Chapter 53:


Couple That Can't Touch

I sat at the table in front of Koji. We chatted about him moving into their new apartment and Hisaki's job at a veterinary clinic. He then asked me about the bakery situation and told me he had an idea. But, before that, he wanted to tell me something.

"My parents have been struggling recently trying to keep a business partner. Turns out that partner is my father's cousin, but that doesn't matter. The important thing is that it doesn't seem like my father is going to pay the money his cousin is asking for, but my parents can't afford to lose the partnership because it's the most popular bread brand in Japan."

My brain quickly recognized that phrase.

"What a coincidence," I said.

"What is it?"

"The shop I told you about, that has been taking our customers away, is from that company."


I nodded. "Did your dad tell you about the partnership?"

"No. I overheard a little before I moved out of the mansion."

"Did you spy?"


"Bad Koji."

"Sorry. I won't do it again."

"Good," I smiled. "So, what's your idea?"

"The reasons why my parents don't want to break the partnership are that it will give the restaurant a bad reputation and it will hurt my father's pride. However, probably the major reason is that they don't know who to replace them with."

I think I know where this is going.

Koji continued, "After you told me about your parents' situation, I thought for a couple of days and had an idea."

"You want my parents to be their new partners, right?"

"Exactly. What do you think?"

I looked down at the table. "I'm not sure. I believe my parents' baking is one of the best, but they are only known in the neighborhood. And I don't know how it would affect them to be partners with a world-famous restaurant chain."

"I don't know either. But why not try? I'll simply recommend your parents' bakery to my parents and they will make the decision."

Thinking in silence for a while, I sighed and smiled, "Why not? Let's see how it goes."

"Great. I'll tell them today."

"Sure. And I also have an idea."


"Otsune—Miku…. Your sister," I stuttered. "You want to meet with her casually, but that's not going to happen. We need to do something for it to happen."

"What do you suggest?"

"I'll tell my sister about the situation and ask her to invite your sister to dinner at our house. Then you'll arrive and talk with her."

Koji's face showed a bit of concern. "Are you sure?"

I nodded with a smile. "I'll also tell my parents so that no one is at the house and the two of you can have some privacy. I'm sure everyone will understand."

Frowning, he looked down. "I'm not ready to meet with her, but I'm sure I may never feel like I am. Let's do it."

"That's the spirit," I smiled. "And you already talked to her. Yes, you were in my body, but doesn't that still count?"

"A little."

We giggled and stared at each other in silence for a moment.

"What now?" Koji asked.

"I don't know. We're alone. We can do whatever we want…"

His cheeks flushed a bit. "Suzuka, no."

I chuckled. "I'm just kidding. But why did you say no right away? Don't you want to try anything?"

He suddenly stood up and walked away.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"I'll cook something," he said as he opened the fridge. "I didn't know you could make those kinds of jokes. Only a couple of months ago, the mere thought of sex used to make your face red."

My face turned red in an instant. "S-Sex?! I was talking about holding hands, cuddling, or kissing; not sex! Pervert."


After the mortifying assumptions were cleared up, Koji started cooking and I helped him a bit. We finished twenty minutes later and ate. Hisaki arrived at the apartment not long after and reheated the portion we had left for him.

Since they didn't have many things to do in the practically empty apartment, I stayed with them to chat for a while. It was fun.

However, Hisa and Rem sent me a message in the afternoon: they asked me to go with them to dinner with their families. They quickly solved my confusion by telling me that they had arranged the dinner to announce their relationship to their families. Without a doubt, I accepted.

I left the apartment and returned home to get ready. It was going to take place at a normal restaurant, so I simply showered and put on casual clothes and modest makeup.

An hour later, Rem arrived with her mom, dad, and little brother in their car. I got in and we headed to the restaurant in the center of Tokyo.

I never understood how an entire family could be as kind and peaceful as Rem's. I was sure they were going to approve of Hisa's and Rem's relationship. However, I was nervous about Hisa's parents. Her dad, specifically.

