Chapter 10:

Chapter 10: More Ministry Work

Cleansing A Sinful Heart-Season 1

When the second community service began, Zac and Hadasa headed for a certain neighborhood to spread the Gospel in a certain neighborhood. Hadasa only carried a couple Interlinear Bibles while Zac carried the box full of them. The box was a bit heavier for Zac to carry than yesterday, yet Zac still managed to do much fine. His sadness and tiredness boiled up inside his heart when they spread the Gospel.

-Oh, Lord. Please jus' end this thing already. I don't wanna do this shit anymore.

"Hey, everybody! Come and get your Bibles and get to know Elohim and His Son Yeshua!" Hadasa yelled, holding the Bibles in the air.

The people just ignored and walked past Zac and Hadasa on the sidewalk. Zac looked around the neighborhood. There he saw young children either playing on the sidewalk or in their front yards. Some neighbors planted their gardens in their front yards, and several cars drove on the road. Old people and housewives chatted with one another, while the colorful suburban houses were squished together side by side.

"Ugh!" Zac moaned with his bored face. He leaned forward while he carried the box.

-Honestly, bro. This place is a lot more boring than yesterday's place. At least yesterday you got to see stores and shit. But here? This place is filled with nothing but houses here. Like, you really have to take me to a suburban neighborhood, Hadasa?! Seriously?! Ugh! Lord, take me home already!

"Zac?" Hadasa questioned when looking at Zac.

"Huh?" Zac responded, turning back to Hadasa.

"What's the matter? Are you alright?"

"Yeah…I guess so…"

Hadasa turned around and stopped moving. "Look, I know you hate spreadin' the Gospel and all but-"

Zac gave Hadasa his annoyed face while he also stopped moving. "We gotta do it for two freakin' hours. Yea, I know. I get it."

Hadasa raised her eyebrow at Zac. "Uh, you realize that we don't jus' spread the Gospel, right?"

"Pfft. Yea, like I didn't know that already. And besides, why would you spread the Gospel in the neighborhood anyways?!"

"Uh, we're tryin' to save people from Gehenna no matter where you are. Remember?"

"Yeah, but do you really believe that people here will accept the Gospel in a place like this?! Why not a place where at least has some sort of stores, fast food places, etc?!"

"People can accept the Gospel here just as much as anywhere else."

"Yea…sure…" Zac turned his head to the left in disbelief.

-Like that's gonna freakin' happen anyhow.

"It actually does happen, Zac. It really does." Hadasa turned around and kept her attention on Zac. "Now c'mon. We're wastin' time here."

"Ugh!" Zac said with his even more annoyed face as he continued walking with Hadasa.

"By the way."


"Have you read the whole Bible yourself?"

"No, why should I?! That book is so damn borin', so why would I waste my freakin' time on that shit anyway?!"

"The Bible isn't as bad as you think it is once you read it for yourself. It's actually a lot more interesting to read. I mean, I had a good time with it and readin' that jus' made like Elohim and His Son much more. Trust me. You'll like it too."

"Pfft. Yeah…like anyone would waste their time on that shit."

"Awe, c'mon. You gotta read it. Pleaseeeee-uh."

"Ugh!" Zac expressed this tired look on his face.

-Oh, jus' end it already. Gheesh. This lil' bitch is jus' so Goddamn annoyin'! C'mon now!

For an hour, the box was halved and became a bit lighter in weight on Zac. This surprised Zac as he believed not anyone in the neighborhood would accept the Bible. But he was dead wrong. He then smiled out of joy.

-Man, this is what I'm not expectin' at all. I mean, what would I do if all these Bibles were completely gone? What then? Will we probably get out of here earlier than expected?! If it is, it'll be a dream come true! Hallelujah!

Hadasa turned to Zac with a smile. "Ah, I see you're happy. Is it about people accepting the Gospel and bein' saved from Gehenna? Because I'm excited for that too, y'know."

-Bruh…this lil bitch has to make some assumptions, does she now?!

Zac glared at Hadasa. "Oh, no-no-no-no! Don't come up woth some stupid ass conclusions, little girl!"

Hadasa growled at Zac. "Would you stop callin' me that, dammit?! I'm not a little girl anymore, y'know!"

"Well, I'll stop callin' ya that if you stop lookin' like one!"

