Chapter 0:


The witch bride and her familiar (volume one)

For as long as they have shared a place in this world, the dissension of humans and those who bare magic blood within them, has been as clear to the other as much as the moon brings with it the stars...

It was perhaps only fated that one day, such beings would come to claw at one another's throats in a fear of what they could not understand of one another...

What started off as civil dispute within one large country, quickly spread it's malice across every reach of this far off world; a ban of magic decreed by those who lacked such a blood in their system in fear of how such a power could be abused to cause harm to the world around them, ironically called out by those who had a higher place on the hierarchy... and when the magic users decided to fight for what only felt natural to them; humanity decided to use brute force to put the rebels in their place and in some cases, disperse of them entirely.

This malevolence abraded itself tooth and nail to every civilised land in this world and wrought havoc for many many decades to come. Magic users who were allowed to live or simply survived in these lands went into hiding and talk of magic and mythos became that of legend and taboo.

And yet it was not the land of origin that had been purged with a deadly plague by a magic user supposedly for it's crimes against magic that was the worst known country for its bans on magic; much rather a country that long outlived it's legacy, was still writhe with a agenda against magic... and in particular for the magic users known as witches.

The land of Veria was a smaller country, located to the west of larger countries such as Mycyridel; and despite its much smaller land mass and population, its prowess amongst other countries preceded it. For Veria was known as the land of witch hunts; most cruel and barbaric ones at that. Starting with one of the late kings near a century ago, magic had not only been banned from the country, but those who engaged with it were actively punished. None as more as the witch however who the late king appeared to despise.

Despite putting up a large fight, many such witches were peaceful beings, easily crushed and extinguished by the witch hunters who dedicated their lives to executing them. Witches were forced into hiding, fearing for their lives and slowly but sure the numbers of such witches with each passing hunt began to dwindle and once the old king died, his own son quickly took his place, continuing on his legacy... to this day the current king sets out witch hunts, determined to find those in hiding and bring such magic users to extinction within his country... who knows, maybe his desire to destroy will far out reach the boundaries of the country and once again reach far across the sea...

"...this is why it is important Erika that we don't show our magic publicly or give any sign of who we really are outside this hut..." came the voice of an elderly woman as a candle giving a warm golden light flicker faintly at the cool night air breezing through the open wooden latch window; the dark of the night making a nice contrast to the comfortable lighting of the small room an old woman and her rather young granddaughter who lay in bed were within. The granddaughter who had rather curly deep strawberry red hair and a mass of freckles as though seeds to compliment such hair, shuntered under her sheets more, her faintly purple eyes looking up to her grandmother in discomfort.

"Granny... I really don't like hearing this story... do we really need to remind ourselves of this every night...?" the granddaughter known as Erika questioned quietly as the old woman gave a small chuckle to herself, her kindred greyish purple eyes looking down to the young girl with some sympathy.

"Well I guess not... though as you grandmother, I feel a need to instil this tale with you... As morbid as it is to remember such things, the outside world is not safe Erika... and though I see wonderful potential in you, the world outside will not accept such a thing... I just want you to be safe..." her grandmother mentioned patting her head lightly as Erika could only look to the old woman confused...

"I know... I won't ever practise magic outside of this house... though I don't need to hear these stories every night... after all, I have you by my side right granny?" Erika pointed out as the old woman could only smile in response to Erika's innocent words... to the point where such a soft beam could even be read as somewhat pained...

"You are correct Erika... though it doesn't hurt to be too safe... as long as I am here however, I will do all I can to protect you my treasure..." her grandmother assured her, reaching over and giving the young girl as hug as Erika seemed to become rather assured by her words, clinging tightly to the elder woman's arms.

"I'll protect you granny... I don't need anybody else in this world so long as you are here!" the young girl chimed in a confident matter as her grandmother could only laugh to such a statement.

"Well my girl, I would love for your world to far outgrow just us too... for example, no witch can be alone forever... take Mira for example" her grandmother pointed out to her, letting the young girl as Erika tilted her head.

"But Mira is just a cat..." Erika pointed out, her grandmother shaking her head.

"Mira is much more than just a cat... right now Erika your magic is still just that bit too weak, but in a few years time you will be able to do so much more... and when you do you can form a bond with a creature of your choice. Maybe even summon one to make a bond with you like I did with Mira. When you do, you will gain your own familiar and your world will become just that little bit bigger... that way, even when I am not around, you can be protected..." her grandmother explained to her as Erika seemed to wear a few expressions on her face in that moment... parts in fascinations and excitement... though it all morphed into that of puzzlement the more she thought about it...

"So wait... Mira isn't a normal cat...?" Erika mumbled to herself, holding her head as her grandmother could only be bemused by her reaction.

"Well... it should have been obvious from the get go, but Mira is less of a pet cat and more a dear friend to this family" he grandmother explained as Erika did her best to wrap her head round it... though she paused a little mid thought as she realised something.

"Granny... you don't plan on going anywhere any time soon do you?" she questioned as her sudden asking took the old woman somewhat off guard momentarily... though after quickly recollecting herself she shook her head.

"Of course not... I just want to let you know of a stage every witch must go through to grow in this world..." her grandmother pointed out as Erika raised an eyebrow to this.

"Every witch?" she double checked as her grandmother nodded her head...

Erika took a second to dwell on it more... before the young girl became rather excited at her thoughts!

"I'll be sure to summon a really powerful and amazing familiar then! That way I can do even more powerful magic! And granny won't have to worry anymore!" Erika jumped up with a cheer as her grandmother laughed at her granddaughters energy, commenting that she didn't need to make her more proud... when it was then that the door to the room opened, a very tiny black cat walking into the room with a loud meow.

"Ah Mira... time for bed right?" the old woman asked the cat as Erika frowned somewhat.

"Mira always comes just as I have the most questions..." she grumbled as her grandmother nodded with a chuckle.

"Yes well, she's only looking out for us both, a good sleep is important. I can answer more of your questions tomorrow..." her grandmother mentioned, tucking the young girl into bed and kissing her forehead as Erika looked up to her with a eager glimmer in her eye.


"Yes of course, I will answer all your questions about magic, even more come time... though if you want to really excel, you should call it a night..." her grandmother responded as the young girl nodded with a small yawn.

"Okay then... goodnight granny..." were the small girls words as the her grandmother got up, grabbing the candle from the windowsill and slowly turning to head to where the little black cat awaited her to follow patiently.

"I'll do my best... to be able to protect you granny..." the old woman caught ear of these last words as Erika settled down for a comfortable sleep; her grandmother looking back to give another tender expression to her grandchild... though as she turned away, her eyes drifted to a small image that had been seemingly been painted and conjured with some type of magic long ago on the shelf neat the door. Within the photo were the smiling faces of those who had long since been lost to both she and her grandchild, leaving them in a world where it could only ever truly be them alone... and when she left... what of the young girl then.

"I think you are already protecting me my treasure... but when I am gone... who will protect you I wonder..." the old woman muttered to herself as she felt a small weight lean against her ankle. The elderly woman looked down to see the small cat rubbing against her as though to comfort her, the grandmothers eyes softening to this... "Mira you remember your promise to me don't you...? My hope is that one day Erika will too also have a companion like you..." she mentioned before giving a small sigh and smile, closing the bedroom door behind her.

"I guess time will only tell... right Mira...?"