Chapter 24:

Final Episode- Epilogue

My Friend is a Harem Protagonist [Short]

Six Years Later

“This is just not working.” I said, looking at myself in the mirror.

“Let me see it.” Daichi said. He grabbed the tie from my grasp. “You can do mine so well but not your own?”

“It's just a weird angle.” I said annoyed.

“It's the nerves.” Ren said from the couch nearby. He and Daichi were in matching suits. “Come on its just another day.”

“I'm not nervous.” I said as Daichi finished the tie.

“Your hands are shaking.” Daichi said.

“Okay maybe I am a little nervous.” I said.

“Dont worry Riku.” Izumi said from next to Ren. “Its easy, just some vows and a kiss and then your married! Its easy.”

You may have figured out this was for my wedding to Kioko. However, you may not know why Izumi was in the changing room with Daichi, Ren, and I. You see, because of the event Kioko could only have three bridesmaids. As such I needed three groomsmen. I offered Izumi the spot on account of our work history. She also loved the idea of dressing like a guy for the day, said it was fun.

What work? Oh I got into Television, writing Tv shows. Because of that I began working with Izumi a lot. I also write a manga on the side, Kioko doing the art for it. We publish it under a pen name cause we just do it for fun.

“Alright man, this is it. Your big day.” Daichi said, putting both hands on each side of my face. “You got this alright buddy?”

“Can you stop squishing my cheeks?” I said, my lips pursed like a fish.

“No.” Daichi said with a laugh.

Of course Daichi was my best man, how could he not be?

“Alright, show time.” Ren said, jumping to his feet.

I walked that aisle, all eyes turning to me. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were already there. My order was Daichi, Ren, Izumi. Kioko’s side had Aoi, Saki, Maeko.

I stood at the altar and held my breath as the music began to play. I was watched at Kioko’s dad came out, walking Kioko down the aisle. She was gorgeous in her white dress. She wore the raccoon necklace I had given her for christmas, I wore the book one she gave me under my shirt.

Words were spoken, vows were made, and a kiss sealed it all. Thus, we moved to the reception. Our parents and friends made some statements about us, all heartfelt and only some sarcastic.

We walked the crowd talking to everyone we could. We spotted the gangs table.

“Is this Goro?” I said to Aoi.

“Yep, Goro this is my friend Riku.” Aoi said, introducing her boyfriend. They had gotten together not long ago, he was a beefy guy but was apparently a big plant lover. It was how they had met apparently.

Once we had discussed I spotted Maeko’s boyfriend, Itsuo. He was a part of a wealthy family like Maeko so they met through work. Apparently if they marry it could cause a massive merger that would be beneficial to both sides. Maeko liked him alot, that's all that mattered really.

“Congrats.” Himiko said, shaking both our hands.

“Don't be too happy.” Kioko said. “If we have a kid you'll have to teach it.”

“That will be one of the most sarcastic kids I will ever meet.” Himiko said, a shiver running up her spine.

“And don't think we are just having one.” I said with a pointed finger.

“You two will make me quit my job. I can feel it.” Himiko laughed.

Daichi and Saki sat together with everyone. They were not engaged yet, but I knew that Daichi was planning to pop the question soon. However, Toshi and Ren had already beaten us to the punch. They got married right out of college, though apparently kids were not in their future. Made sense since they both were career athletes.

Kioko and I returned to our seats after greeting everyone, and then shoved cake into each other's faces. I got her good, she barely got any on me. Well, until she grabbed a second piece and just smashed it into my unexpecting face.

Our wedding night was up there in moments for me. Every day with Kioko had been a blessing in disguise. I was thankful to have her in my life. Though the same could be said for every person who I had met. I am thankful that I have so many amazing friends who came to celebrate my wedding day.

I am thankful for the person I became, the one who was wise enough to go after Kioko that day. The one that was brave enough to kiss her. Of course, that was the me of six years ago, I am so much more than that now. Just like everyone, I grow with each day. I just make sure to be a better me every single day.