Chapter 26:

Year 3-4: The new couple

Is it ok?

“Guess what?” Yuri and Yuusuke called as soon as they entered the club room. They looked at each other amused, laughed and offered the other to begin.
“You go first Yuri-san, you´re the senpai after all.” Yuusuke offered.
Yuri smiled. “I asked Aiko out on a date.”
Yuki ran to his sister. “What did she say?”
Yuri held up theatre tickets. “She said yes. She even got these for us.”
“You seem to have good chances then.” Riku chimed in.
Yuri looked a bit offended. “Is there any way she couldn´t like me. I mean look at me.”
“Right.” Both Riku and Yuki said.
“Congratulations Yuri-san. I hope your date goes well.” Kiyoko smiled.
Riku turned to Yuusuke. “And what´s your announcement?”
Yuusuke started to blush. Riku immediately knew it had something to do with Shintaro. “I went on a few dates with Shintaro-san and we just started dating.”
Riku put his hands on Yuusukes shoulders. “How long?”
“We made it official this weekend.”

The next day during lunch break Riku was sitting with Shintaro. “Not eating lunch with your boyfriend are you?” Riku said he felt a bit irritated.
Shintaro stared at him, bread still in mouth. “He told you?”
“Yes he did.”
“Why do you sound so pissed off at that?”
“Why did my kohai have to tell me and not my best friend I see every day?” Riku asked.
“Since when are we best friends?” Shintaro asked confused.
“Stop trying to change the subject.”
“I´m not. It´s a genuine question.”
“So you want to say we´re not best friends?” Riku asked as hurt as possible.
“I didn´t say that. I just thought the twins were your best friends.” Shintaro turned to Riku.
“What? They? They´re more like my annoying siblings than anything else.”
“Oh, ok.”
Riku stared at Shintaro. “So?”
“So what?”
“Are we best friends?” Riku really wanted to know.
“I guess.” Shintaro said.
“That´s all?” Riku took a bite out of his sandwich. “Whatever. So you and Yuusuke-kun are dating now?”
“Now you´re changing the subject.” Shintaro mumbled before answering. “Yeah, we went on a few dates.”
“That I didn´t know about either.” Riku pouted.
Shintaro put his arm around Rikus shoulders. “I´m sorry. It´s just… This is my first time dating a guy. It´s a bit embarrassing.”
“Being with Yuusuke-kun is embarrassing?”
“Don’t put words in my mouth, Riku.” Shintaro said.
“I always thought you liked girls, you know because of that senpai you dated in your first year. Which by the way you also didn´t tell me about before you had already broken up.”
“We dated for like a month. I didn´t really want to admit that I liked guys. But Natsuki-san figured it out before me.” Shintaro laughed.
“That´s kinda pathetic.” Riku mumbled.
Shintaro laughed loudly. “I know.”
“Can I ask you something?” Riku asked.
“You already did but yeah go on.”
“That baby your senpai, Natsuki-san, held. Was that her baby? They looked alike.”
Shintaro seemed to go into full panic mode, thinking very obviously how to explain. “Yes, that was her daughter Miyako.”
“Man she became a mom really young.” Riku mumbled.
“How did you know about that though? You still keep in touch? I mean she was watching you during the sports day.”
Shintaro nodded. “We live in the same apartment building. I take care of Miyako from time to time.”
“That´s really nice of you.” Riku complimented his friend. Shintaros face seemed to say something like: It´s only natural.

Riku and the twins went to Yuusukes family restaurant. Not because they were hungry, though they could eat something. No the twins had gotten hold of some information that the baseball clubs third years were also at the restaurant. Where they got that info from Riku didn´t want to question.
“So you finally decided to come to your side?” Yuki asked excitedly.
Riku felt a bit offended, but he couldn´t really deny it. He was sitting at a table in a corner of the restaurant staring at the baseball club after all.
Yuusuke came to the baseball table, smiling brightly. He was chatting with them all but especially with Shintaro. Yuusuke looked right then left and gave Shintaro a small peck on the cheek before going back to work.
Shintaro was blushing, Riku could only see his neck which was also red, he could imagine what Shintaros face looked like. The other baseball third years cheered, making Shintaro sink deep into his chair. He stood up shortly after, making his way to the bathroom.
Riku decided to go after him. Why? Riku had no idea himself.
In the bathroom he was met with Shintaro and Yuusuke kissing. “What a great place for secret kisses.” Riku said laughing.
Shintaro stared at him. “Hi. What are you doing here?”
“Eating with my other best friends.” He said. “And making sure you treat Yuusuke-kun nicely.” Riku mumbled under his breath. Then he realized something. “Do the other baseball guys know about you two?”
Shintaro nodded.
“So I was the last person you told?” Riku asked.
Yuusuke held up a hand. “I told you guys in the club first, even before my family.”
Shintaro stared at Riku. “It was really hard to hide it from them. Especially the other third years. Yuusuke-kun comes to watch us practice quite often. They figured it out by themselves pretty fast. Granted we weren´t really trying to hid it.”
Riku nodded. “You know what? I´ll be the bigger person and not be mad that my best friend didn´t tell me such news first.” He locked arms with Yuusuke. “He´s way nicer anyway.”
“Hey, don´t be mad. I´ll tell you other things first.” Shintaro said.
“I´ll bring you and the twins some free Karaage.” Yuusuke chimed in.
“Ok. I´ll forgive your boyfriend this once.” Riku said to Yuusuke. On his way out of the bathroom he couldn´t help but tease them a bit. “You should really find a better place for making out though.”