Chapter 1:

Loved By All

The World's Savior is a Deviant?!

I slowly dragged myself out of Morephon Church, shoulders slumped and without a smidge of happiness in my usual beaming visage.

“That was the 5th church in a human town that has turned down my request… We must really not be popular out here. I mean, I knew that—but still…”

With an exasperated sigh, I slung my travel bag over my lightly-covered shoulders and shambled towards the center of town to seek shelter for the night. The event earlier really weighed heavily on my well-being. It had been a rather terrible day, to say the least.

It's not everyday you see someone die for you and you don't even get to properly thank them. However, I said I would put this life to good use and that starts with finding somewhere to stay. I only have enough money to get by for a few more days. I'll have to head back empty handed if that becomes the case. Ooooh! What should I do? Mom, Dad, I’m sorry you raised such a failure of a daughter.

Just like my smile and shoulders, my ears and dark wings—which I usually took pride in—were slumped as low as possible.

That was until a dazzling spotlight shot down from the cloudy sky above. It was directed to exactly where I had stopped walking. Humans, who were heading back from their jobs in the scrap and lumber yards or even adventuring, turned their attention in my direction.

Ahhhh! I'm so embarrassed I could die. I know they aren't looking at me, but all this attention still makes me wanna…

I thought back to my encounter from earlier. I made the wrong turn, asked some knights for directions and ended up nearly getting brought to some place for— I don’t even wanna think about it. All it did was tighten the cap on my jar of trust. Though, if he was around, I wouldn’t mind going along with whatever he wants… As long as it's within reason, that is!

A small object gently floated down from the spotlight, throwing me from my diluted thoughts, until it stopped right in front of my face. I felt incredibly warm for no reason in particular. It was even more jarring after everything that had already occurred today. What the heck is wrong with me? But more importantly—what is this?!

It was circular and had a strange shiny metal coating that I had never seen in all my years alive. The object seemed to react to my presence and floated right into my hair, continuing on its path until it softly collided with one of my baby ears. We don’t talk about those.


The device roared to life, an antenna poking out through my amethyst hair. A purple display made a “pop” noise as it shot out in front of my eyes and granted me the most pretty and breathtaking woman I had ever laid eyes on.

The gorgeous lady had beautiful red feathers poking out of her glossy pink hair. Surrounding her was a certain air—or maybe—aura to her that I had never felt from another human before. The only time I felt this was when…

“Hello? …Is this thing on? Can you hear me? …Is this thing on?” A soft, but powerful voice was speaking directly into my ear.

I shifted my head left and right, but the humans that were around me before, had already disappeared from my sight. I was alone.

“I'm in the scanner, dear.”

I focused my left eye on a tiny pretty woman on the mysterious glowing screen.

“Who are you?” I asked, even though I could feel her divinity flowing out of the display.

I have an idea.

The mysterious woman cleared her throat and began her speech. ”Greetings, dear. I am Endina, the goddess of friendship and bonds. You have been chosen to accompany our hero—er—savior on his quest to save this world from the clutches of the Lords of Tyranny.”


I shook my head.

“Um…Lady Endina, that sure sounds great and all, but I have a mission of my own already and it doesn't have time to wait. I’m sorry, but I can't grant this request. I apologize for my selfishness.”

Endina just waved her hand in front of the screen. “Oh? You mean the situation with your family and the village right? If you take on this mission for me, I will make sure they get what they need without your assistance. I promise on my pride as a goddess.” She blessed me with a blissful smile as if to reassure me. It worked.

So that warm feeling must have come from here, huh?

My ears and wings both perked up a little higher.

“Really?! You would do that?! I haven't been able to find a single human priest that is strong enough to break the curse, but I have a hundred percent faith in a goddess.”

She giggled. “Please, you give me too much credit,” she replied with a dazzling smile. “Either way—you are now onboard, right?”

I nodded eagerly. “Anything to save my village. No matter the cost.

“Mm. I respect your drive~” Endina brought her fingers together and displayed a smile with her beautiful white pearls. “The Eye of Truth—or the holy scanner as we like to call it up here, will allow you to communicate with me when needed as well as begin the soul bond with our little savior with the dirtiest of mouths. You can also view the stats of yourself or anyone you use it on, no matter how powerful, and in a clearer and concise manner. And don't worry, the scanner will shrink when you don’t use it. You won't have to worry about what to do with it. All you have to do is tap your left ear and it will turn back on, good as new.”

