Chapter 29:


Curiosity Killed The Cat

Reohn’s head hurt, much like it did on that unfortunate day long ago. He put a hand over the left side of his face. The cool cloth of the glove felt nice against his maltreated skin around his eye. He could barely see anything out of that side now anyway. He removed his hand and looked at the men in front of him. A dark pupil on the right in contrast to a white one on the left. He felt sick knowing it wasn’t his own eye.

“Did it work? Can you see anything?” They anxiously asked him.

“It’s not very clear, but I feel like I can see something.” He said with conviction. It excited them.

“Reohn, the only objective is to retrieve Kothur’s eye. Fehram has already told us where it is in the building. It needs to be quick, so kill anyone that gets in the way and get out of there. Take care of those two traitors if you see them. How much backup do you think it will require?”

Reohn closed both eyes in concentration. He saw a faint image in the back of his mind, but he didn’t know much about what it meant. He was right about calling it a bullshit power. There was no controlling the world with something like this. He could only see what lie ahead, not change anything. Still, he told them of what he saw.

“I only need to bring that project with me.”

The android stared at the two men in front of it. It was kept restrained, but it could glare. Its eyes give me the creeps, Reohn thought. How ironic.

“It’s perfect, but it doesn’t take orders very well.” Veith lamented.

“Then it’s not perfect, is it? Wasn’t it made to be the perfect solider?” Reohn questioned.

“Isn’t it a miracle that it worked in the first place? The original purpose of this experiment was to find a way to make humans equal and remove their flaws. Though it’s conscious came from a female, it doesn’t have any specific psychologically female traits. In fact, it’s still technically Soline’s conscious, so isn’t it like we beat death?”

Reohn was upset about the whole idea. What a shit experiment. “No wonder it’s got no motivation. Don’t we find worth in efforts to overcome our weaknesses? Besides, we already have something that makes us equal. Death.”

The android seemed to be interested in what Reohn said. “That’s right, isn’t it? In death, I could be equal to a human. But... even if I die now, I will not be complete. I will not experience true death. There is still a piece of me that walks this Earth. I will go if I can meet him. Can you find him for me?” It looked to Reohn.

What a pain. He put his hand over his right eye and looked far off into the distance. “Yeah, I know where he will be.”

“You want to die? That would make your creator sad.” Veith said to it, referring to himself.

“In a sense, I don’t view you as my creator.” It said plainly to him.

“Thank you, Trichael. I got better, just like you said I would. Your blessings are real. You truly are the chosen one!” A young man spoke to him with his hands together.

Trichael laughed. “Think nothing of it, boy. Anyone who chooses to follow me will receive a blessing; so the angels have decreed.” He waved the boy off. He sat alone in the dark room while he held his head. Though he said that, he couldn’t the voice recently. Was it just being quiet today? A sudden noise made his head jolt up.

A familiar face greeted him. He couldn’t believe his eyes. “S-Soline?”

“Just a part of her. We’ve never actually met, have we? It’s good to see you. There’s actually something I need your help with, Trichael. Will you help me?”

“Ahh... You’re the angel...” He fell to knees and raised his clasped hands at her. “Of course. Anything. I love you! My life is yours! I’ve tried my best to live in a way that you would see fit.”

“I know you’ve taken my musings on what is evil and good in this world to heart. I feel Soline loved you, as well. I want to see what lies beyond this world now. Let me experience death.”

“...if it’s by you, I would love to die.”

Its red eyes came closer to him as it spoke. “If you don’t wish to die like Soline did, then there’s no need for it. I can just take back what was once mine from your blood.”

The sounds of gunshots carried down the hall into the white room. Kothur painfully stood up and said they should try to escape from the building. He figured he still had the keys to the car and it was only a short distance to the outside. Mylise didn’t view that as anything but crazy. Another noise made her grip his white shirt. The door had opened to reveal a small light-haired figure.

“Ah. It’s you. I was hoping I would find you here. I was a bit worried you would have left before I could find you.” It made its way to pick up the glass jar. “It was a good choice to rid yourself of this. Humans were born with only one consciousness and should live in the same way, wouldn’t you say? I already removed the rest of myself from that boy, Trichael. It was only causing him harm.”

Kothur looked to Mylise who gripped his sleeve. “Why were you hoping to find me?”

“I wanted to thank you. Life is a gift. Without you, I wouldn’t be here.”

“In that case, how did you remove the rest of your consciousness from Trichael? Could you do the same to Mylise?”

It nodded and came closer. “Dael is kept in the blood once absorbed, continuing to affect the body. All you need to know is how to remove all of it and its effects should recede. Though I’m not sure how this will turn out.” A vampiric bite to the back of Mylise’s neck made her yell. When it was done, Mylise looked at her shaky hands. “I see. Even though you weren’t the original owner of this body, you’ve been controlling it for the longest it seems.”

“I was wondering what was taking you so long.” Reohn spoke with his gun pointed at them. The red crosses in his mismatched eyes. “You going to turn yourself in, Kothur?”

Kothur looked his brother in the eyes. “No. I’m not.”

Reohn smiled. A shot rang out and struck the android in the chest. The glass that it was holding shattered on the ground where it fell. “I already knew that. Just gotta make it look like we had trouble in here. Go on.”

“What about you, Reohn?” There was a lot he wanted to ask him and talk about.

“I’ll stay back to make sure it’s safe.” He turned his back towards them. “I’ll catch up with you later, Kothur.”

Kothur and Mylise stepped out to the parking lot. The night cast a dark veil on everything in sight. His white collared shirt did little to shield Kothur from the cold wind. He held Mylise’s hand with his uncovered hand. Fehram was leaning against the car, waiting for them. He stood up as they approached. White bandages covered the right side of his face in lieu of his dark sunglasses.

“Took you guys long enough. We only have so much time.”

“We have to wait for...” Kothur suddenly turned around. He realized the meaning of his brother’s words far too late. Reohn never planned on joining them. He took a step towards the building as Fehram put a firm hand on his shoulder.

“He made his choice and we have to respect that. Now, what’s your choice going to be?”

Kothur looked to his brother and then Mylise. He smiled at them and gripped her hand.