Chapter 4:

Ch. 4: Cybercycle Durby

Neo Discadia: Rise of the Sewer Rats

Lights, camera, action. Spears held, shields braced, and engines revving. All the contestants were armed and ready to fight. but the fighting had already begun. Many were eliminated before they even got on their bikes. Speeding right along through the bodies was Neo behind the throttle, Johnny with the spear, and Erika on the defensive with the shield.Bookmark here

“what do we do now?” Johnny askedBookmark here

“try to catch them off guard, they probably don't consider us a threat but we'll use that to our advantage” Neo saidBookmark here

“yeah! now that's what I’m talkin’ about!” Erika saidBookmark here

“there!” Johnny said pointing out two bikers duking it out.Bookmark here

“hold on!” Neo said before making a sharp turn, making a b-line towards them. “which one?”Bookmark here

“that one, he’s not even looking!” Jonny said pointing out a trio that had a sports bike, a lance, and a great shield.Bookmark here

“Alright! Don't miss your shot!” Neo saidBookmark here

“don't count on it” Johnny said as he stood on the sidecar and placed one foot on its hood to get a better footing. He held the spear with one hand and raised his arm up and closed one eye. Then in an instant, the spear was airborne cutting through the air, making its way to the competition's front wheel causing the whole bike to flip forward launching the competition in the air along with their weapons. The bike crashed into the ground and a fireball ensued. Having to avoid the wreckage Neo made another sharp turn catching the full attention of the other bikers the one they just eliminated was fighting. They were riding on a quad bike. The same strategy won’t work twice. Not that they had a weapon to work with. Both bikes’ engines were running but the drivers weren't moving. They were sizing each other up to see if they could take each other on. but with their opponent weaponless, there was no way they wouldn't pass up the chance to take an easy pray.Bookmark here

“you guys ready?” he saidBookmark here

“re- ready- ready for what?” Johnny looked “uh man I don't know if you've noticed, but my hands are kind of empty.”Bookmark here

“look closer.” Neo saidBookmark here

Johnny turned and took a closer look and saw one of the bikers that went flying was lying ahead of them with spear in hand.Bookmark here

“ohhhhh. I get it now. Hehe ready when you are”Bookmark here

“Erika, you know what to do right?” Neo askedBookmark here

“don't ask stupid questions” she saidBookmark here

“alright. Stay ready, we’re going as soon as they go for the attack.”Bookmark here

But not long after he said it, the bikers charged forward. Then they charged as well. They were speeding towards each other in this cyberpunk motorbike game of chicken. Johnny hung over the edge of the sidecar holding himself with one hand so he could get as low to the ground as possible. He readied his hand but they were speeding way too fast. He reached for it, his hand grasped the spear but he wasn’t ready for just how heavy it actually was. His whole body jerked back. The strain on his body caused him to loosen his grip just enough for it to slip through his fingers.Bookmark here

“Abort! Abort! I missed the spear!”Bookmark here

“What?!” neo saidBookmark here

“It slipped through my fingers, we've got nothing! Abort”Bookmark here

Neo looked forward and they were barreling toward the enemy reach without a weapon, as he was about to turn away in another sharp driftBookmark here

“No! don't abort! keep driving!!”Bookmark here

“what?! with what?!” Johnny saidBookmark here

Neo looked at her and saw what she was readying her stance forBookmark here

“I've got this” she saidBookmark here

“okay… FULL STEAM AHEAD!” he saidBookmark here

“whaaaaaaat?! ohhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!”Bookmark here

Johnny did all but cover his eyes as he braced for the weaponless clashBookmark here

They were so close to the enemy they could see their expressions. Sinister grins as they thought they were just about to take out an easy target. They placed their lance square in the handlebars to take out Neo their driver. Chop the head of the snake and the rest will fall. The closer they got the more the crowd screamed. The tension was rising as the two bikes sped closer and closer to each other at over 50 mph. it was make it or break it. There was no backing out, they were much too close to swerve out of the way now. And finally, as the bikes were about to pass by each other, the enemy thrust their lance forward at Neo. But rather than making contact with Neo's flesh, and his death being televised for the whole world and Wendy to see, eliminating the three of them, it met with the edge of Erika’s shield. She parried the spear away at the last possible second and in one swift motion, using her whole body, she braced the shield with both arms in front of her and bashed it into the spearman's chest launching him into the air.Bookmark here

The crowd… went… crazy!!! They couldn't believe it, they just saw a couple of kids win a standoff with nothing but a shield. Nothing like that had ever been done before.Bookmark here

They sped up so that they could catch up to the guy that Erika launched. Still airborne Johnny grabbed the spear off his hands.Bookmark here

“thank youuuuuu” he said as he snatched it from them “now were armed and ready to rumble!”Bookmark here

but as they scanned the field, all they saw were motorcycle wrecks, blood pools and fireballs. And the one responsible for it all, the behemoth that has had beef with Johnny since the back of the line. Stood towering over his teammates wearing a sinister grin. He lived for the blood sport that were these games. He had no qualms about taking human life. it was all for fun. In his eyes, the moment you step in the ring, your life is forfeit.Bookmark here