I nodded and then quizzically tilted my head. “So, you keep mentioning this savior...but—where exactly is...he?” I looked to each side, but no one was even walking close to me. Being a beast-kin around humans was always like this, more or less....

Edina brought my attention back.

“Oh yes. He should be there right….about…,” A boy fell from the spotlight and landed a few feet next to me, “—now. Well, off you go then! I look forward to watching the success of your future endeavors! Bye bye!”

With that, the screen morphed back to pure violet. I preferred it that way.

The ashen-haired boy rubbed his head back and forth. ”Stupid bitch. She just had to drop me out of the fucking sky and with this shitty get up too and not to mention the….” He glared daggers at me.

Wait... It couldn't be, right? The boy that saved my life from earlier. I have to find out!

“Um, hey… Are you perhaps the guy that fought those three knights for me earlier ?”

I walked around to meet the boy face to face. He had short hair with a clowlick or antenna sticking up above it. His eyes were a beautiful sight to behold. They were violet with a touch of blue to top it off. They were very majestic for a guy.

On his right eye was the same scanner I’d just received from the goddess except it bore a reddish tint, the same color as blood. He seemed somewhat different from when I viewed him in his dying moments. A white clad breastplate covered his body above a tunic. His legs were both concealed in light-leather armor, which had been made white as well. His arms were the least guarded spot of his entire body. They were covered by the simple black sleeves of a ruffled tunic with golden colors mixed in.

“Why are you staring at me, vampire hag?”

It seemed he had finally noticed my presence and that changed his mood as heavily as the weight that had been dumped on his shoulders.

“Wait… Hag?! But I’m only twenty!” I squealed. “And what’s a ‘vampire’? I’m a bat from the Vatre tribe of beast-kin!”

“Don’t care. Now move outta my way. I got a shitty continent to speed run!”


“Move, bitch. Get out of my way.” He tried to walk right past me, not even trying to be polite as he did so. I didn't like his attitude, so I stood in his way, not budging in the slightest.

I started to sweat internally from his icy gaze. I could already feel my body’s temperature rapidly dropping.

“I know you are the savior even with that nasty attitude of yours. You also saved my life, so I am indebted to you.”

“Then move the fuck outta my way.”

I shook my head. “I can’t do that, and surely, you know why? Lady Endina just told me that we are partners and are soul bound—or something—together. I'm coming with you—no matter what.”

I hope I sounded confident because I was shivering with nervousness on the inside.

Tch, women.” He clicked his tongue, but didn't try to move past me.

“Whatever. You better be ready to make the meals and sleep on the floor.”

“I'm prepared to make the food and.... Wait—did you say sleep on the floor?! That sounds very inhumane!”

“I would never pay for two beds, so that's how it's going to be. Plus, you're not a human, unless you're one of those furry freaks from back home.”

“W-what are you even saying?” My adoration for this guy is rapidly plummeting. It’s got to be a Skill to make someone dislike you this fast, right?

“Didn't the goddess give you money? There's no way she would want you to treat your only female companion like that. ”

He nodded and revealed a shit stained grin.

“Yeah, I'm gonna go gamble a lil when I get to the capital. I can't wait to strike it rich. These people are barbarians compared to where I am from. They don’t know how money works. My days of lying around and holding back are over!”

Does this guy have a screw loose or something? He does know what his role is, right?And has he even met another human? What does he mean by barbarians? If anything, my people are more… What are you saying, Komoria?! Don’t let his corrupted logic afflict you as well!

I balled my hands into fist and fought back verbally. “Not happening. Now, let me introduce myself. You don't even know anything about the partner you literally died for.”

I placed my hand over my chest.

“My name is Komoria Vato. I am from the—”

“Doesn't matter, now let's go to the capital. Also, you’re my sidekick at best. Don’t push it.”

“Side—what? And you didn't even let me finish!” I crossed my arms in agitation. My body was heating up rapidly—and it wasn’t because of the presence of a goddess.

This guy really has something wrong with him. At least I never explicitly said aloud that I would do whatever he wanted. Internal statement retracted!

