Chapter 1:

Arriving in Tokyo

His Unknown Spawn

‘In the beginning…

The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity.

Until he decided to take a vacation…


Little does he know; he also left his daughter.

Who will stop at nothing to bring him back…’


Author: Previously on ‘His Unknown Spawn’

God: “Are you sure you want to do this, dear?”

Aradia: “Yes, Grandfather, I have to do this, I have to know where my Dad is, I have to see him”

God: “We will send you to Lucifer’s last known location, the rest will be all you”

*Aradia is brought to Earth before walking in ‘Lux and approaches Mazikeen*

Aradia: “Where exactly am I?”

Maze: “Sweetheart, you’re in LA in one of the biggest most popular nightclubs, America can offer”

*Maze notices Aradia’s wounds and drags her upstairs to question her*

Maze: “Who are you?”

Aradia: “I’m Lucifer’s daughter”

Maze: “Y-you’re Aradia?”

Aradia: “I’m here to look for Dad”

Maze: “He’s in Tokyo”

Aradia: “Okay, I’m going to Tokyo!”

Blank Screen

Aunt Maze took me shopping so I have a wardrobe full of clothes to take with me, mostly designer because The Devil Wears Prada.

“You are boring you know” Maze rolls her eyes. Sitting on the end of my bed crossing one leg over the other while leaning back on her arms she looks right at home… well technically this is her home. You know what I mean!

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“I mean THOSE are the clothes you’re gonna wear? T-shirts and Jeans?’ she asks in disgust as I give her a ‘What else am I gonna wear?’ look

Without another word Maze gets up from my bed and leaves my room. I stare at the door before diverting my attention back to folding the clothes. She returns moments later with a few more items.

“Oh my…” I look at the clothes in her hands. “Aunt Maze, I love you but there is no way I’m wearing these” I say picking up a t-shirt which shows more cleavage that anything else I’ve ever worn

“Honey,” she says placing the clothes on the bed and holding my arms. “You have a killer body, embrace it” she winks.

I laugh, “Aunt Maze, I appreciate it. But I wouldn’t be caught dead with these, and I’m immortal”

“You’re gonna regret saying that. You could meet some hot guys” she smirks.

I contemplate for a second. Been a while since I’ve had some fun, but I’m not going there to have fun. I’m going to find Dad.

Maze sighs before picking up the clothes, “Fine. But at least take this” she hands me a leather jacket.

She smiled and held the jacket so I could put my arms through. Once put it on I stood in front of the mirror and Oh My God… I looked hot!

I’m wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans with chains on it, so the jacket makes me feel like a real badass. And I’m the Devil’s daughter so I’m a natural badass.

“I’m gonna keep this”

We both laugh as I pose in front of the mirror checking every angle with the jacket on.

Aunt Maze wolf whistles making me laugh.

“That good huh?” I chuckle.

“You know you remind me a lot of someone” she says straightening my jacket from the back while maintaining eye-contact through the mirror.


“Lucifer” she replies with a sombre expression.

I turn around to hold her hands and lead her to the bed so we’re both sitting down.

“Please tell me something about him. I hate that I don’t know much”

Maze tucks a stray strand of hair behind me ear.

“Your Dad didn’t care about anything unless they were really close to him. He spent 15 years trying to prove to everyone that the Devil isn’t as bad as everyone made him to be. Whatever he was, whatever he did was because of God. He never hurt anyone unless they needed to be punished. He always took care of those around him if he really did love them. Oh and talking about Love he did have a lot of… friends”

“Okay. Eww. Don’t need to know about that side of Dad” I say in disgust as Maze chuckles.

“But I promise to make him and you proud, Aunt Maze. And I also promise to find him as soon as I can so we can all go back home” I grin.

“Of course. Okay now the serious topic. You’re going to Tokyo so there are certain things you have to remember”

“Okay” I nod and turn around so my legs are crossed as I give Maze my undivided attention.

Aunt Maze spent the next 15 minutes explaining everything to me. Okay, I know you’re thinking, geez Aradia you’re a Goddess so shouldn’t you already know every language to ever exist, and you’re right. One of the perks of being a Goddess.

But I’m going to have to keep my identity and gift a secret, so in order to do that I have to do, as you mortals call it, acting. And also I didn’t exactly pay much attention to these things since I was busy ruling Hell for the past 20 years. Cheers, Dad!

“Well done! You’re ready” she declared after I got the mini tests she threw at me right.

“Thanks, Aunt Maze. Okay it’s time for my flight” I say glancing at the clock.

She turns around to see the time before turning back to me, “Yes. Now good luck” she smiled before kissing the top of my head, “Oh one more thing,” she fished car keys out of her pocket, “You’ll need this”

She left without another word; she did have a pub to run. I, on the other hand, grabbed all the necessary things, including a Gold card which people use to pay for what they want. Apparently it has money in it, but how can it have money if it’s as flat as a piece of paper? Ugh. I’ll never understand these mortals!

Once I was outside, I got a taxi, which I didn’t take too long to catch, sometimes having killer looks help. Anyways I told them to take me to the airport. I got there only to realise that a private plane was waiting for me. How rich is my Dad exactly?

The interior of the plane was white, the seats were cushioned and could be reclined back so you could lie down. A flight attendant would come at the press of a button.. literally! This is so cool! We need these back home! Maybe I can convince Dad and we can use these to fly to Heaven whenever there’s a meeting, I get tired when I use my wings.

Should I use Puppy eyes?

I’ve heard that humans use ‘Puppy eyes’ when they want something. I just hope that’s not something that actually includes Puppies because if that’s true then that’s just cruel! I mean I know I’m cruel but I’m not heartless. I would never use the eyes of puppies to get something! Wait, but I’m sure that’s not the case here… right?

