Chapter 15:

Ch. 15: Serious talks

Neo Discadia: Rise of the Sewer Rats

“uhhhhhhhhhggggg its gone! Its all gooooooone!” Erika said now back in their roomBookmark here

“well what did you expect? You just left them there in the middle of the crowd” Neo saidBookmark here

“well what was I supposed to do?! oh guys you go on ahead and look for her imma just go and drop these off in our room. I’ll catch up with you later, kay? hmhmhmhmhm” she said rapidly blinking her eyesBookmark here

“exactly, so quit your complaining, it’s not like you were In love with any of it anyway” Neo saidBookmark here

“I’m not complaining! I would have done it again in a heartbeat. I just wish I could have kept something!”Bookmark here

“oh, that reminds me” he reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out a snap back “here I snagged it off your bag earlier, but you can have it back”Bookmark here

“what!? oh Neo you’re the best! I’m not even mad you pickpocketed me” she said putting it on. Bookmark here

“how do I look?” she saidBookmark here

“like a million bucks” Neo saidBookmark here

“really?” she said standing up to look at herself in the mirror grinning and giddy to have something to show for her efforts. but when she saw Wendy on the couch sitting next to Neo in Johnny's jacket, she couldn't help thinking how bad things could have gotten, how easily their dream could have been torn apart. She looked at the snap back now pouting. “Well buddy it was nice knowing ya.” she said before walking over and gently plopping the hat on top of Wendy’s head “Here. After all, you’re gonna need something to match with your new jacket” she saidBookmark here

Wendy grabbed the hat from atop her head to look at it. then up at Erika, she gave her a big innocent smile. “totally worth it” Erika said to herselfBookmark here

Neo noticed Wendy slumping over on his lap “hey champ, you think its time to go to bed?”Bookmark here

“hmmm no not yet” she saidBookmark here

“hmmm is that so?” Erika said lifting wendy's arm only to let it go and see it slump back downBookmark here

 “Okay, let me just move you over on the couch so I don't accidently wake you” Neo said as he lifted her up and carried her over to her bed. Tucking her in and turning off the lights on his way out. Bookmark here

the air suddenly felt ten times heavier. As the crew was alone in the living room.Bookmark here

“you know, today could have been really bad.” Johnny saidBookmark here

“you know it’s bad when johnny's the one saying something like that” Erika saidBookmark here

“I knew I was right to be anxious.” Neo saidBookmark here

“You couldn't have known, besides we don't have the slightest idea of who that was” Johnny saidBookmark here

“but who else could it possibly be?” Erika saidBookmark here

“I don't know, people are sick here! you never know what they’re capable of” Johnny saidBookmark here

“you’re right, but what are the odds that out of everyone in that market to kidnap they choose Wendy...” Neo saidBookmark here

Johnny said nothing letting out a big sighBookmark here

“but why Wendy?” Erika saidBookmark here

“if they get Wendy, they get all of us. they know that. which is why we can’t leave her alone anymore, she’s not safe here.” Neo saidBookmark here

“you heard Marcus, she’s safe here. No one’s crazy enough to mess with us while were in here” Johnny saidBookmark here

“now you and I both know there is at least one person crazy enough to do it.” Neo saidBookmark here

“we’ll do what we need to do. We’ll be extra careful from now on.”Erika saidBookmark here

“yeah of course, but that being said, I don't know if anyone’s gonna wanna try anything after what we did today” Johnny said “they cleaned it up nice, sure, but words bound to spread throughout the underground, they’re bound to think twice before they try anything again”Bookmark here

“you might be right about that, but just in case. We can’t leave her alone, at least one of us has to be with her at all times.” Neo saidBookmark here

“but what about the games? We can't miss a single week” Johnny saidBookmark here

“I know, which is why im gonna drop out from the sponsourship so I can look after her while you two play” he saidBookmark here

“Neo... what?! you cant! Youll be bared from playing, weve only gotten this far because it was the three of us” Johnny saidBookmark here

“you guys are more than capable, and protecting Wendy is the priority.”Bookmark here

“no, keeping us together is the priority” Erika said standing up “Neo, without you on that field Johnny and I would be dead. You were the one who broke the behemoths grip and you’re the one who saved us when we were surrounded in Taser tag.”Bookmark here

“yeah, well you were thre one who kept a speak off my neck with nothing but a pot lid, and you” Neo said now pointing at Johnny “you’re the one that threw the behemoth off the cart to begin with and kept them off your backs at taser tag”Bookmark here

“that only worked because you were there!” Johnny said “both of those times I was on the verge of dying but you were there to save my ass!”Bookmark here

“it’s like he said…. all for one and one for all” Erika said Bookmark here

Neo winced, as a flood of memories flooded back “you can’t bring that up now” Neo said with a tear in his eyeBookmark here

“it’s true!” Johnny said slamming his fist on the coffee table “we trained as a team, and we work as a team, no matter what. We won’t survive without you, and you can’t protect her without us either”Bookmark here

“Neo please, you can’t drop out… we need you…” Erika said grabbing his hand. He stared at her hands enveloping his. And then Johnny rested his hand on theirsBookmark here

“it’s like he said, all we have is each other. We have to protect that at all costs”Bookmark here

Neo saw the fierce looks on their faces and he kept coming back to that same thought he said when they left the sewers. “there are no right answers… in that case… were gonna need a bigger lock”Bookmark here

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