Raze shrugged. “I want to get this over with so I don't have to become a little bitch that’s a slave to society.”

Just how long does he think liberating an entire continent will take? We aren’t going to the market and back. We might even die!

I felt the color drain from my face as that thought sunk in. I could…die. And easily at that!

He resumed walking, leaving me behind. I hastily scrambled after him, kicking up dust in my wake.

“Where are you going?! The Adventurers Guild in that way. You are still level 1 and we need some quests to get some more money to even dream of reaching the capital.”

He turned around and walked right back up to me. He was very close now, his armor nearly colliding with both of my breasts. He finally met my eyes—he didn’t look the least bit happy. If anything, he seemed beyond furious. But I could tell it wasn’t at me. I was the girl he could take it out on. Thankfully, I was mostly used to this kind of treatment as a beast-kin, but instead of insulting my looks, he insulted my very being. Now, that’s a breath of fresh air, but not in a good way.

“I'm heading to the outskirts of this shitty little town, I heard there are monster-infested plains there. Be useful by grabbing a quest or something and meet me there…”

He started to walk away, but I lightly grabbed his shoulder in an attempt to capture his attention. I sure knew words didn’t work.

“Wait, wait, wait. Why won’t you come with me?”

“.....” He ignored me by shrugging off my hand and walked away towards the end of town. As he moved there seemed to be people cheering for him as he left, like a true hero. It made me smile, just a little bit. …That was until I heard what they were saying.

“He is finally leaving. Thank the gods!”

“The plague is moving away at last!”

“I don't have to hide anymore!”

My lips formed a wry smile. Well, I guess I should get us some quests before he attacks the townsfolk.

Oh, this is a good chance to check out the scanner.

I tapped the little device in my ear, bringing it to life. The purple holographic display stretched out over my left eye. It was pretty bizarre, but I had read in the past about devices from the gods that could perform miracles. I never expected to get one, myself, though.

The small display revealed my stats, unfortunately, they were tough for me to see unless I squinted. The second I focused on it, though, the display shot out of my scanner and onto a long transparent display with a purple highlight. No one in my vicinity seemed to notice the screen, but I could now clearly see my own stats for the first time in my life.

[Name: Komoria Vato]—[Class:Beast-kin Sorceress]—[Level: 6]

[Skills: Soul Link (MAX), Fireball (RANK 5), Healing Ward (RANK 7), Flight (MAX), Night vision (MAX), Skill Share (Recipient) (RANK 0)]

[Status: Eager]—[Attack:15—[Defense:30]—[Magic:100]

I grinned from ear to ear when I recalled Raze's own stats that had shown up on my small scanner when we first met. It was hard to see, but I could clearly recall his level.

Level 1. That means he will have to rely on me for more than just cooking for the near future! I'm sure I can turn his vile language and personality around! Or at least get him to treat me like an actual person….

“Can I help you?” Someone at the post in front of me had spoken, pulling me out of my head.

“Oh, sorry.” I quickly deactivated the scanner and gazed down to where the receptionist was sitting behind the desk in front of me. The receptionist smiled warmly at me. She had red braided hair with a black hat that said "G.G" on it.

I wonder what that means… Well, it doesn't matter; I have to grab us a quest.

I put on my best “innocent traveling girl face'' that had netted me a few benefits in the past and greeted her with a gentle smile. “Heya! I was wondering if there were any quests that are between the levels of 1 and 10 that I could snag. Oh—and no adventurer rank is required since I’m new.”

“I see…,” she replied with a deadpan look.

Was there something on my face? This usually works wonders… Then again, it had the best success rate with guys.

The temperature in the room dropped a few degrees.

Eeek! What is this icky aura I'm getting from her? She seems nice though…

She turned around and started perusing through the papers that were stuck to the wall in the back.

“Hmmm... Ah! This will do nicely. He-he,” she giggled to herself.

Did she just laugh? I guess beast-kin, especially from one of the few and only bat tribes,Vatre, are very uncommon in small human towns, but she didn't need to say anything! I hope she doesn't give me something ridiculous for being an outsider.

She grabbed one near the bottom and returned over to me.”This one is a simple goblin killing mission. They should all be around level five and have been spotted around a cave in the Kamela Plains. Something recently invaded their territory, so they have become more aggressive and suspicious as of late. Mind killing them for us?” She flashed me a harmless smile to reassure me of her good willed intentions.

