Chapter 35:


Royal Princess of Blood

After finishing our breakfast, my father immediately spoke.

“Estelia, if you’re planning to leave your room, have a personal guard always with you.”

Oh? Have they found someone trustworthy?

I nodded my head.

“Vernon,” he called out.

Just then, a manservant wearing the usual male uniform came in. He wore clothes resembling a black tailcoat, black pants and shoes. He appeared to be old as his hair and beard had almost turned white. Maybe he was around his early sixties or late fifties?

“Estelia, you might already know him, but he’s Vernon Escaleo. He has been serving me for decades, I trust him. You are free to rely on him.”

He introduced him to me. Although, I remember him from Estelia’s memory.

But this is good. I hope he doesn’t obstruct my plans.

“As for fighting abilities, he is excellent and skilled. The most he excels at is unarmed combat, he’s going to be a good bodyguard for you,” he turned to Vernon. “Vernon, protect my daughter with your life.”

Vernon bowed deeply as he spoke.

“Of course, your Majesty. I will sacrifice my life if it comes to it.”

An impressive loyalty. I guess this means there was another meatshield now, well, if he held his words deeply in his heart. I still don’t understand those who offer everything to their masters. Due to lack of understanding, I can’t determine anything concrete about his character or anticipate his actions.

Well, this was also because I don’t know much about him. Estelia’s memory doesn’t tell me much, just that she often sees him beside Father. She didn’t know much about his nature.

I spoke to my father.

“So, he would be helping Mera I presume?”

“Yes, you could say that.”

Then a sound of a chair being moved rang out. My brother Estevan left his seat, he stopped as he came across Vernon, he smiled at him as he spoke.

“Please, protect my dear sister.”

“I will, your highness.”

“Good good. Alright then, I’ll be leaving, there's a job to do.”

My brother left with a wave of his hand.

During all this short time, I was observing Vernon. He didn’t seem to look at me suspiciously or anything weird. Nothing worth nothing about. No strange movement, no suspicious gaze whatsoever. It must be that he was just a good actor. However, Father had known him for decades, Vernon was already here a long time ago before Estelia was even born.

Therefore, he must be non-hostile.

Judging on what father described him, Vernon must be some kind of martial artist? Perhaps something close. His arms were quite built, it was possible that he used his arms mostly to fight.

Damn, this is quite impressive, being an old man and still physically strong. Was this a norm in this world? I swear if I see a super strong old man, I’ll freak out. Hehe, not much though.

Well, that’s really not important right now.

“Thank you ever so much, father,” I turned to Vernon. “I will be returning to my room, Vernon… Let’s go.”

“Yes, your highness.”

I left the dining room and there I saw Mera standing on her post. The moment she saw me, she then shifted her eyes towards Vernon. She definitely heard what we were talking about.

“Greetings, sir Vernon.”

She curtsied and spoke respectfully.

“Mera, we’ll be working alongside from now on. I hope you don’t mind,” he said with a smile.

“Of course I don’t mind, sir. I’ll be looking forward to working with you.”

Vernon appeared to be of higher position than Mera judging from the way she addressed him. Well, he was one of the King’s servants after all, and one of the oldest.


After giving them their respected time for greetings, I went on and returned to my room. I’m very kind, am I? Anyways, I was planning to wait for a short while there. Reason? I don't want to move in front of Father. Somehow it made me feel I would be restrained, or something like that. Like I have to be more watchful of my actions if I catch his attention.

When we returned to my room, I ordered Mera to stylize my hair. Of course, as this was a lady’s bedroom, the old man was left outside. I didn’t really need my hair stylized, I just want to speak to Mera. Well, tidying up my hair wouldn’t be bad either way.

On the chair, while looking at the mirror in front of me, I spoke to Mera who was behind me.

“Mera, do you trust Vernon?”

“Milady...? What do you mean?” she seemed to be puzzled, I guess that was to be expected. It was out of the blue after all.

“Just curious, that is all.”

“..... Does this have something to do with how tense the palace at the moment?”

Oh? She seemed to be thinking about it.

“Perhaps. But, I just want to know what you think. Don’t you want to share your thoughts? I think this is a good time to have a bit of conversation, don’t you think?”

“.... Y-Yes milady…”

“So, what do you think about Vernon?”

“I think he is trustworthy. He has been a palace servant for a long time after all. And, he has helped several novice servants like me in the past. He is a kind person.”

“Don’t you think he’s just pretending?”

“Huh? I… I don’t think so, no. He is a genuine person, and very loyal to the royal family... That is what I think.”

“I see… Do you happen to know his origins?”

“Origins…? I only heard he was a commoner and an adventurer once.”

“Is that so...? Ah yes, can you tell me which servants that you have the best impression of?”

“... Y-Yes, I can…”

She then told me about the servants she thought were nice and perhaps trustworthy. Maids, manservants, and cooks. All that were working inside the palace. I guess she only got close to those she was always working together with. Thus, she was more detailed about the maids. She then mentioned names which I noted in my mind.

“Hm. Thank you for telling me all of those,” I said with a sweet smile.

However, Mera seemed to be restless.

“... Milady, is every servant suspicious for some reason? Does that… include me?”

She was finished with my hair, then lowered her hands on her knees. She seemed to be uneasy, or frightened.

“Mera,” I turned around and greeted her eyes. I smiled, my eyes full of fondness and kindness, and a face full of innocence and purity while graced by a blossoming beautiful and sweet smile.

I stroked her cheek gently, leaving her jolting a bit, surprised by my action. I felt like her cheeks were beginning to warm up as they slowly turned red.

“Don’t worry, I trust you.”

She became flustered as her face twitched by the cheeks.

“... T-Thank you, princess.”

As amusing as ever, this woman. However, what if she was the betrayer all along? Enemies tend to be closer than friends, after all. If Mera was a betrayer, then she was pretty impressive as a pretender.

With that said, if all of this was just a game of pretend, me saying I trusted her will lead her to lower her guard. She will think that I didn’t suspect her at all. The pure princess was naive as always.

I don’t know how many enemies I have. Therefore, I might look paranoid, but being cautious was for the best.

“If they ever suspect you, you can rely on me to stand by your side. I chose you as my personal maid, didn’t I? You have my wholehearted trust, so you have no need to be frightened.”

We’ll see how this interaction will turn out. If you are a betrayer, Mera, I don’t know what I would do, not precisely that is. But in the end, it will all only have one, same, outcome.

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