Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Collision Course Part 2

MARVEL VS. CAPCOM: United by Destiny

Chapter 2: Collision Course Part 2

In the wilderness of South America, a lone World Warrior meditated amidst a roaring waterfall. His name was Ryu (Street Fighter) a muscular warrior with abnormally large hands & feet as well as an unusually big chest and legs. He was learning how to focus his Ki despite the immense pressure of falling water and the raging, distracting sound that it made. With eyes closed, his legs crossed and fingertips touching he’d focus. He’d been practicing this for a while, and it seemed it was finally about to pay off. Suddenly blue flames engulfed Ryu’s body!

His Ki was flowing out and back into his physical being at a rapid pace. An impressive feat for any martial artist trained in the Shotokan-style of Karate. In theory this could allow said warrior to summon immense amounts of Ki in an instant, even in a high pressure situation. Like the heat of battle. Ryu silently pleased with himself suddenly her footsteps and his concentration was broken. Darn it! Ryu thought to himself. He would soon emerge from the waterfall to see whose presence was fierce enough to break his concentration. It was his former ally and long-time Interpol agent Chun-Li (Street Fighter).

Don’t let her voluptuous figure fool you, Chun-Li was a very capable warrior with the fiercest kicks around. Probably in no small part to her large and muscular thighs. She wore a blue dress that was of Chinese origin and durable leggings underneath. She had also fought alongside Ryu, as well as military man Guile to take down legendary dictator and Shadaloo leader, M. Bison. A man famous for his Psycho Power, and incredible attacks like the Psycho Crusher! However M. Bison was now dead. And ironically he would be the maker of his own undoing in a way. For Bison had killed Chun-Li’s father and set her on the revenge path of becoming the fierce warrior she’d now become. And she alongside Ryu were arguably the lynchpins in the creation of his demise.

“Oh my!” Chun-Li said. “I see you’re as strong as ever Ryu!” Chun-Li exclaimed, having seen Ryu’s glowing essence from behind the waterfall.

“How’d you find me?” Ryu asked bluntly.

“Mr. Masters told us where you were roughly. After that it was as simple as asking the locals if they’d seen a large Japanese man sporting a white Gi, and a red bandana.” Chun-Li said laughingly.

“Oh…” Ryu stammered not too surprised as to how we was found now. But there was still one question left unanswered. “But why did you seek me out?”

“Interpol has gotten some intel that someone’s after you. It’s Akuma, he’s reemerged.”

“Akuma huh? I thought I sensed the dark powerful force of the Satsui no-Hado…” Ryu said as a little bit of worry could be heard in his voice. But then he wiped the worry from his face and replaced it with a strong intent as he clutched his fist. “No doubt looking for a fight! I’ll rise to meet his challenge! Thank you for the warning.”

Ryu walked off the riverbed below the waterfall and grabbed his belongings. He began to walk off into the jungle as Chun-Li leapt forward, shocked by his sudden departure. “Hey wait! I’m coming with you!” She yelled, but before Ryu had a chance to protest…

*AAAAAHHHHH!!!* A man screamed as he fell down the waterfall. He must have been walking on the cliff above before missing his step and plummeting down. Shocked Ryu and Chun-Li tried to rush to catch this nerdy looking man with glasses, but it was too late. He’d crashed right onto the rock that Ryu had been meditating on! Feeling immediate grief the pair of World Warriors wouldn’t feel that way for long. Because the crash this scrawny man had made didn’t seem right. He hit the ground so hard that the rock crumbled, and bits of earth & water went flying at Ryu and Chun as they had to cover their faces from the flying debris.

“What?! How did he…” Chun started with but soon paused.

An enormous green man now who was now shirtless burst forth from the waterfall! “Blanka!?” Ryu yelled in his confusion, trying to make sense of the mass of man and muscle that was standing and snarling before him!

“That isn’t Blanka!” Chun said.

“BLA-BLA-BLANKA?!” The big green man roared unintelligibly. “ME HULK!”

Ryu was even more confused. But soon Ryu could sense that rage. Not dissimilar from the energy himself and Akuma would give off once overtaken by the Satsui no-Hado. Both Ryu and Chun-Li recoiled for a moment and had gotten into their fighting poses. Not sure if this so called Hulk (The Avengers) was a threat or not. But this only seemed to make Hulk even angrier. Now he was under the impression that they were looking for a fight.