We arrived at the restaurant and stepped inside, where Hisa and her family were already waiting. Everyone greeted each other and sat together at a big table in the corner. I knew I wasn't going to say much, yet I knew just by being here to support them was going to help.

The dinner was going great. We chatted about family, vacations, jobs, and life in general. Everyone seemed happy. Until Hisa and Rem stopped the conversation. Sitting together, they nodded at each other.

"Everyone, can Rem and I take a moment to say something?" Hisa said.

Everyone became silent in confusion and stared at Hisa.

"There's no need to explain much, so I'll say it straight away: Rem and I are dating."

Shocked, everyone stayed silent, looking at Hisa and Rem. Except for Hisa's dad, who seemed more angry than surprised.

Rem continued, "Yes. We've been attracted to each other since middle school and we've been dating for two years now. We are not doing it on a whim; we love each other."

It was the first time I heard them say they loved each other; even I was surprised.

Without saying a word, Hisa's dad stood up and walked out of the restaurant and we merely looked at him as he did so. No one wanted to say anything.

"Remiko, we didn't expect this at all," Rem's mom said. "I think I speak for your dad and myself when I say that we are a little heartbroken because you were hiding something like this from us. However, since you're sure of your feelings, we support both of you."

Rem's dad nodded.

Her smile couldn't get any wider. "Thank you!"

Then we all stared at Hisa's mom, who showed no emotion. She glanced at Hisa and Rem before closing her eyes and sighing.

"I'll be honest, I don't like this. I can't understand why and how it happened, but I guess it's pointless to think about it. I won't support you, but I won't go against you. I'll merely tolerate it."

Hisa and Rem sighed in relief.

"Thanks, Mom," Hisa smiled.

"I can't speak for your father, however. You'll have to convince him on your own."

"I know. Rem and I expected his reaction. We know he'll never like this, but we'll get him to tolerate it."

"I doubt you'll achieve even that."

"We don't care," Rem said. "Even if he never approves, we are going to stay together because we love each other."

Out of nowhere, Rem's mom squealed.

"Mom?" Rem asked.

"Sorry. I never expected you to say something as bold as that. How I miss my young days."

"Don't we all?" Rem's dad added, hugging Rem's mom.

They are so peaceful even in a situation like this.

"Hisako, we shall leave," Hisa's mom said.


"Do you want to leave your father alone for this long?"

Hisa remained silent. Her mom stood up.

"Mr. Masuda, Mrs. Masuda, we enjoyed eating dinner with you. Let's repeat this someday. As long as there are no surprises like today's."

"Sure," Rem's mom smiled. "Have a good night."

"Goodnight. Let's go, Hisako."

It was obvious she didn't want to leave, but staying was only going to make things worse with her dad. She stood up and followed her mom, but I didn't want to leave her alone. Rem was going to be fine with her family, but I wasn't sure about Hisa.

"Mrs. Hashimoto," I called. "Is it okay if I go with you?"

She stopped walking and turned around to look at me. She then glanced at Hisa before sighing and continued to walk without saying a word. Hisa and I understood that as a yes.

We arrived at the car, where Hisa's dad was sitting in the passenger's seat at the front. He glared at me for a second as I got in. Everyone in Hisa's family had a glare that could kill anyone.

Hisa's mom started driving. The tension could be felt in the atmosphere. No one said anything. Hisa simply held my hand tightly.

"Suzuka," Hisa's dad called without looking at me. "Did you know about this?"

"I did, Sir."

"Did they tell you or did you find out by yourself?"

"They told me."


"Two months ago."

"I see."

And like that, he didn't say anything else. We arrived at my house with no more words said. It was time for me to leave Hisa.

"Thank you for the ride," I said. I opened the door but didn't walk out. "I don't want to meddle more than I should, but I need to say that Hisa and Rem are very happy together. Obviously, everyone was going to be shocked, but they complement each other perfectly, no matter that they're both girls. The only thing I've seen them worried about is their families. They aren't even asking for your support, just your approval. That's all."

Without looking at them, I got out of the car and walked to the door of my house. They drove off once I arrived. My legs started shaking and I almost fell.

I need to sit down.

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