick, this might turn ugly!!

I took my chances and made a magic bullet, loaded it, and quickly pointed behind her as a line of light shot from the wall to her shoulder and dragged her back quite forcefully away from her would-be killer. That just meant their eyes turned and were on me, I quickly let off a bullet and they wouldn't have time to dodge but instead pulled their cloak forward and took the shot to the chest throwing them to the ground.

They struggled to get up as I slung my weapon to my back and pulled out my standard trench knife.

The White Cloak rolled to their feet and tossed what looked to be a disc of light at me, I threw my own, and the two forces connected in the middle bursting in a powerful light that blinded us momentarily.

I hopped down from the stone railing and had little time to flip my knife into a reverse grip and deflected the sword being stabbed at my body away from it. I stuck the figure right in the face and tackled them to the ground trying to force my knife into their throat but they were so much stronger than me!! Or, that was until black tendrils shot from my shadow and stabbed them right in the... well... everywhere.

I didn't have time to question it as a felt a massive force hit my body and toss me pretty far away, I still had my knife and for one, I realized I was close to the remaining White Cloak, they were face up, I swiftly climbed onto them while they tried to confusedly get me off but whatever they were hit by hit them pretty fucking hard.

They were stunned and super uncoordinated, it wasn't long before my knife was plunged into their chest a good few times until they stopped moving.

Once I knew they were dead, I ran over to Chisai and used what little magic I had remaining to heal her wounds to a point she could move on her own. Honestly, I think I might've done too much, her wounds were completely gone and so was the magic in my body.

I took a deep sigh as having no magic in my body was tiring.

Chisai helped me to my feet while Sakura and Selen ran over apologizing.

"We hit them with a combined spell but they turned their back and let the cloak take the hit, they flew and knocked you over, Amiya," Sakura said sorry one more time.

"Well, that clears it up, can someone carry me? I'm all tapped out of magic."

Running out of magic was very similar to feeling tiredness and muscle soreness. So, you could say I wanted to move as little as possible.

"Return to the outside, group C and B have completed their mission, and most of our group is done. We're waiting on Major Flynt and Lieutenant Kazami."

Knowing them, they were probably basking in some sort of victory right now, we were already at the entrance and realized that fire we set off was getting awfully close again, we were gone like the wind and found most of our class except one or two people missing besides the two commanders.

I knew that meant some people had probably died with the surprise entrance of the White Cloaks, but it didn't matter. We won.

"...Erwin, where are they?"

It had been a few minutes and we were getting tired of sitting out in the forest like this, we couldn't leave without some confirmation on Flynt and Kazami so Chisai finally asked Erwin about them. She was the next best thing we had to a commander.

"The White Cloaks sent to kill them were a lot more potent than the ones sent to kill you. But, if you walk a little out the forest and look up..."

Sakura carried me out just enough so I could see that in fact, my two leaders were currently diving toward us after jumping from the top of a castle...

Those two hit the ground pretty hard, just who the hell did they fight that the Major couldn't even earn them a super safe landing. We were going to run to help them but those walking disasters in human form got up and ran towards us, the top of the castle was then blown to pieces.

"Let's get the fuck out of here!!!" Major Flynt yelled as if he was in a panic and well, he did almost just die by a few seconds.

"Go, go, go!! If you're too slow, we'll leave you for the enemy, damn it!!"

Today was a harsh one in many ways but, I found joy in the fact our forces were steam-rolling the hell out of the Breidalians so we only had to move about a few hours' worth before meeting with them. You could say that this Northen theater was decided by groups A, B, and C's movements in cutting off supply lines and destroying reinforcement or you could say that the thought of their movements spooked the enemies so much that the Imperials were able to crush them.

Or, you could say it was a combination of both. It didn't matter to me, what did matter to me is that I lived and I got to sleep in a nice bed for the first time in six days...