Chapter 1:

A Town of Rubble and Despair

Wicked Path

The sky is dark as coal. The distance has a resemblance of hell. Downfall the ash of the buildings burning slowly from all around. The area, empty of people but corpses lavish the land. Whos faces depict despair from those that have them. Bodies distraught of rot and pestilence. Blood of whom the bodies lay indistinguishable between whos is whos. Flies run rampant along with their kin with those along the ground. Slithering through, in and out of the bodies.Bookmark here

There only being one person who has none of the symptoms of the long dead that are slowly being disposed of. Chains and cuffs along the wrists of this man. who lays, on the dirt ground singed but not affected by the distraught in the area. His body has the appearance of one who extensively exercises but without exquisite nutrition. One's whos physique is refined by every crease. His clothes burned and singed but still intact as the shirt droops across his chest with one shoulder of the shirt missing. His pants roughed at the bottoms of the legs. He has hair that is roughed up but is darker than blood that stains the ground in the area. His body begins to glow with a radiant light that only be described as deviant. As its red-hued beams start to subside the body of the man now is covered in dark black tattoos with a pentagram depicted in the area of where his heart is located. The tattoos look close to how fire is perceived to look like from the shoulder to halfway down the forearm. The tattoos on his chest seem to spiral into the pentagram. The tattoos across his body begin to fade only leaving the pentagram on his chest not as dark as before but close to a dark shade of grey.Bookmark here

The man's eyelids begin to part revealing a shade of green that is perceived to be on a person that is very charismatic. He slowly moves his eyes looking around while shuttering his eyes as he raises his arm to cover them as if in pain. He does this as he sits up with one leg extended and one tucked under his other knee. He looks at the ground between his legs for a few seconds before trying to stand. As he stands up he studders as he tries to gain balance. Only studdering for a few steps before he gains his balance to begin to walk. While he is standing he looks around at his surroundings. He sees all the dead and decrepit bodies being eaten away as he walks through the village of destroyed homes and fire.Bookmark here

As he is walking around the demolished village he hears a noise of something that can't be human screeching then the sound fades to moaning and groaning unknowing of the source of the sound he begins to run away from where the sound originated from. The chains clinking and clanging as he runs frantically in and out of the ruins of houses. Until he hears screams of a person in the distance he was running from. He looks back as he thinks for only a moment until he starts to run to the screams of the person. As he arrives where the screaming is, he sees a woman that is being surrounded by these awful creatures as she sits on the ground scooting away from them as they slowly get closer to her. The man runs to the closest one to her and wraps the chain around its neck and begins to turn around into a 360 while flipping the creature over his shoulder slamming its head into the ground causing a blood splatter. The creature no longer moving as it lays dead on the ground. the women scream as another one goes to attack the man. He looks over his shoulder at the face of the creature as he dodges the swing of its arm. The man uses the chain again attached to his arm and swings it around the neck of the creature as he pulls away he throws the thing into a house where it gets back up and continues to come towards him he then does it to another that came close but this time throwing it into the group of them that where coming their way. He grabs the women by her hand as she stares at him in wonder.Bookmark here

He begins to run while still holding the hand of the women lifting her up into his arms as he runs away from the village into a field of nothingness. He keeps on running and running until he comes across a tree so far out of the village that the village is only a red blur in the distance. The area being a flat land with small hills that roll into the distance all around them. The area looks to be grassy with short grass that seems to be light green with a shade of yellow signalling that its either slowly dying or its starting to become winter. There is a dirt trail that seems to be used often with shoe imprints and horse tracks. He sets the women down and as he is doing that she says "i-i'm Alecia t-thank you for saving me I don't know what I would have done if you didn't save me" he responds by saying "is nothing I just did what should have been done" Alecia says back "but still how can i repay y-" she cut herself off "wha-what is your name?" he replies "my... name?... i-" he gets cut off by the sound of horses galloping on the trail towards them as if they were going to the village. He jumps up ready to fight the people coming towards them. When the group of people on horses stop and the man in the front gets off his horse. Wearing a full set or armour shiny and detailed in a way that only a kingsmen knight would have. The knight draws his sword as he comes walking towards him.Bookmark here

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Wicked Path

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