I internally let a sight out. It seems she is a good person after all. I guess I shouldn't judge people just on how they look and act.

Wait. Isn’t that how you're supposed to judge people?

“Great! I'll take it! Thank you so much!”

I dropped the malicious thoughts swirling around in my head like an endless vortex and graciously accepted the quest.

“It's my pleasure.”

I casually walked out, humming an old tune foreign to human ears.

I quickly packed the quest paper in the small satchel that hung at my waist and walked off to the Kamela Plains.

Raze was waiting for me, right outside of the town, eyeing the grass that littered the plains in the distance.

I happily waved to him as I passed through the guarded gate.

I slowly approached him from the rear, moving with caution so as to not surprise him. Since when did I start treating him like a grazing animal that I didn’t want to flee?

“I got a goblin slaying quest. It's a little deeper into the plains then I would like, but they are said to be guarding a large cave which means there's a chance we could get some good loot.”

I wonder why no one else has gone for this reward? It sounds too good to be true...

“Ah, yes. Women and money go hand and hand. Yup, yup.”

”What does that have to do with anything!” I scowled, debating about giving him a piece of my mind. The endless vortex began to churn once more. “You already said you are trying to gamble, so we are going to need all the money we can find,” I stammered while relaxing my temples.

This guy really is nothing but trouble.

We had already started walking, but Raze always did his best to walk ahead of me, so I had a little trouble talking while trying to catch up. If you didn’t know from my Class, I’m not really the athletic type. That was all my sister. She could run circles around me even when she was three years younger. It was embarrassing. But if we really do go gambling, perhaps I could show him what I’m really good at—

“I was joking about the gambling shit; I want to get this done as quickly as possible and get that ugly hag goddess off my ass—OW! FUCK! The hell?” Raze clawed at his ear with pain.

Lighting fizzled around the antenna of the scanner he couldn't remove. She had clearly heard that.

“Fucking bitch,” he muttered under his breath. “One of these days, I’m gonna…”

Another shock assaulted his temple.

Will he ever learn?

As time went by, I fiddled with my new outfit. I got it right after Raze had first died so I wouldn't speak out about the three knights to anyone in town. I believe it was called “Hush Money” in common language or something like that.

I didn’t think they would try to find me after I left the alleyway, but I guess it was a bigger problem to them than I thought.

Some priests quickly took away Raze’s body as well to quell any more commotion that morning.

It's a little breezy on the legs, but at least I look like a proper traveling mage now! No one can call me a girl from the boonies any longer! But seriously, why is it so quiet? There’s no commotion at all, even though goblins always compete with each other for turf from what I read. What is going on? Could it be…?

I stopped walking, which caught Raze’s attention. “What? Tired already?” He tore into me like a vicious beast. “It's only been like half an hour.”

I quickly shook my head, putting his harsh words to rest.

“I feel fine. I was just wondering….where are all the goblins? Why do we have to go so deep into the plains for a group of monsters that are apparently very common around here?”

I had spent some time mulling it over in my head, but I wanted to get his input on it. Any information could be useful at this point. I just felt way too much in the dark and he did live here for 16 years, after all.

Raze scratched his head and set his gaze on the grass-filled area in front of us. Not a single creature fell within our combined sight, the only sound coming from the gentle breeze of the afternoon.

He stuck his pinky into his ear, proving that he was indeed in deep thought. “Goblins are the weakest of the weak. It's no wonder they would feel scared and turn tail when someone as strong as me has entered the fray.”

He left it at that.


My ears and wings plummeted when I heard his in-depth analysis.

I wrinkled my brow and turned to him. “There's no way that's the ca—”

“Anyway, let's get going!”

He cut me off before I could get to the important part!

Raze started walking again. He didn't even glance back to see if I was following him…

What is it with this guy? He must be some kind of idiot for thinking he would be a menace at level.… Oh, no!

I reluctantly followed, speeding up my pace once again to catch up to him.

I had been doing that a lot today.

It seemed like forever had passed before we finally made it to the only cave we could find in the plains. They didn’t exactly belong in this biome, so if one did exist—it would stick out like a sore thumb.