“Hu-Hulk mad?” Chun asked nervously.

“HULK REALLY MAD!” He yelled pounding his chest over and over.

“Chun-Li! Prepare for a leap!”


Chun-Li almost didn’t have time to process Ryu’s warning. Because before they knew it Hulk had done exactly what Ryu said he would he jumped onward and upward at an incredible pace. And in almost split-seconds he came barreling down on top of them. Ryu pushed Chun-Li out of the way to the left as he jumped to the right. And once again the Hulk completely decimated the ground beneath as the force from his land seemingly forced shards of the ground below him into the air. One of these shards started to fly towards Chun-Li. Thinking quickly she kick the shard in midair and sent it spiraling back at Hulk. The debris hit and crumbled against his face but he was unfazed.

However Hulk took notice of this action, and his green steely gaze met her. “Oh no…” She said as Hulk begins to charge at her.

But before this mass of green muscle could go after Ryu stepped in. He’d been breathing deeply and calmly just a moment before. And as he hovered his hands near each other, fingers bent like he was holding a ball they began to glow blue. He had been charging his Ki. And before Hulk was able to leap on Chun-Li, Ryu released all that energy in a single blast.

“HADOUKEN!” Ryu yelled as a large blue fireball barreled into Hulk’s back, exploding upon impact. The blue flames engulfed him as he was knocked back slightly. But only slightly.

Hulk’s rage went from mild to searing in an instant. His swiveled his head violently to look at Ryu and his glare grew sharper, and his nostrils flared. And as he looked Ryu dead in the eye he exhaled smoke straight out of his nose, like a dragon. Ryu’s blood grew cold, but his demeanor did not change. But what was his confidence worth? He had been in some tough scraps in the past. Street fights where he’d narrowly won and ones where he had experienced total defeat. As the two stood beneath the hot sun, they were sweating. And before Ryu had known it, Hulk would launch a full blown assault.


Hulk jumped destroying even more earth beneath his feet as he kicked off. Ryu suddenly became light on his feet as this monster just started swing on him. Punch after punch. There’d be a right hook and then a left hook and then another right. Luckily for Ryu Hulk’s “frame data” was fairly easy to read and most of his attacks had been in turn fairly easy dodge. Backing up and swing back and forth Ryu had managed to remain unhit. While watching Chun-Li felt on her skin what she thought must be a mosquito. Though enamored with the fight her hand and reflexes sort of just acted on their own as she smacked the side of her neck.

*Smack!* “Ouch!” a tiny figure yelled.

Chun-Li couldn’t believe what she just heard. Did that bug just say… ouch? Chun-Li wondered. And before she knew it her trained eyes spotted a small human shaped speck. And as it flew around, buzzing like a fly it suddenly began expanding and gaining mass. And as it grew from one inch to six inches, to two feet to Five foot six, Chun could see her. It was a woman! As the woman grew to her full size she could be seen wearing a peculiar outfit, one that puzzled Chun. This Puzzled Fighter would look on as this woman wearing all black armor with yellow accents and yellow chest plating also had wings! Which yellow as well. She looked like a wasp. In fact she WAS The Wasp (The Avengers).

“A bug?” Chun asked.

“Close. I’m Janet. But my enemies call me the Wasp, so feel free to use that title!”

Janet Van Dyne, The Wasp was an Avenger. Earth’s mightiest heroes, you know who they are. She’s the wife of the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym. She had been merely scoping the situation out with her ability to fly and change size. But when she saw how skilled of fighters Chun and Ryu were and how Chun-Li had swatted her, she was sure they were her and Hulk’s enemy. Before Chun-Li could process what she was looking at, the Wasp began to shrink yet again. Then, while she was the same size as a bullet she shot herself at Chun-Li like one. As she whizzed through the air it created a buzzing sound as she hit Chun right in the face with a fierce full body punch. Chun’s cheek vibrated and reddened in pain as she flew back onto her ass.

“How’d you like that huh?” The Wasp asked with confidence.

Chun-Li spit out a smidge of blood. “Didn’t even feel it!” She replied with a smile.

