Chapter 5:


The Guardian

   My name is Yuki. Until yesterday I had just a normal life. I spent my free time talking with my friends, studying or going out but now...

"You are not focused enough!  You can build the circle but the spell won't activate if you don't focus!"

"I'm trying!"

("How do you expect me to be able to do this when until yesterday the concept of spells was just a fiction for me!")
   I recently learned that I'm some kind of Guardian that needs to save the world. Seriously now, what's with this setting? We are not in some kind of book or movie, this is the real world! This fantasy-like story is a completely nonsense and they now want me to be able to learn how to cast a spell so fast? No way!
    Right now I'm in a parallel space where we come for training and in the last 6 hours, I tried to understand all the explications about mana, magic power and magic circles that Alice and Iris tried to teach me. If it wasn't enough that I don't understand anything, they have so high expectations from me saying that you should be able to do this and that... that is impossible for me!

   I tough that even if this whole situation was weird at least I'm not the only one implicated. My brother, Eric, should be here with me to train too but that traitor left this morning without even a glance back! When I asked Alice about it she said that he doesn't have any mana so he can't use magic... lucky ba***rd!

    Anyway, even if I want it or not, I need to get stronger because my life depends on this.

"I think we should call it a day. Even if you couldn't activate the spell yet this is your first day and is not good to force you too much so we should stop now."


    After training so hard in the last few hours Alice finally announced the end of the lesson and I lost all the strength in my legs and fell on my knees.

   While Alice was opening the door to go out of that space Iris approached me and offered me a water bottle.

"Hey, you're alright?"

"Yeah, somehow..."

    I had a dejected voice but Iris just smiled and offered me a hand to help me stand up.

"Is ok, don't worry about it, is your first time. I'm sure you will do better in the next few days."

I took her hand and forced a smile.

"Yeah, I hope that too..."

    After that short exchange, I , Iris and Alice come out from the parallel space and appeared in the hall of the house and right at that moment the front door opened and Eric entered through it. We looked at him but he didn't pay us any attention and just yawned with a sleepy face and entered his room.

"And here I was worried about him going out alone this morning but it seems like he slept until now..."

"Hmm? Did you say that he went out alone? Why didn't you stop him?"

    Iris asked these questions with a worried face but I just frowned.

"Hmph, I tried but good luck stopping that stubborn guy!"

"Even so..."

"Just let him be, if he is caught we won't help him and that's the end of the story."

    In contrast with Iris that was worried, Alice just answered with an indifferent tone.

"Ok then."

"Good, now Yuki!"


"We will leave now, go and sleep well! Tomorrow we'll start the combat training so you need to be in perfect shape."


    I answered with a tired voice and went into my room while Alice and Iris looked at my back.

"Although she is that Guardian, her performance is worse than the average,  did we really find the right person?"

"She is. Her parents that know about our world and her large amount of mana are proof of this. As for her capabilities, there is a chance that she didn't wake up her bloodline yet and we also didn't find those things so..."

"By those things do you mean..."

"Yes, the Guardian's Crystals that were lost a long time ago and are said to be the artifacts that the First Guardian made himself. If we can find them then all our worries will be solved."

"That artifact would be a big help indeed but we don't even know where to start  looking for them..."

"Well, Irra is researching every document we possess for clues but..."

"It doesn't look too good heh..."

"Yes, all we can do now is to do our best to train her and wait for her powers to manifest. When that happens I'm sure the crystals won't stay still and will show themselves."

"Seems like this is the only solution..."

"Hey, is alright! It doesn't do us any good to worry too much about it. Still, if you want, tomorrow I and Clarissa will train Yuki and you can go and help my sister with the research. I'm sure she will love some company..."

"Ok, I will do that! Now, let's go back and rest as well."

    After finishing their conversation, Alice and Iris left the hall using teleportation magic and the hall became quiet again.

* * *

    Several hours later I woke up in the middle of the night. I looked at my phone cloak with a sleepy face and got up from bed.

"Soo thirsty..."

    I walked slowly towards the door and opened it without a sound. I looked at the dark hall and then searched in my pajama pocket for my phone but before I could take it out, the sound of someone talking come out of my brother's room"

"You should be Kratos..."

   At the name of Kratos, I fully woke up and looked at the door of my brother's room.

"Your right.... be Eric?"

   At the sound of a second voice, my heart started to beat faster. I couldn't move an inch because of the surprise. I heard that the conversation continued but I couldn't hear anything because of the distance. After mustering some courage I approached Eric's room and tried to hear what was the conversation about.

"Where is..........?

"Still in the forest I guess."

"Then... offer...?


("What are they talking about? What offer?")

   I was so surprised but I still tried to not make any sound and listen to the conversation but all that I could hear was my heart beating even faster and not what Eric said.

   A little while later, the conversation ended and the room was quiet again. I couldn't move and stayed there frozen for a while and finally, I quietly returned to my room.

  Because of what happened I didn't fall asleep back and continued to think about what I heard over and over again until the morning come.