"Oh, my God, Zac!"

Zac closed his eyes and turned to the left. "What? You do look like you could start Year Hei in the fall though. So don't get mad at me for that!"

"The Bible says judge a person's heart, not a person's physical appearance."

"Who the hell cares?! It's not my fault I quote/unquote 'judge' what you look like."


Zac and Hadasa growled against each other for a while.

"Um, excuse me…" An old woman's voice yelled, yet Hadasa and Zac ignored her. "Excuse me…" They still ignored her. "Excuse me…"

Hadasa and Zac finally turned to the location of the old woman's voice. "Huh?!"

"Why do you young'uns two argue with and curse at each other? Hmm?" The old woman asked, sitting on her orange, old school rocking chair on her front porch, glaring at Zac and Hadasa. She wore her red shirt with white stripes, blue jeans and brown sandles.

"Well…uh…" Zac and Hadasa embarrassingly closed their eyes and Hadasa scratched her head.

"Well, since you two are minors, y'all shouldn't be cursin' at all. Is that right?" The old woman roared.

"Right…" Zac and Hadasa put their heads down.

"We're so sorry we caused you so much trouble. We'll be leavin' this area now," Hadasa said as she began to leave the area.

"Yea, good idea, Hadasa," Zac agreed, walking with her.

"Now that's more like it," the old woman said, smiling out of relaxation.

Zac and Hadasa embarrassingly saddened their faces, while they scanned their surroundings and walked throughout the neighborhood.

-Man, that was embarrassing. Like for real.

"So Hadasa," Zac said.

"What?" Hadasa questioned.

"Let's hurry up and give more bibles to people, so we can get the hell outta here. 'Cause I don't wanna deal with this shit anymore."

"Yea, good idea, Zac."

-Alright then. I can't wait to give the Bibles to people so we can get the hell out of here. Like for real.


Once they finished their ministry work, Zac and Hadasa left the neighborhood. Zac sighed out of relief while Hadasa expressed her disappointed face, leaning forward. The box was still halfway full on the way back to community service.

-Oh, man! I'm so freakin' glad we're done with ministry work. Too bad no one accepted these remaining books and Hadasa and I had to remain there longer. But still…I'm glad it's all over, so I can finally go back home and spend time with my money.

Zac then happily smiled with his joyful, watery eyes.

-Oh, money, money, money. I missed you so much and I can't wait to see you again.

Hadasa frowned and sighed. "Ugh! I wish people would accept these books. It's jus' too bad they won't be saved."

Zac pretended to frown. "Yea, it's so sad, bruh."

"Tell me 'bout it," Hadasa said, turning to Zac. "People cared more about their worldly lives than getting to know Elohim and His Son. But that's what Yeshua expected though..."

Zac expressed his determined face. "Hey, I know how we get people to accept these books."

Hadasa gave Zac her excited look on her face. "Oh, yea?! Well, what is it?!"

"How 'bout we put them near their personal belongings or front yard porches like their cars, backpacks or even on their cars? That way we'll get all these books out of this box and be done for the day. What do you say?"

Hadasa glared at Zac. "No, Zac. We can't waste the Bibles like that. Not everyone will accept the Gospel and forcin' people to accept them will not cut it either. Yeshua doesn't want His followers to do this sorta thing in Matthew 7:6."

Zac glared back at Hadasa, twitching one of his eyes.

-Seriously, this girl has been nothin' but a pain in the ass! Nineteen more days and I won't have to see this lil bitch ever again! Jus' you wait, Hadasa. Jus' you wait.

"So…" Hadasa continued, "We'll have to keep doin' what we've been doin'."

Zac then frowned all the sudden. "And we couldn't come up with anything other than what we were doin' today?!" Zac said with his annoyed voice.

Hadasa turned to her front with a frown. "Nope…not that I could think of. Sorry, Zac."

-Oh, Elohim. I can't take this anymore! I mean, two hours of this ministry work shit is gettin' on my last nerves. Ugh!

As soon as Zac and Hadasa returned to their community service, they returned the box to Mrs. A. Hadasa greeted Mrs. A and Zac said her good-byes. Mrs. A and Zac did the same thing to Hadasa before she left the building. Zac went outside and called one of his parents to come pick him up from community service. Mrs. A remined and chatted with him there until Zac's parents picked him up from community service.