Chapter 1:


The Knots of Time Flows


In the midst of Tashruk’al Forest—an isolated forest shrouded by mist—an appearance of a shadow of a creature bigger than human, walk with two feet, has been seen several time by pass by merchants. Another one said that they saw a shadow moves with an incredible speed throughout the mist.

The rumor spreads out between the merchants and eventualy reach the common human ear. It adds another rumor about the mysterious thing happening in the peculiar fog of Tahsruk’al Forest
A sanctuary, filled with bright element stone hanging on its ceiling. Sea of crowds was seen filling their spot tidily.

While its true it was crowded, we can clearly saw the vairety of the audience. From the Holy Knights, knights, footmen, clerics, mages, until the citizen themselves attended this sacred event. Stood in front of them, one long row of priests with in their middle was the High Priest himself.

That big room was full of silence. A scroll of paper was then brought from one of the priest to the Hight Priest. He started to read the scroll, mentioning name after name—a name of the candidate for something sacred.

Until the last name was mentioned, the crowds were silent. Then, a burst of happines break out from the gathered tenses in the audience.

While they were happy because finally the sacred legacy would again continue, among them, stood in a knights row, a girl with a black purplish hair and blue eyes. Her expression was stiffened. A drop of sweat fell down from her temple. She neither happy nor sad—She just surprised.

The High Priest finally mentioned the candidate of something very important for Harthoria Kingdom, and she was one of them, the candidate for The Sacred Cross.
Tap tap tap tap tap

Someone’s step could be heard in a hallway.

Dims of lights were accompanying while the step sounded like it became more frequent as if it was hastened. The crescent showed itself after some clouds covered it and continue its reflection of sun rays until the light pass through the building’s windows.

A shadow running passed through that ray.

Tailing the shadow, we could see a boy, wearing a backpack, running unsteadly like a person who just wake up.

He turned in the intersection just ahead of him, and continue running. Passing class by class, entered a lobby, then from there he managed to arrived at the school's gate.

By the time he opened it, the surrounding turn pitch dark. He fell off afterward with a “What? This again?” face.