It was pitch black as if it was made out of obsidian, a cacophony of moans echoing from within. In front of the large cave stood three red-skinned goblins with bald heads plastered with an unnatural silver sheen.

“What the fuck are those ugly things?” Raze grumbled. “I thought goblins were supposed to be green. Green! Stupid video games and books lied to me…”

Why did he actually seem hurt by this revelation?

I quickly put my hand over his mouth. “Will you be quiet! Those red goblins are strong.”


A sharp pain shot into my hand, resulting in a burning sensation cascading through my flesh.

“OWWWW!!! You bit me! You bit meeeeeeeeeee!”

I pulled my hand away from Raze, caressing it with care.


He played it off with a confused look.

That bastard! What is he, three? How long does it take for a human to mature? Surely he is well past that age…is what I would like to believe.

At least he said nothing more. My plan had worked, but with a slight casualty.

Ow, ow, owwww. I’m gonna cry! I haven't heard of a human that bites people, especially one that bites girls!

I cast [Healing Ward] on my bleeding hand, instantly closing the wound as if I had even happened.

Mental scars can not be healed so easily...

Luckily the goblins were still far enough away that they didn't seem to hear us. Two of them gripped daggers, while the third held a staff with an ominous-looking purple orb at the top. Their unnatural red skin and heads that appeared as if they were made of metal could only mean one thing.

“I don’t know how these steel-headed goblins that live in the northern continents made it into Floronda, but it can’t be good. We should scan their stats and see if we can isolate them from each...other… Um…Raze?”

I glanced around nervously.

Huh? Where did he…?

Where Raze once was had now been replaced by a gust of wind.

I frantically looked around for him only to spot running towards the goblins on his own.

“Yaaaaaarh! Gimme your XPPPPP!!!”

He ran non-stop, ignoring the goblins' superior weapons (because they actually had some) as well as their thirst for blood.

Raze focused on the goblin in the front who had a basic iron dagger. He ran straight for him and with only a few feet left to go, he activated the first skill on the [Zodiac Wheel]: The Rabbit.

Long white ears sprouted from Raze’s hair, making him look like a demihuman from a rabbit tribe. With his newly activated ability, he leapt into the sky, easily surpassing ten feet in the air. He displayed a grin as wide as could be as he put his right foot down and let gravity take care of the rest.

“I did this in a game a lot in the past, but I can't wait to see how strong a real life goomba stomp will be,” I heard him say.



Raze landed on the grass covered ground, not with triumph, but with pain—and lots of it.


He screamed in pain like a five year old. Can’t say I didn’t see this coming though...

What am I going to do with him?

He rolled around on the grass like a dying dog while the goblins pointed and laughed.

They were communicating in a language that neither I nor Raze could decipher, but I could easily understand that they were reveling in his humiliating position.

No one in their right mind would ever want to talk with goblins, let alone learn their language. These nasty, sickly creatures were the scourge of man and beast-kin alike.

Through all his pain, his eyes darted back and forth, until they focused on one thing alone, the cute lonely bat girl who was keeping her distance… So..uh…me.

...Oh no....

“You can use healing magic, right? Heal me already! Do it now!” He shouted, his voice full of pain and anguish.

I felt an exasperated sigh leave my mouth. He didn't say “please”, but there's a good chance these goblins will stab him to death if I take too long. Oh well. I hope he at least learns something from this.

I focused on his leg when I cast the spell that I used to heal my hand, [Healing Ward].

Green mana flowed from my own body, on top of my arms, and then out of my hands before disappearing from sight. The green mana reappeared on Raze’s right leg, coalescing around it with an aura of vitality. The goblins noticed the spell as well and stopped their celebration and banter. Raze hopped out of the way before they could try anything else, landing close to where I was camping out.

“This would be a good time to check their st—”

“Don't need em.”

He cut me off again...

“Just let me do i—”

“No. Just use some attack magic and kill them dead.”

Yep. He's an idiot in all forms, even grammar.

I did a small fist pump to psyche myself up. I wasn't going to let this foul-mouthed Savior get us both killed.

“Pick a goblin and I'll back you up. Together we can easily take it down.”

He sneered at my plan.“Heh. That's only if you're slow-ass magic will get there before I squash their eyes out.”


