Chapter 15:

Intermission-The Mansion

Cyberpunk Ghostwriter

30 minutes earlier

Amity and the others arrived at an old mansion, slated for demolition.

It had been built in the early 24th century but had fallen into ruin about a century afterwards.

They walked through the dilapidated building, which was empty and full of debris.

“Ok we’re here. Let’s go over the mission info one more time.”

The guide stopped moving and faced the group.

“According to the information we collected, the target is most likely a blade type apparition that appears under select circumstances. Think something like a kamaitachi or kuchisake onna.”

Amity, of course, had heard these names before.

The Kamaitachi was a Japanese yokai that looked like a sort of weasel with long sharp claws that cut people as they passed by. The other one was a bit more complicated. It was a creature from an old Japanese urban legend about a woman with a slit mouth.

She would ask people if she was beautiful, and if they answered no, killed them with a long pair of scissors. However this version changes depending on whoever tells the story.

“Of course it might be something else entirely, so keep yourself sharp.”

The man pointed at number 3 and 4.

“Take out the energy generation device.”

The pair took out a small round metallic disk with buttons and lights flashing on top.

“This device creates a small electrical field that allows you to power any device. You’ll need it to complete the mission. Remember Electronic devices won’t function properly while your in there, unless your near this, including your breakers.”

He pointed towards a small room ahead of them.

“According to the blueprints for this place, that room is the best place to enter into the shadowlands”

Amity was a bit confused about what she had just heard. She had never heard anything about the shadow land before. The others also seemed a bit lost, but none of them were speaking up, so she had to ask the guide to clarify.

“Wait, what is that?”

“Hmm? Oh right. You haven’t had any missions yet.”

He was visibly annoyed as he answered her question.

“When a supernatural element is materialized, it creates a sort of inter-dimensional zone wherever it appears. The people that are inside are trapped in an alternate plane of reality, similar to ours, but distorted by whatever’s causing it. The size of the area, and the contents change depending on what supernatural being is creating it. We call it the shadow landscape or the Shadowlands.”

“So what do you mean when you said that we’re entering in from that room?”

“We don’t have the time to look and wait until the next time the creature decides to show itself. So we have to forcibly trigger a response. Doing certain activities in certain places can trigger a doorway into the space where the creature is. For example things like pressing the buttons on an elevator in a certain way or something like flicking a light switch in a certain order or a certain amount of times.”

“How do we get back out, once we’re in?”

“Killing the supernatural entity or destroying the cause of the supernatural manifestation will send you back to the real world. Some creatures have secret back doors in their areas that let you escape if you perform specific tasks though.”

Amity was a bit hesitant about this situation, but decided she was going to have to do it. 

There was an opportunity to advance her plot right in front of her.

“What happens to people who die in the space?”

“They get sent out somewhere in the real world, usually around the place they entered.”

“Ok got it.”

“Then let’s get started”

The guide led them into the room ahead. It was an old musty place that was rotting and crumbling at the seams. There was some stuff that looked as though they might have once been furniture or decorations scattered and broken all over the room.

“Ok, Frank, set up the entrance.”

Frank nodded and walked to the center of the room and placed a small portable lamp, which they had prepared earlier.

“Once I’m outside the room, close the doors and turn the lamp on and off nine times. That will send you to the extra-dimensional space.”

“Wait a sec! You’re not coming with us!?”

“Well obviously. I’m just here guide and observe you. I’m not risking my skin for any of you.”

They were all a bit dumbfounded as the guide took off like the wind and shit the door behind him.

“That damn geezer!”

Frank shouted in anger with his face bright red.

“Once we get back, I’ll beat the crap out of him till he knows his place.”


“…just focus on the mission.”

Amity was a bit annoyed but she didn’t want to make a big fuss over it. She felt as though, if given the choice, she would probably want to stay back too.

She walked over to the lamp and started flicking the switch.


Nothing happened.


Still nothing.

Third time…

Hmm? The lights flickered for a second.

Fourth time.

Okay, now they’re definitely flickering.


The world started to look distorted.


The furniture was flickering around the room. Wait what?


Why are there crows in here!?


A bunch of hands burst out of the walls.



The world went dark.



When Amity regained consciousness, she awoke in the room with with a disoriented feeling.


When she looked around the room, she noticed major changes.

The whole room was now completely repaired, as if it was in it’s prime, and the furniture that decorated the room was completely different. Large paintings of unrecognizable subjects and velvet curtains lined the walls. The floor was a smooth wood and there was a small chandelier on the ceiling. The furniture consisted of expensive looking ornamental chairs and a large table in the center of the room.

“Time to get to work.”

Amity got off the floor and looked around for the other disciples.

Ugh, they’re already up. What a wasted opportunity.


Frank was sitting on the floor with the others with a nauseated look.

“Get up already.”

She gave one of them a light kick to the side.


“We don’t have time to sit around.”

Amity walked over to the door to the room and opened it.

The room she discovered was completely different from the ruined skeleton of a building that they had come in through earlier. It seemed to glitter with gold décor on smooth marble floors and pillars. There was 2 large staircases on either side of her, covered by velvet carpeting and black metallic railings. In the center of the room was a large stained glass window that made up a large portion of the ceiling.

“…It’s actually kind of beautiful.”

She moved her hand over the smooth pillars to get a feel of the smooth marble surface while circling the room.

Frank and the other disciples soon came into the room with nauseated expressions that soon turned into amazement.

“Damn, this place is sweet! I’m gonna get a mansion just like this when I get back! You girls think I should grab anything that looks good to bring back.”

“Can we even take anything from here back to the real world?”

“Who knows. Just do it.”

Frank started stuffing anything that he could fit into his pockets that wasn’t nailed down.