The Wasp angry flew at her yet again, gaining incredible speed. But as she was about to hit Chun yet again Chun-Li retaliated with as simple swat of the hand. She smacked Janet right out of the air like swatting a fly. As Janet hit the ground a tiny amount of dirt kicked up like a small pebble had just hit the ground, eliciting an almost comical *poof* in the process. Janet sat up and saw Chun-Li squinting her eyes to see her on the ground.

“Hmph!” Janet exclaimed irritated as she saw her chance to hit back.

Janet Van Dyne, The Wasp flew at Chun-Li yet again but this time just before impact, and with Chun-Li expecting a much smaller foe she threw her hand up for a simple swat yet again. But as Chun’s hand came down, Janet grew three sizes as if she was the Grinch’s heart. She then smacked Chun’s hand out of the way with one hand while punching Chun-Li square in the face with the other hand. Though spit was flying out of Chun’s mouth she would quickly gain her composure and palm strike Janet in the gut. Janet was then seen grabbing her stomach in pain.

Meanwhile Hulk and Ryu had gained about one-hundred feet of distance away from Chun-Li. Most of this distance was made from Hulk leaping, swinging, and kicking and Ryu dodging. And as this went on Ryu could feel himself getting tired. He’d hoped the Hulk would tire himself out but that clearly wasn’t happening. So he knew he’d have to take the offensive. Ryu using his superior speed started bobbing in and out while taking jabs at the Hulk. But with each punch Ryu started to worry more and more. So he upped the ante. Ryu got in and started punching Hulk in the face and this seemed to work a little bit. Hulk was at least reacting and his would move slightly with each hit. But though it worked it just seemed to make him mad.

“STOP!!!” Hulk yelled as he was finally able to get a hit back on Ryu.

Hulk’s fierce punch torpedoed through the air as the wind broke and spiraled around his large boulder-like fist. Luckily for Ryu it was a body shot and not a hit to the face or jawline which would absolutely have broken it. As Ryu went flying his body slid across the ground and his Gi began to shred slightly. Ryu coughing and aching as he flew. Ryu’s consciousness faded for a moment, but he could feel Hulk’s aura as he leapt in for another attack. Ryu would then perform a wake-up attack as he do a sweeping kick. Using the Hulk’s weight against him as he fell to the ground, shaking it.

“The bigger they are I guess…” Ryu said as he backed away swiftly.

It was then that Ryu had gotten an idea. When training as a youth with his friend Ken Masters they’d learned the art of the command grab. He figured he could use this technique against the Hulk, using his weight against him. As Hulk looked over his shoulder back at Ryu he roared as he went in for another punch. But as his fist closed the distance between he and Ryu. But what he didn’t know was this would be his literal downfall. As Ryu weave his body out of the way of the blow, grab his arm and then use his immense strength as well as Hulk’s mass to throw the Hulk over his shoulder. The Hulk then hit the ground… hard.

“Yes!” Ryu yelled victoriously.

Ryu pumped his fists in excitement. Wearing a huge smirk he looked over at Chun-Li to make sure see how she was doing, and he was immediately met with confusion. Is she hallucinating? Ryu thought. You see all Ryu could gather from what he was seeing at the distance he was watching from was Chun-Li throwing kicks in punches seemingly towards thin air.

“Hardly a time for some last minute training…”

Ryu distracted had seemingly forgotten about the Hulk. It was then that from the ground where he’d been tossed Hulk wound back his leg and let out a powerful kick. The kick disorientated Ryu as he went flying with a gurgle as he choked on his own spit and air escaping from his lungs. He went flying into the bushes as the Hulk stood up, frustrated.

“TAKE THAT PUNY MAN!” He boasted.

At the same time Chun-Li and The Wasp were still fighting it out. Like David and Goliath. Or maybe Danielle and “Girliath” perhaps? *Editors note: Delete that terrible pun* Nah I’m going to keep it. Regardless their battle persisted. And as it raged on Chun-Li found herself having more and more difficulties hitting Janet.

“Hyakuretsukyaku!” Chun-Li yelled.

In that moment the Wasp who’d been flying and dodging from right in front of Chun had no idea what she was in for. Upon yelling this battle cry Chun planted her feet firmly as her posture became tall and graceful. She then began blasting off a flurry of powerful kicks! One after the other as the mirage of the previous kicks would linger for a moment. The kicks came so hard and so fast that the Wasp who’d been dodging diligently up until then got caught up in the flurry.

“Hya! Hya! Hya! Hya!” Chun yelled with each hit.