My face warped into one of disgust. “First of all—ew, and second of all—stop wasting our time. There's a good chance more of those goblins are hiding inside that cave.” My money's on it being something a lot worse than a goblin, though. I would prefer not to be here long enough to find out.

Raze didn't respond, instead speaking with his toes as he once again leapt over ten feet in the air.

The sight filled my mind with wonder.

So… What does that ability actually do?

I turned on my own scanner and took a glance at the abilities I got from [Skill Share].

The Rabbit (Rank 0): Allows the user to jump up to twelve feet in the air. Bestows the characteristics of a rabbit and grants increased attack power to all kick attacks. Once maxed, the user can leap up to twenty feet.

“Ah, so that's why he's going for kicking attacks. Well, he doesn't have a weapon so it makes sense.”

Raze already directed his attack from the sky at the same goblin once again, the results would be the same unless someone intervened—and of course that “someone” had to be me. A ball of flames smashed into the goblin’s chest, knocking him to the ground. Before his flesh began to boil, he was met with the kiss of death that was the full force of Raze’s foot as it penetrated through his face, bone, and all.

“Sick! That got me up to level 3. Now…,” He pulled his head back and turned around to face the other two goblins with a sadistic grin that was just plain creepy.

Sigh… Not even a “Thanks”...

I watched as the other two goblins' confidence slowly crumbled in the face of the one who crushed the skull of their kin with his boot.

I hurled another [Fireball] and it sent it towards the dagger goblin.

“That should signal Raze to go in on him while he's knocked down just like...last time…? What is he doing?!”

Raze had leapt into the sky again, but he didnt go for the easy picking target that I had delivered to him on a silver platter. No, he went for the goblin shaman behind him, almost reenacting the exact same scenario that had caused him to break his leg. It was as if history repeated itself…


He curled into a ball and rolled on the ground back and forth, still cursing.

It was almost comedic.

The dagger goblin wasn't laughing this time. After recovering from the [Fireball] attack, it slowly approached the whaling Raze. With Raze’s back to the goblin, it took its chance and drove the dagger right into Raze’s back… Or at least, that was what the goblin’s plan was…

“Hah! Gochu now, bitch!”

With his uninjured leg, Raze swept the goblin off his feet, causing him to tumble into grassy ground. Raze, now sitting with his legs crossed, delivered his first punch into the goblin’s downed head, and then another, and another, and another, and another, and another…….

Well…guys are pretty nasty, after all… Or maybe he's just one of a kind. —Eeeek!

I covered a hand over my mouth, resisting the urge to puke while Raze mercilessly pummeled his fists again and again into the goblin’s skull. The goblin had already been dead for quite some time, but Raze didn't cease unleashing his fury until his clenched-fists were dyed a deep shade of green. Now that’s a lot of goblin blood.

“Ahhhh… Level 5. Now onto the next!” His voice was oozing with vitality.

He swept his bloodthirsty gaze upon the goblin shaman, who was now cowering with fear at the entrance of the cave, looking for an out.

“I'm not going to let you!” I shouted.

It’s my turn to shine!

I sent another [Fireball] to the fleeing goblin, but it actually had decent reflexes and narrowly avoided the attack. The fireball, however, did collide with the staff it was holding, knocking it to the ground.

The shaman did a double take at the cave and then at the staff. His decision was decided by the swift boot of Raze who crushed the purple orb under his sole.

He was only able to just get up thanks to my healing. I really hope he thanked me properly after this.

The goblin shaman fled into the cave, becoming one with the darkness.

“I need more XP! Come back you little shit!” Raze shouted.

He ran right after the shaman and into the cave of darkness before I could even say a word.

“Well, I think he will be fine. Those goblins were not that high of a level anyway. much are we getting from this again?”

I pulled the quest out of my satchel and mulled over its contents.

“Hmmm… So ten silver pieces, I guess that is fine.”

That was enough to at least afford lodgings and dinner for a few nights. Plus, I had my own money as well—well, what remained of it.

I was about to tuck away the quest when something in the corner of the paper caught my eye. There was a little black arrow pointing to the back of the paper. I quickly flipped it over.

So my original suspicion was correct. We might be in trouble.



Raze’s voice boomed from inside the cave.


The voice that screeched behind him definitely wasn't human or goblin.

Raze left the cave covered in blood.