Okay now I’m bored!

The flight lasts 11 hours and 20 minutes! Argh! Maybe I should take a nap, with all the stress yesterday… and the way I arrived on Earth and into the pub I didn’t sleep properly. So I’m gonna sleep Night, Night.

‘Excuse me, Miss’ I heard and woke up groggily.

I stretch and yawn while rubbing my eye, my vision was a little blurry but quickly cleared up making it easier for me to see.

‘Yes?’ I ask the good-looking young gentleman shaking my shoulder to wake me up.

‘Forgive me, Miss, but we have landed’ he told me and I nodded before realising something.

‘What? Already?’ I asked.

He nodded with a slight chuckle

‘Wow. That was quick’ I smiled.

I went to grab my luggage from the overhead bin but realised I couldn’t reach, I heard the young pilot behind me chuckle, ‘Would you like some help?’ he offered politely.

‘Oh. Yes please. Thank you’ I felt heat rising to my cheeks.

Once he got it down he helped me out, ‘What’s your name?’ I asked.

He looked a little taken back, ‘Umm, it’s Robert, Miss’ he replied.

‘Well, Robert first of all please call me Aradia, secondly one of your greatest wishes will come true very soon’ I wink before waving him bye and entering the airport.

Oh I forgot to mention, one of my powers is that I can make anyone’s wishes come true. Gift from God, literally. And besides Robert was nice to me so I granted him his wish.

Once I was inside they checked my bags again before I left the airport and entered the fresh air. The sun was shining. The air smelt fresh. It was a beautiful day. I hardly get to see these, unfortunately.

I passed a car only to see a note with my name on it. Once I got close to it I remembered the keys Aunt Maze gave me and tried to unlock the car, it made a noise and it’s headlights blinked meaning it was mine! It was a really nice car.

The drive was so smooth. I can’t believe I was actually doing it! But there I was… and now I’m hungry! I stopped at a drive through and ordered myself some Lunch, I didn’t have Breakfast and I was so hungry anyone could mistake my tummy rumbling for thunder.

I found a nice quiet place and stayed in my car to eat; I was halfway through a burger when I saw something. A girl was being approached by 4 guys she looked uncomfortable as they cornered her.

Now the way I see it I had two options; 1. Continue eating my burger and satisfy my hunger before going into attack mode, or 2. I could… and they’re trying to force her in their car okay never mind we’re going straight to attack mode.

I walked quickly towards them making my presence known, ‘Hey! What do you think you’re doing?’ I asked closing their car door with my foot before standing in front.

‘Beat it girl! Before you get hurt’ one of them told me.

‘No why don’t YOU beat it before YOU get hurt’ I stood rooted to my place, they all laughed before one of them approached me, he tried to make a grab but I held his arm pulling him towards me, grabbing the back of his neck and putting him head first through the car window.

“1 down, 3 to go’ I say glaring at the 3 men.

The one holding the girl came charging towards me, but I sidestepped and he went straight through the other window.

The other two thought it would be best for them to come at me together but little did they know, I was fast. A crack is heard when I land a mighty right hook with a swift elbow to the jaw, the guy goes down like a sack of potatoes. For good measure I kick his face knocking him out cold.

I can tell the other guy is terrified but I decide to show some mercy.


Did you actually believe that?

I grabbed him just under the jaw and lifted him off the ground while ramming him into the nearest lamppost. I then dropped him and dragged him by the collar before lifting him to his feet and slamming his head against the windshield knocking him out cold.

And that Ladies and Gentlemen is how you deal with these fucking wankers! Without breaking a sweat might I add. I turned to the girl who was gaping at me like I was some sort of alien with two heads.

“Are you okay?” I ask placing a hand on her shoulder making her flinch slightly.

“Y-yes” she managed to reply.

“Do you want a lift?” I then proceed to ask her; she nods meekly allowing me to guide her to my car.

Once we got in I drove off, “What’s your name, girlie pop?’ I asked.

“Inaba Sakura” she replied quietly. I could see why she would be an easy target; we’re both the same height but unlike me she was more of a little ball of fluff.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Aradia Morningstar”

She looked at me confused before I realised that the surname goes first

“I mean Morningstar Aradia”

“Well t-thank you for saving me Morningstar-san’ she replies.

“Ahh don’t worry about it and call me Aradia” I smile.

She looks at me shocked.

“What?” I asked.

“But we barely know each other, how can I call you by your first name?”

I sigh shaking my head, “Well, we know each other’s names and I am technically driving you to your place, and I did just save you, isn’t that enough?”

She nods with a smile, ‘Okay Aradia-san’ she smiled wide, “Oh and you can call me Sakura”

I shook my head with a chuckle, “So, Sakura-chan, who were those guys?”

She looked down fiddling with her fingers, “Are you from around here?” she asks. Okay so I guess she’s not comfortable talking about it yet. No worries.

“No, I’m not” I reply, “I’m from LA. I’m here to look for my Dad” I explain.

“I hope you find him” She smiles.

“Thank you” I reply.

“So where are you staying?” she asks.

“Oh I’ll find a place. So far I’m pretty much homeless” I laugh.

Sakura looks at me shocked, “You can stay with me” she told me.

It was my turn to look at her surprised.

Is she actually offering me a place to stay? That’s… actually nice…

“Oh no! It’s okay, I don’t want to trouble you and your parents” I say.

“It’s no trouble. Besides, I live alone. I’m an orphan” she says quietly.

Looks like we have something in common, “Me too” I whisper. 

“Oh here’s my house” she says and we stop in front of a cute little house with rose bushes in the front. It had a really sweet vibe and I couldn’t help but smile. We both got out. “Please come in” she smiled and I nodded.

Sakura-chan this looks like the start of a beautiful friendship.

Haru Yumera