And they were hits. Every one of them… Janet Van Dyne, The Wasp was small and weightless so you’d think after one hit she’d have gone flying and the hits would stop. But this is where she made a mistake to underestimate Chun-Li, famed martial artist. For with each hit Chun made Janet would indeed start to be knocked away. But after each confirmed hit Chun’s leg wasn’t fully extended. Giving Chun-Li the opportunity to bring Janet back into striking distance by sweeping the tiny warrior back with the back of her heel. It was truly tragic for one hero to watch, as he’d just caught up with his group.

*Thwip!* Out of nowhere as sticky white web had flown through the air. Catching the Wasp in his web it was Spider-Man! He’d clung onto the Wasp and pulled her way from danger. Catching her as she was pulled in. It was then that Spider-Man couldn’t resist the irony of another bug themed hero being caught in his webs.

“Don’t worry Wasp. You seem to have fallen victim to one of my webs but I’m not that hungry at the moment!” Spider-Man (The Avengers) joked but Wasp was out of it.

“…Ha…Ha.” A beaten and bruised Janet replied with sarcasm.

“Wha!? Who are you!?” Chun asked.

“Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!”

“Friendly who? There aren’t any neighborhoods out here?”

“Yeah that’s for sure…” Spidey said. “Long way from the hood.”

Spider-Man took a moment to brush off the Wasp and make sure she was doing okay. Trying to diffuse the situation as best as he could. It was then that he web-pulled a stick that had been laying on the ground from a few feet away. He then used his webbing to build something on the end of it. It was a white flag. He then began waving it to Chun-Li which caught by surprise. After all The Wasp and her big green friend didn’t bat an eye to start attacking them. And now her seemingly capable friend seems to want peace. In case it was a ruse Chun maintained her guard a little bit. But she decided she would at least hear what he had to say.

“We’re gi-giving up?” Janet asked confused.

“Shortly after you and Bruce said you’d look for fresh water I felt my Spidey-Sense go off. But it wasn’t these strangers that set it off. It was the Hulk.” Spidey said, loud enough for Chun-Li to hear.

“Your big green friend?!” Chun asked.

“That’s right. It wasn’t you or your fri- Bwah! What!?” Spidey yelled as his Spider Sense went off a second time. “What’s happening with your friend!?”

It was shortly after having been kicked that Ryu had stood up and stumbled out of the brush. At first while delirious he was covered in a powerful blue aura. But it would soon become twisted. Ryu was then overtaken by a shroud of red. This new red aura was even more powerful than the blue one that preceded it. It was the Satsui No-Hado. The same power that Akuma had lusted after. The same power that Ryu had tried so hard to suppress. But as it overtook Ryu he changed. Growing fangs and blood red eyes, glowing and searing. This wasn’t Ryu, but Evil Ryu.

With energy that shook and raised bits of earth from beneath him, Evil Ryu got back into his fighting stance as the Hulk recoiled I shock. For somewhere behind his eyes was Bruce Banner who was disgusted at the sight of Evil Ryu. Not for Evil Ryu himself however, but how Ryu’s transformation reminded him so much of his own alter ego.

“GRRR! AHHH!” Evil Ryu roared. “K-K-Ki”

“Hmm?” Hulk retorted as he scratched his head.


Evil Ryu dashed towards Hulk at an incredible speed as Hulk threw up his dukes to prepare for a fight. But before the Hulk could react Evil Ryu was already inside and taking punches. Quick as jabs but as powerful as heavy attacks Evil Ryu struck Hulk in the gut as the Hulk struggled to do anything about it. And unlike before these attacks seriously affected the Hulk. The big green man coughing and spitting with each punch to the gut. And as the Hulk was seeing those beat red eyes up close Banner too got a better look.

Banner then began fighting to regain control. If Evil Ryu’s attack wasn’t bad enough then now with Banner batting from the inside for control it was almost impossible for the Hulk to fight back. It was almost like a 3V1 situation. Ryu’s body, The Hado, and Banner Vs. THE HULK. And the Hulk was losing. He would maybe gain control again here and there, getting one or two hits off on Evil Ryu but if they did any damage at all Evil Ryu didn’t show it. Evil Ryu then screamed as the red aura returned and he let out a powerful crimson Hadouken! The bright red fireball flying and hitting the Hulk, blowing up and engulfing him in an explosion of flaming Ki!

