Chapter 5:

The Runaway

Roeyan Saga

                                                                          Ghalv I

When he detonated the bomb, Ghalv should have been elated. He should have felt justified in his revenge. But he felt nothing, just an empty void. Specks of red liquid started to trail down the dark canvas of his mind, soaking it, changing it. He looked at his hand in disbelief. There was nothing but blood.

He watched the soldier in the armoured suit fly towards the bridge, paying him no mind. "After they shot me, they just leave..." Ghalv was left befuddled.

He looked at the sky and took in a deep breath.

"I don't plan to die. I didn't die during the experiments so I sure as hell won't die here," he said grimly.

Ghalv tore part of his shirt with his teeth to use as bandage for his hand. He expertly wrapped it around his hand, being wounded came with the job after all. But no matter how careful he was, the blood quickly soaked through the material, trails of the red liquid started to trickle down his arm onto the pavement.

Just as people started to gather because of the fire in the horizon, Ghalv put his helmet back on and hopped on the motorcycle.

Not even a minute passed by and he could see police vehicles on his motorbike's monitor. He quickly increased the plasma propeller but the more time passed, the blurrier his vision got."Side effects of blood loss...At this rate I'm really gonna die this time. Maybe that's their plan. They noticed my bloody wrapped stump and are buying time. I don't blame them, I would do the same." Ghalv couldn't help but admire his enemies' cruel scheme.

More and more police vechicles appeared from behind. "Look for it, look for it... I gotta find a way out. They're planning to corner me by leading me to the highway where there's no narrow street to escape to. No narrow street, means no underground tunnel. No escape."

Ghalv was aware that once he got in the underground tunnels, it would have been really difficult for the police to capture him. All police cars had flying mechanisms, which were prohibited for civilian use. Underground those flying cars would have been rendered useless.
"It's this or nothing !" Ghalv put the motorbike on auto-pilot and jumped off it. The vechicle crushed into the police cars with accelerated force. Its plasma propellers started burning the cars, melting the metal and reaching the engines.

The officers started panicking with a feral fear of death. The burned officers jumped from their cars screaming in despair, but they fell to their deaths, crushed on the pavement. Those that didn't jump didn't survive much longer, once the heat reached the engines it instantly ignated an explosion.

Human parts stained the pavement, there was gore and scorched flesh everywhere. There was even skin with hair still attached to it.

Ghalv didn't look back at the massive explosion but he could feel the heat from meters away. The heat was so intense that it singed the ends of his fur. He just continued to run until he found a sewer hole. Ghalv quickly drew his laser gun and shot throgh the metal cover. An iridescent golden-like liquid sprang forth from the impact. The melted metal became a liquid fire.

Ghalv didn't have time for it to cool down so he just jumped right into the sewer surrounded by newly created molten metal.

The tiger chimera landed with a thunderous thud. Immediately, excruciating pain from his kness zapped his nerves like an electric shock. His brain sent pain signals throughout his body. The impact was so strong it made him fall on his back. Ghalv started to hyperventilate, his breathing became laborious and painful. He squezzed his chest to slow down his breathing. His wheezing sounded like death.

He waited for what seemed like an eternity to get up. The slightest movement drained most of his energy. Ghalv slowly started to get back up on his feet. His whole body ached but the most dangerous was the brain fog he was experiencing. His vision was even blurrier now and it became difficult to process information.

He walked with one hand trailing the tunnel wall so he wouldn't fall while he kept his stump close to his chest to limit more blood loss.

Ghalv thought back to the screaming officers burning to death.

"Heh, the police got what they police deserved. Even so...I didn't enjoy seeing their suffering, unlike how those scientist freaks enjoyed mine," Ghalv laughed grimly.

"Well, well. What do we have here? A sewer rat decided to gift us with his presence!" said a tall figure with a suspicious metallic briefcase coming out of the shadows like a specter of death.
"A high-ranking hunter, eh? You could have waited a little longer, I'm half dead anyway."

Roeyan Saga