My eyes went wide as I grabbed my nose with my thumb and pointer. There was a thick smell of iron wafting through the air. It was very repulsive.

“A-are you ok?” I was prepared to heal him again if needed.

Raze didn't even look at me as he ran right by. “Just fucking run!”

Wow, even he is scared of it. That thing must be strong. And he even seemed worried about me too!

I flapped my dark wings and shot towards the sky while Raze bounced up and down to keep up with me. I could still hear the shreikes in the back but they were starting to get more and more distant.

Maybe it's ok if I look…. Oh, what?! That’s so scary! Let’s pick up the pace!

A large withered dragon with scales as pale as I felt roamed outside of the cave, turning the grass field plains into noxious hell of verdant miasma. It didn't seem to attack anything in particular, almost if it was under some kind of spell or had simply lost its mind….

I decided use my scanner again:

[Name: Ezekiel the Plague Belcher]—[Class: Afflicted Elder Scalelord]—[Level: 450]

[Skills:Skills: Flight (MAX)m Slave to the Amythestian Orb of the Lord of Clamity (BROKEN), Jade Rot (MAX), Hellfire Miasma (MAX), Pattern of Vile Rebirth (MAX), Stunning Roar (MAX), Anti-Appraisal (MAX),15+ Skills Hidden]

[Status: Stricken with Madness]—[Attack: 100,000]—[Defense: 35,000]—[Magic: 120,000]

I glanced back down at the quest that was grasped tightly in my cold hands. The image on it showed a dragon like this and a 500,000 gold piece bounty for its head. There were over twenty stamps at the bottom that said "failure" in red. The quest had only been issued last week as well. That meant that the dragon just showed up!

I guess it ended up becoming scratch paper for newbie quests unless….

“No, no, no. No way….”

I shook my head at the silly thought.

“There was no way they would give us this easy quest knowing it was connected to the dragon that was already this infamous. What reason would they have to send me off to my death…..”

My voice trailed off as I glanced down at my partner in crime. He was casually hopping his way across the plain, probably heading back to his town.

Those people! Wow! They are the worst! They saw us together! If they really wanted to get rid of him then this would be the perfect death quest.

I thought of the receptionist at the guild. I could imagine her laughing behind my back as I left. It has happened quite often since I left home.

“Grrrrrrrrr!” I clenched my fists so tight that I almost tore the quest.

Calm down, calm down, Komoria. I'm sure it's just a coincidence. There's no way they would send a young beast-kin girl and aspiring mage like yourself to her death just because you were hanging around someone that was worse than trash to them.

I took a few deep breaths and descended to the ground when we were a few minutes away from the town. I could fly for up to an hour before getting tired, but I had to fly low or else the creatures of the high sky would attack—and that was something I would avoid at all costs.

Raze deactivated The Rabbit, the bunny ears disappearing along with it.

I tried to cheer both of us up after that narrow escape. “I'm pretty proud of you for not trying to fight that dragon. Did you use your scanner for once to see how strong it was even while being controlled by those goblins? That thing has got to be one of those ‘Nation Breakers’ that the Lords of Tyranny send out to conquer cities for them and deliver their wrath. We are pretty fortunate to get away.”

“The fuck you talken about?” Raze crossed his arms and frowned. “I didn't run from that weak-ass lizard, and I sure as hell didn't waste my time to view his shitty stats. The reason I ran away was because he reeked of dead meat and shit. I have a real sensitive nose and that shit smelled terrible. Ughhh… It hurts me to even think of it...”


I couldn't hold back my reaction. He really was a troubled child. What in the world is wrong with him?

I wore a fake smile while my eyebrows jumped up and down rapidly.

This guy… He doesn't learn at all! Well…atleast I learned that he does have some sort of weakness that I could exploit to convince him to act like a real savior in the future…

“The reason doesn't matter anymore. Let's just go collect our reward. The goblins are all dead, right?”

He grinned like a demon. It was befitting of someone like him.

“You betcha! That shit was so fun to watch. There was this purple aura that was leaking out of the dragon's chest and he started crushing all of the red goblins in sight. I think he killed over 50 in a few seconds—and that was without that smelly breath of his. That's nothing compared to me, but it was a fun sight to watch.”

“Welp, let's just get our money and move on,” I replied with, my voice as dry as the desert.

This is going to be a long long journey.