Chapter 11:

Author's Afterword

Project: Overthrow

This year I can safely say I'm a lot more pleased of my entry than the last, despite the lack of time to perform my best. Nonetheless, I hope everyone enjoyed the one-shot (with obvious exciting content to expand and continue with in the future, should this story be selected!)

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who supported me along the way, especially my team! Zeru, Tao, Kereah, Redhood... Without your support, I would have crumbled in the gallows of grad school long ago! It was an honor entering this year - so with that said, I hope my words reach you, dear judges! You all along with the entire Honeyfeed staff are amazing for working hard to make this competition possible~ It's a privilege to be here, and it always will be! :)

Until next time,

~Hayato Shinohara