Chapter 7:


Sharply Cold at Zone

I calmly listened to the water that spat out from the fountain, Kojima-san continued to talk to me while almost leaving no space in between us.

“You’ve changed,” hearing this made my eyebrows frown.

She doesn't remember me being this cold-hearted, back in middle school I was an easy person to talk to.

“Kojima-san, what happened in middle school is not my problem.”

She looked me in the eyes with this harsh expression, the environment around us felt heavier, it felt like time stopped for a couple of seconds and breathing became harder. Of course, I didn't budge and looked at her calmly.

Seeing my calm yet careless eyes that looked directly at her, she became angrier.

“YOU ASSHOLE!” She cried out while throwing a right hook at me. I anticipated this and moved my head away, as she hit me once before from this distance.

I learned martial arts from the age of 8 and quit after my graduation ceremony because I thought I was going abroad. She was in the same martial arts class as me for all those years so she was like a childhood friend of mine.

She is mad at me because I rejected her in middle school, she told me that she had this crush on me for a while and she finally mustered up the courage to ask me out. I simply told her that I didn't want to date anyone, because I cared about her and didn’t want our relationship as friends to end. But that wasn't the end of it.

A couple of months passed and I started to have feelings for this girl in my class, I knew she liked me as well so we started going out. During this time no one but Kojima-san knew that we were going out, she stalked me all those months and found out I had a girlfriend.

‘Undercover-Lover’, she shouted while she trowed the same right hook at me. That's the name she gave me after confronting me about all this.

She was an open-minded, lovely, and friendly person. She changed since that moment, I had not seen her for the remaining month till the graduation ceremony as she withdrew herself from martial arts class. Our sensei got a note from her parents that stated ‘Private problems’, more than that wasn't written, our whole class didn't know the reason why she withdrew from class, only I knew what led her to that decision.

To follow up, she wanted to kick me but I managed to dodge it, but she expected that and she came with her elbow, this one I couldn't avoid so I blocked it with my arm.

“You haven’t stopped training, didn’t you?” I said.

She just looked at me, still with those hateful eyes full of anger. I had not expected her to be this fast, I reckon she trained harder after she left our class.

“What do you care!” She replied.

She was right, after middle school I became distant from many people. But she was different I still cared about her even after she left our martial arts class.

She trowed another punch at me, I grabbed her wrist and looked her in the eyes and told her, “I still care about you.” Hearing this honest response of mine, she started to blush and withdrew her punch.

She had not expected to hear that I still cared about her. I walked past her leaving her behind in the park, making my way back to my house.


I, Kojima Naoko, was left alone in the park by the person I hated most in my life.

I started to walk back to my home and couldn’t forget his last words.

‘I still care about you.’

‘I still care about you.’

‘I still care about you.’

‘I still care about you.’


He broke my heart and made me resent my whole existence then he showed up at my school to tell me that he cared about me?

But why did I feel this warmth inside my body when I heard those words…

Maybe he does care about me…

NO NO NO, he is a bad person I bet he lied about those words!

I will make him suffer like me!

I hate him.