Chun-Li was in shock at Ryu’s power. But even more shocked were Spider-Man and the Wasp! As they looked on in horror as monster battled monster. And to their surprise it wasn’t the monster they expected who had the upper hand. It was Evil Ryu, not their friend. It was at this moment that both Ryu and Banner began fighting for control again. But their more powerful roommates still had the wheel.

The Hulk coughed amidst the smoke of the explosion. Evil Ryu gritted his teeth and leapt, jumping right into the blaze to continue his battle with Hulk. But the big green machine expected this much. He balled his fist up like a wrecking ball and raised it into the air. As Evil Ryu clearing the smoke and flames the Hulk brought his hand down like a hammer hard. Smashing Evil Ryu into the dirt like a nail into wood. Evil Ryu was stunned as he coughed up a little bit of blood. Chun-Li looked on in horror.


“Come on jolly green giant. Don’t do it…” Spidey whispered.

As Hulk raised his hand for another blow Banner fought back. Hulk’s hand became stuck in midair. It shook violently as Hulk struggled to regain control. “NO! PUNY BANNER!” Hulk yelled. It was then that Ryu had regained his senses and sealed away the Evil for now. As he shook it off he looked up in surprise. The giant standing before him was seemingly stuck in place. Like a chess piece that had taken it’s turn, and now it was Ryu’s. he could sense the presence on the other end of Hulk’s eyes, fighting to regain control. It was then Ryu found his footing. And crouched and twisted, readying his fist. “Shoryuken!”

For a moment Hulk had regained control. But by then it was too late. As Ryu flew vertically into the air with his fist leading the way it made contact with Hulk’s midrift, and then his chest burning both, and lastly right under his chin… the hit was so powerful that Hulk arched as he flew into the air. Flying backward as his body began to change. Spider-Man and Wasp took notice of this as they rushed in to check in on their friend. Chun then saw Ryu fall to his knee and does the same.

Chun-Li lifts Ryu up as Spidey and Wasp did the same. “What a powerful warrior…” Ryu said as he gasped in shock from the encounter.

“Bruce are you okay!?” A now normal sized Janet asks.

“Dr. Banner buddy?” Spidey added.

“I’m okay, I’m okay. How’s the other guy?” A nearly blind Banner asked until Spider-Man gave him back his glasses that had fallen of after Banner tripped. “Woah!”

“What is it?” The beaten Ryu asked.

“When I was the other guy it was hard to tell for sure but… you’re like the real life Hulk.” Banner said as he admired Ryu’s muscles and physique.

The group then began to laugh as the tension was broken. “You’re no slouch yourself!” Ryu added as the rising of spirits continued. As the group laughed and began to make their acquaintances amongst this misunderstanding those acquaintacnces would be cut short. The ground rumbled as blue beam of light flew up into the skies and the trees began to shake and birds flew away. It was miles away but the heat felt like a bonfire that’d been lit next to them.

“What was that!?” said Chun.

“Some sort of chemical explosion maybe?” Banner noted.

“Well it is Blue so maybe…” Spider-Man said.

It was then that out of the wilderness before them and between them and this mysterious blue light was a… dog? This pure white dog with red stripes and pure glowing white fur emerged barking in distress. The dog was so vibrant and looked like a Japanese oil painting. It ran right up to the group as it was pleading for help. Ryu looked at the creature in shock.

“I doubt this pooch is warning us a kids stuck in a well.” Spider-Man quipped.

“Amaterasu!?” Ryu yelled as the others looked at him.

“Amaterasu? What’s that, this dog?” asked Wasp.

As Amaterasu (Okami) stood before them the group knew that something strange was going on. If they hadn’t noticed that already. After all Spider-Man, Wasp, and Bruce hadn’t even realized they weren’t on their Earth anymore. The group stood up as Chun-Li helped Ryu, and Spidey helped Banner along. As both of them were still wounded. Ametarasu barked again as if it were urgent and the group knew then they had to investigate.

“I know we just met but I guess this calls for a team up?” Banner asked.

“Sounds good!” Chun-Li said.

*Bark! Bark!* “Okay doggy!” Wasp said as she informed the others that she’d fly ahead and check it out with Amaterasu. They approved as the two headed off. Te others trailed behind as quickly as they could in their condition.

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