“We need to focus on the mission Frankie.”

Amity was annoyed with his carefree attitude towards their life threatening mission.

“We’re literally in a monster’s murder house.”

“Tsk, it’ll be fine. Just help me stuff this crap in my pants.”

Ok that’s it. Time to die.

She wasn’t confident she could take him out, but quickly decided it was now or never.

Amity slid her knife down her sleeve and got ready to attack. She pressed a button on it that caused the blade to split into three, the three blades now resembling a fan made of knives. Amity slowly walked over towards her distracted target, ready to strike.

A loud squishy noise rang out as a large chunk of Frank’s brain blew out of his head and splashed onto the ground and walls.


Amity sensed danger and quickly got down. A long whip-like blade passed over her, missing just by a hair, slicing through Frank and the wall. His torso slid to the ground, leaving only his legs behind. An eruption of blood ensued as his organs spilled out.

“Crap, I missed.”

“Aww…oh well, guess we’re gonna have to do this the hard way!”

Amity glared at the source of the unexpected attack.

“We were going to make it quick, but I guess slow is good too.”

“You didn’t think you’re the only one with a plan did you, Amity? Hahaha!”

“Damn it.”

Numbers 3 and 4 looked at her with a mixture of pity and mockery.

Number 3 pressed a button on the hilt of her sword, and the blade retracted to it’s original shape, a broadsword. Number 4 pulled out her weapon from some unknown holding place, a modified colt revolver and was aiming at Amity.

Amity readied her knife.

“So this was the plan the whole time?”

“Well yeah, obviously. You’re not the only one who has been working on ideas you know? We’ve got some big plans in the works, and we can’t let you get in our way.”

“So you knew this whole time?”

“Well ya, you kinda suck at hiding it. The only ones stupid enough not to notice were Frank and that idiot Elusia. We basically figured out what your plan was, and it’s a pretty big problem for us.”

“Hahahaha! So, anyway, we got orders to yank your ass! Too bad about Frankie, but he was going to be a problem sooner or later. Oh, well.”

Amity got off the floor and slowly got her breaker ready, preparing, while keeping her eyes locked on the two.

“Orders? From who? The Temple?”

“Like hell. Of course not. You’re still not getting the full picture. Aiming too low. This isn’t about the damn Temple or something like your petty little revenge scheme. This is way bigger, the biggest. In the end we’re going to be the ones on top.”

“Yeah! Revenge is for losers!”

“Of what?”

“Everything, Amity. Everything. And if you’re not in with the program, you’re in the way.”

Amity leaned up against the pillar, flashing them a sardonic grin.

“So your going to kill me?”

“Yup. What are you grinning about.”

“Sorry, it’s just so funny, the fact that you think you could even take me on.”

“What! You think you’re going to win? Against the both of us!? In your dreams, bitch! Don’t you see what we’re packin?! What are you gonna do, with your little knife?!”

The two numbers were now visibly annoyed and pissed by her arrogant candor.

“Yes, I think I will win. Do you know what your problem is? It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time.”


“You talk too much. Just shut up already.”

Amity threw her knife at number 4 and started sprinting towards number 3.


Number 3 quickly pressed the button on her sword and sliced horizontally across the room at Amity, while number 4 shot the knife out off the air.

Amity slid forward on her knees, bending backwards to avoid the incoming blade-whip which was cutting across the room, barely avoiding the side of the blade which flew over her face.


She disappeared from her position and rematerialized behind number 3 in a blink of an eye.

“And there’s one other thing.”

She quickly spun around with her momentum and held out her hand in midair towards number 3.

“It doesn’t matter what weapons you’re  using… Recall!”

The knife that was flying through the air flew back into her hand, through 3’s shoulder.

“If you only have one brain.”

She threw the knife into number 3’s head. It landed with a large crack as Amity landed back onto her feet. Number 3 went down.

“Three?! What did you do!? ILL KILL YOU!!!

Amity quickly ducked behind one of the pillars while 4 fired rapidly at her.

“Didn’t you say revenge was for losers? I told you I was going to win.”


4 walked over to 3 with tears streaming down her face.

“This is a joke right 3?! Your gonna be ok right?! Heal!”

She got on her knees and started firing off healing spells, to no avail.

No response. It’s just a corpse.

“No, no, no!”

“So what are you going to do now? She’s dead, and if you die, you’re plan fails.”


4 fired more shots in a frenzy at Amity, but they were all blocked by the debris that she was hiding behind.

“You still think you can beat me? One of the strongest magic users in the Temple, by yourself? Stop fooling yourself.”


4 slammed her fists into the ground in a frenzied tantrum, before suddenly stopping and falling silent.

“Hmm? Did you give up already?”

“No. But I can’t die here.”

4 ripped the knife out of 3’s head and tossed it away. She lifted up the body.

“But I’ll be back. I’ll be back. And I’ll fuckin kill you bitch!”

She walked over to the room where they came in from. She looked back at Amity with a crazed look.

“Let’s see how tough you are without this.”

She smashed the energy generation device onto the floor.

“Try getting out of this. See you soon, if you make it.”

She slammed the door and locked it behind her.

Amity walked out from behind the pillar and breathed out a sigh of relief.

“That was close.”

She picked up her knife and 3’s sword, that had been left behind.

“Now all I have to do is find a way out of here.”

She examined the broken energy device.

“Not happening.”

Suddenly there was a large crash as the stained glass ceiling shattered.

A large figure with long black hair that covered their facial features, wearing a large black coat crashed through the ceiling with a gigantic pair of rusty scissors that stabbed into the ground as it landed.

It was then that Amity remembered the situation she was in.

“Oh right…this was a murder house.”

The creature slowly looked up at her and spoke with a ominous voice.

“Am I pretty?”