Chapter 8:

The Fight


“So we’ll just stay together until the Kami Naifu catch us? Or at least, me?” I asked as I drove the two of us back to my apartment complex.
“I’m sure that would work.” Meeshee replied.
I sighed, making sure to not consequently put too much power on the gas as we put distance between ourselves and the school. I honestly felt that, as soon as Meeshee left, I’d be used as a hostage, or just killed simply because I could be. But I swallowed that fear and stuck with the plan. Meeshee knew what she was doing, so I trusted in that. We got closer to my apartment, crossing the street and walking down the sidewalk side by side, passing by the other apartment complexes as we reached mine. I looked over at Meeshee and talked to her about the arrangements for the night.
“You already know where the fridge is,” I said with a smirk, “I’ve got a couch upstairs on the roof, so you can have the futon inside if you want.”
Meeshee nodded, but was silent otherwise as we neared the parking garage. Wordlessly we pulled inside, chose a spot in the dark of the garage, then we exited the car and closed the doors behind us as we thought about what lay ahead of us in the next couple of days. We almost got to the end of the parking garage, the stairs to the apartment lying beyond, when Meeshee suddenly grabbed my arm. I turned, a little confused.
“What is it, Meeshee?”
Meeshee only said one sentence in reply. “I think our time has run out.” I could barely hear her say it. So I hunched down a bit so I could get closer.
“What was that?”
Before I knew what was happening, Meeshee pulled my face in and kissed it, right on the lips. Something inside me snapped, but at the same time I had literally no idea what was going on. The next moment was just as, if not more, chaotic. Meeshee cried out as a pair of hands grabbed Meeshee from behind, pulling her away from me as a foot collided with the back of my leg, making me fall to my knees. Another foot sent a kick into my side, making me gasp and fall over.
“Tamaki!” Meeshee yelled, then a hand clamped over her mouth.
A couple seconds later, after being pulled back up to a kneeling position, I felt a familiar bag being pulled over my head, then everything went quiet. Before I went unconscious, probably due to some drug lining the bag over my head, I couldn’t help but smirk a little. We were in.

Next thing I knew, Meeshee and I were both sitting in the same interrogation room I was placed in a couple of days before. No coincidence the same man sat before us, but this time grinned a little bigger. He greeted us, much like before, but I could tell the man was more interested in getting things done today.
“Let’s spare formalities today, folks.” The man said in English with a thick Japanese accent, “you are both foreigners, so I’ll discuss things your way.” He said, gesturing a hand as though he was giving us a favor. I understood the meaning of his words when a hand came out of nowhere and slammed my head on the table, pressing me into the hard metal counter top.
“Where is the technology?!” The man across the table roared at me, jabbering some expletives in Japanese afterwards.
“Doesn’t she have it?” I said, looking over at Meeshee, my head being forced to look that way due to where it was on the table.
“Don’t play games with me, boy!”
The hand on my head pulled my head up and slammed it down again. I could see Meeshee looking at me, worried, coaxingly mouthing the words ‘hold on’.
“We tore apart your precious car, its scrap now! We tore apart your house! Your apartment! You think I would give one piece of-”
“Sir,” I said, causing the man to stop, “please don’t use course language with the lady here.”
Meeshee looked shocked at my resolve, but I got a smirk from her before the hand on my head pushed harder on me against the table.
“You think you’re so tough?” The man across the way said gruffly, his voice dangerously quiet. “Let me test your foreigner resolve.”
In an instant I was hauled back into a sitting position, my back to the chair, and Meeshee was hauled to her feet, one man grabbing one of her arms each.
“Cut her.” The man across the table spat, and an instant later one of Meeshee’s captives pulled out a knife.
“Hey!” I shouted, sounding so loud I got the three men’s attention for a second. I smirked, feeling a bit of confidence coming over me as I jeered them. “See you in jail.” Then I stuck out my tongue. The men across the room froze, shocked by what they saw. An instant later the whole room went dark, the electricity died. The next I shouted ‘NOW!’ and Meeshee grabbed the closest man’s gun. The room exploded with light, light that coursed in chains across the room from Meeshee’s hand. It leapt from the gun Meeshee was holding to the next man’s knife and gun. From there, the chain of electricity jumped to the man who had been interrogating us, his hands being on the metallic table. I leapt out of the chair and lay on the floor, makings sure I wasn’t anywhere near the metal chairs. After what felt like minutes, the men fell, the electricity stopped circulating, and everything was still. In the darkness, I heard Meeshee fall on the floor, her body crumpling in a silent heap.
“You ok, Meeshee?” I said, sitting up.
“Yeah.” Meeshee said after a moment, though she sounded hurt. “I’m fine.”
Meeshee had left her bracelet behind in some bushes at the school; we didn’t want the technology to be anywhere near where the Kami Naifu were. Meeshee put on a changed bracelet she’d made from her hiding place over the last three months, which she told me was a back-alley shack. It contained just enough charge to emit the pulsing blast the incapacitated the gang members just moments ago. She also had a small tracking GPS that Meeshee phoned in to the police as being the location of the Kami Naifu. The tracker was about as big as a watch battery, which she gave me very suddenly when she kissed me. With a little banging a couple minutes later, the police stormed the room, getting us up gently as they rough-housed the Kami Naifu gang members out. Turns out we were beneath a sushi restaurant, this back room originally part of the freezer unit, just a couple blocks from my apartment complex.

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