Chapter 16:

My Daughter's First Training

I Didn't Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!

Today, it would be the first training for my cute daughter.Bookmark here

As usual, Cassie would be conducting the first explanation of magic. She’s a prodigy in magic, and she has been gifted with her intelligence ever since she was but a small child, based on what I heard about her childhood. I didn’t personally know her until we met as adults, in case you’re wondering. Bookmark here

“…Do you get it so far?” she elaborated.Bookmark here

“Err, Cassie… again, isn’t it too complicated for a 3-year-old to understand?” I reluctantly asked, “I thought you’d devise another way after you tried explaining it to Alt.”Bookmark here

She also explained it like that with Altaire. Back then, Altaire would just smile and said he’d understand. But, it was apparent that he didn’t fully grasp the theory!! I thought she’d get that and won’t make the same mistake again.Bookmark here

What surprised me that time was the fact that Altaire quickly understood the theory Cassie was explaining while he practiced. Bookmark here

Altaire is quite similar to Cass. He is undoubtedly, gifted. Although personality-wise, he is more like me in comparison to Cassie.Bookmark here

That’s why…Bookmark here

“Uhm, can I know how was Alt-nii back then and how far he can do it now?” she asked.Bookmark here

There it goes.Bookmark here

“Lyra.”Bookmark here

I put on my serious face to her, for the first time ever.Bookmark here

I don’t know how fast she’ll master this skill in comparison to Altaire. It doesn’t matter to me if she can learn it quickly or slowly. But, she might be burdened to be as good as her big brother. And that will not do good for her. I just want her to be herself, and continue to smile. I don’t want her to lose herself and her smile while chasing after the shadows of her big brother. Bookmark here

“W, what?” she stuttered.Bookmark here

“Listen,” I put my hand on her tiny shoulder, “you are you. Altaire is Altaire. No need to compare yourself. Even if you are siblings, you are still different from each other. So, just do things with your own style and pace.”Bookmark here

At that time, I saw her exasperated expression, and how it gradually turned into a smile.Bookmark here

Then, Cassie teased me about how I told Lyra that because I also experienced that “being-compared-to-your-sibling” thing.Bookmark here

Yeah, that plays a role in it, too.Bookmark here

I’d hate being compared to my older brother. I’d also hate it when anyone had a prejudice about me because of who my father is. Bookmark here

How I used to be a rowdy and rebellious child compared to my brother who behaved as the perfect noble. How I hated it when the others talked bad about me and fawned my two-faced brother. He was arrogant and merciless towards commoners. Exactly my father’s carbon copy, well needless to say, he was going to be the heir at that time.Bookmark here

I hated when people compared me to my father and concluded I was also the same as him. Bookmark here

That was why, back then, I…Bookmark here

Oh well, everyone had their respective dark past. I shouldn’t linger in mine for too long.Bookmark here

Anyway, my cute daughter looks cuter when she is trying her best, facing the mirror.Bookmark here

“Here I go!”Bookmark here

Ooh, she sounds pretty confident this time. I’m waiting for her to turn to me in anticipation.Bookmark here

And then… I can’t believe my eyes.Bookmark here

The image of my daughter, who’s changed her eye color, is overlapping with my mother’s image.Bookmark here

My mother, who I haven’t seen for so long.Bookmark here

The one who I’d like to meet for one last time, again.Bookmark here

To whom I made a promise that I couldn’t fulfill… Bookmark here

So, you’re not completely gone from my life, Firis.Bookmark here

You’re here, in the form of my daughter.Bookmark here

“Thank you, thank you for being born…”Bookmark here

I hugged Lyra tightly. I can feel my eyes brimming with tears. But I can’t cry in front of my family. I’m the head of the family. I must be strong.Bookmark here

But then, Lyra started crying.Bookmark here

I was worried I hugged her too tight, but she said that wasn’t the case.Bookmark here

I can’t think of why she cried, though.Bookmark here

Although, her cries made my tears spill.Bookmark here

And so, my daughter seems to be able to do well in her training. She might be gifted, as well. But I don’t want to sound like an oyabaka. I might be biased since she is my own daughter.Bookmark here

That night, I cannot sleep.Bookmark here

I opened the memento from my beloved mother, Firis, which is none other than her favorite pocket watch. I proceeded to open the inner layer of it, to view the hidden part, containing a picture frame.Bookmark here

In the picture, there were Firis and the small me, laughing happily.Bookmark here

If I remember correctly, Chloe took this picture in the flower garden of the old house. I was around 9 years old. At that time, her condition hadn’t worsened yet.Bookmark here

“Cyan, are you reminiscing of the past?” Cassie probably noticed that I couldn’t sleep.Bookmark here

“Mmm, yeah…”Bookmark here

She then hugged me.Bookmark here

“Would you like to share it with me…?”Bookmark here

I placed my hand on her slender arm. Bookmark here

“Won’t you get bored if I repeated the same story? I think I have told you most of my childhood stories, so…”Bookmark here

“Haha, not a chance. Go ahead, dear.”Bookmark here

I’m lucky to have her by my side. And to have Altaire and Lyra around.Bookmark here

“Alright, then it’s about this picture here… Back then, it was when…”Bookmark here

Firis, I’m… happy.Bookmark here

I wish you could have seen Cassie, Lyra, and Altaire.Bookmark here

But then again, if you were still here, perhaps I wouldn’t be able to be here as I am right now. I would totally take a different course in life. Bookmark here

Nevertheless, I am happy with my life as it is.  Bookmark here

------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

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