“they’re the last team standing, if we take them out, we're home free!” Neo saidBookmark here

“Yeah, easier said than done, look at that guy! He's HUGE!” Johnny saidBookmark here

“whatever happened to taking them out with one hand tied behind your back?” Erika saidBookmark here

“I said probably!” Johnny replied.Bookmark here

“guys focus! David beat Goliath. he said gesturing to Johnny David…” then he gestured to the behemoth “meet Goliath”Bookmark here

Johnny looked at the behemoth and then pictured himself with a sling knocking him out and how cool he'll look standing over his body. His nostrils flared as he puffed out pure steam; he was fired up.Bookmark here

“Alright guys no more lollygagging, let’s do this!” Erika saidBookmark here

when suddenly, the behemoth crashed into them pushing them back like bumper cars. They tried to get away but with every impact, they got slower and slower. These bikes weren’t designed for this. It was sustaining damage. This was the difference equipment made. In terms of raw capabilities and power. They were completely outmatched. They just kept getting pushed further and further onto the edge of the ring. Neo tried to break for it to try to gain to distance but the behemoth was already on them. side by side they were circling the outer edge of the arena. Johnny tried to swipe at him But the behemoth grabbed the lance in the air and snapped it in twain. Then he grabbed Johnny by the facelifted him up and started squeezingBookmark here

“Johnny!” Erika cried. She vaulted out of her sidecar and, while making sure to hold onto it with one hand, extended her entire body to land a decisive kick. But the thing didn't land. The behemoth grabbed her foot now focusing all his attention on her. For such a hulking brute he was surprisingly fast. He let out a smile and started laughing as he reached for his spear. He grabbed it and thrust it forward at Erika’s face. She shut her eyes bracing for the blade. Bookmark here

“NO!” Neo criedBookmark here

It was all over in a matter of moments. When Erika opened her eyes, she saw the tip of the spear hovering mere centimeters away from her. she looked and it was Neo holding him back with one hand. But Neo's not that strong she thought. then she noticed his hand hovered over the behemoth's skin. Erika quickly realized what was happening and she needed to act fast before more people started noticing. She let go of the cart and used the behemoth's grip on her leg to pivot her entire body to land another kick and slam him on the face with her heel just as Neo let him go. The beast dropped his spear and let go of Erika’s foot. And Johnny used this golden opportunity to attack from behind wrapping his arms around the behemoth and using all the strength he could muster to go beyond his limits to suplex him over the edge of the arena. But as he went flying, he grabbed onto Johnny's collar. If he was gonna go, he was gonna take somebody with him. Johnny went into the air as well as the behemoth slammed and rolled onto the ground slipping and falling over the edge taking Johnny with him. But Johnny wasn't gonna go so easily. At the last possible second. He grabbed onto the ledge holding onto dear life with his and the behemoth's weight weighing down on him. he tried to kick him off but it was like kicking a rock. It was pointless, he wasn't budging. He was in a desperate situation, and he couldn't do this forever. Johnny was clearly strong, but he wasn't that strong.Bookmark here

“Neo!” Erika cried. Neo pumped on the breaks sending the enemy vehicle careening off the edge of the arena. But to swerve the bike around would take too long. They got out and legged it to Johnny. And made it just as he was letting go. Erika dove to the ground grabbing his hand. But the strain was too great. She couldn't hold Johnny and the behemoths weight for long. But it wasn't long before Neo made it too to help. But even between the two of them, it was a struggle. Johnny looked at them and said. “guys, it’s okay” Bookmark here

“SHUT UP JOHNNY!” they both said in unison Bookmark here

“NOW IS NOT THE TIME!” Neo saidBookmark here

“JUST TRY TO GET HIM OFF OF YOU!” Erika saidBookmark here

“it’s no use. I’ve already tried. He’s not letting go… but you two should.”Bookmark here

“NO! I won't LOSE ANYONE ELSE!” he said letting go one of his hands to use his power again
Bookmark here

“Neo DON'T!” Erika saidBookmark here

“it doesn't matter if they see! it’s like you said! They'll protect us!” Neo saidBookmark here

Erika looked at Neo and nodded her head. She held onto Johnny with all of her strength going beyond her limits to pull this one off.Bookmark here

Neo held out his hand and he could feel the behemoth's tight grip on johnny’s ankle. One thing's for certain he wasn't letting go. Going beyond his limits, Neo could feel his hand wrapping around every individual finger in the behemoths. The behemoth could also feel the sensation of a person’s grip on all five of his fingers. He felt his grip loosening. And then in one swift motion. The sensation of every single bone in every single finger breaking and snapping into all different directions, Obliterating his grasp on his final lifeline. Like a catapult where the behemoth was the tension, the moment his leg was free Erika lifted Johnny onto the stage in one swift motion. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

All at once, they realized they were safe. They were all safe. And the crowd went ballistic!Bookmark here

And that's why it's not about the gear, but the person behind it.Bookmark here

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